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  1. Mithras

    Dollie off Sydney

    Nice Dollie
  2. Hi raiders Hit the water on saturday and loaded up on some squid on first light, then headed offshore. The water was cold in close so we put a spread out and headed to the FAD. Did a couple of passes with the lures, then pulled them in and flicked some baits at it for zero. The current was pulling hard. so we continued out till the shelf and trolled along it. No temp breaks just a constant temp all the way along. Picked up half a degree going north. The wind picked up around 12 and we headed back in. Hopefully that warm water gets here by xmas.
  3. Mithras

    Sydney 24-11-2015

    Nice work getting out Pete. Might be worth getting out and pulling a daisy of tiny white skirts. I'm keen to put some of those lures I got from you to good use.
  4. Mithras

    Sydney offshore 22/11/15

    Now that's the way I want to be put down!!!!! Thanks for the tip.
  5. Mithras

    Sydney offshore 22/11/15

    Nice fish. Can't wait till they show up in numbers Can I ask why the fish is bent and tied? Is that to stop them going crazy on the deck?
  6. Mithras

    Sydney offshore update

    Thanks for the report. just waiting for it all to kick off.
  7. Mithras

    Mate is going to Japan

    That sounds awesome!!! I went to Japan maybe 15 years ago and loved eating over there.
  8. Mithras

    Mate is going to Japan

    Hi fishraiders My mate is going to Japan for his honeymoon, and with a truly fish-diseased mind he is looking at buying fishing gear to bring back for himself and for his mate (ME!!!!!!!) Has anyone been over to buy fishing gear? Is it worth any savings? Is there items there worth spending money on? I know the Japanese lead the way with fishing gear and the quality is exceptional Any ideas?
  9. Mithras

    First legal king

    G'day Fishraiders. Was a great day on the water and a good quick morning fish. The kings didn't want to play properly and that king that just spat my squid back at me has me wanting to go back and try again. Its been many years since I sought out kingfish, with my last one caught at Moroya years ago. The rays were Eagle rays. Bit hard to see their blue spots but had the round noses. I've never seen them school up like that before. Was very impressive and there must of been 50+ in this big ball. My PB trevally below. Awesome fun on light line. Had the rod fully loaded up.
  10. Last year was my first on offshore waters on my own boat. The fads are a great place to get onto the dollies. There were a few marlin hanging around them too. Its a pretty sure thing later in the warmer water season, but the size of the Dollies vary.
  11. Mithras

    Chlorophyll Imagery

    Great. appreciate the help guys. i've paid for a premium sst site, so getting more information that i'm not sure what to do with.
  12. Hi all I've been slowly learning more and more about fishing the open ocean. How do I read the Chlorophyll imagery? How does this affect where the fish is? My understanding is that Chlorophyll is the result of plankton, and areas with higher levels of Chlorophyll means there is more food, and more likely to hold the fish due to the food chain being more relevant in that area Am I far off the mark? What is the benefit then of very clean water with low Chlorophyll levels? Would one not want to stay away from this water? Thanks in advance Mithras
  13. Mithras

    Tuna lotto

    Well I was out on Sunday, and Happy Hooker was on radio somewhere east of browns Pete, did you go out sunday?
  14. Mithras

    Tuna lotto

    I heard over the radio yesterday that there were a few ablacore and YFT caught yesterday on the radio. Apart from one I heard at browns, there were a few more past heatons. Heard a few Fishraider names that I recognised. Happy Hooker and Reef Magic were out there I think. We didn't make it to the shelf and did a few hours at the Peak for nothing. Came in and got a few good squid and flathead just out of the hacking. Hope some of the crew made it onto the tuna
  15. Mithras

    has anyone got out there lately?

    Ill be on the water with any luck. My usual Deckies are unavailable. Call sign Obsidian. What channel on VHF is the chatter on when I am out there? (Sorry, Newbie Question)