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  1. Thanks for your response..!!!!!
  2. Heya all, will be staying at Wobby beach for a half week in June and interested in where there may be some squid grounds close by (usually Boat fish Middle Harbour / Sydney Harbour / Offshore Sydney 99% time). Appreciate any guidance!!! Crispy
  3. Apologies....you are right.....COBIA........been a long day....
  4. As they say......better late than never....... And about time I contributed after being a long time reader.....thought that this catch being a little unusual and sizeable could be a worthy report of interest to many. Fishing early morning Sydney Harbour, drifted around for 30 mins to catch some lives (Yellowtail and Slimies) without too much difficulty before heading to a spot that had been working well for me recently. Anchored up, dropped down 2 lives...the first about 3/4 to the bottom (40 feet) and the other halfway. Not much was sounding, but a beautiful morning on the harb
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