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  1. Thanks heaps for the help raiders I will be there next Friday the 12 of June so hopefully after the weekend I can put a bit of a report up and some photos of my catches. And I’ll be in a quintrex trident 610 if that helps cheers
  2. Hey raiders I’m heading back down to jervis bay next weekend for a couple of days taking the boat and staying at husky if anyone could let me know what would be on the bite or places to try that would be great thanks again in advance cheers Fez
  3. Thanks for the help raiders here’s a couple of the fish we caught
  4. Hey raiders heading to currarong for two weeks after Christmas taking the new boat for a run I have a trident610 was after any advice or tips I could get as very green at fishing the area thanks for all your help in advance
  5. fezza82

    Boat upgrade

    Thanks everybody for your help purchased a trident 610 secondhand with a 150 Etec during the week will let you know how it goes
  6. fezza82

    Boat upgrade

    hey AhMe I was looking hopefully no older than 2014 hp between 115 and 150 and hopefully not spend more than 55k and just get a good all round boat that I can take outside or fish the estuaries and if the kids and mrs want to get get out of the weather or just have a rest they can thanks again for everyone’s help and replies
  7. fezza82

    Boat upgrade

    Thanks heaps guys I will definitely have a look at the stacers as well than and a closer look at the Formosa as well and try and get down there to take a couple of them for a test ride
  8. fezza82

    Boat upgrade

    Hi raiders after some advice from anyone willing to share I’ve been looking to upgrade my boat currently have a stacker nomad elite 465 SC looking at either a cuddy cabin or centre cab as have a young family and would like to have somewhere for them to stay out of the weather or rough seas ect if you could let me know your preferences and why that would be great. Not locked in on new also looking at second hand currently been looking at tabs Formosa and Quintero trident but not locked to any. Again any help would be greatly appreciated I fish in fresh water dams estuaries and a little of shore but would like a good all rounder probably around the 5-6m range with 140-175hp
  9. Hey mate I was up there in November it can be tough around the sugar wharf I would definitely try hiring a BBQ boat even for a day Dave suggested also there is a bait and tackle shop straight across from the boat ramp they were very helpful when I was up there with bait and lure suggestions also locations to try. Definitely worth while drop in and see them for some advise. A cast net for live bait will help just practice on the lawn before you head up. Good luck look forward to seeing some pictures when you return.
  10. Thanks very much for the advice slinky much appreciated
  11. Hi there fellow raiders im heading to the gold coast on Monday for a couple of days was wondering if anyone had some spots to share that i might be able to hook a flatty or jack or 2 any help would be appreciated I will have a boat its a stacer 465 nomad elite thanks fellow raiders
  12. Thanks guys that will help I will be sure to put up a few post while Im up there and hopefully have a few good photos to show thanks again cheers Fezza
  13. Hi Raiders Me and the missus are heading up to Lucinda at the end of November taking the boat up have a little 5m side console tinny. Really have no idea what gear to use bait or Lures, have bought a cast net an been practicing hopefully have it by the time we go. But any information any one could share with us before we go would be much appreciated. We will also be up around the Daintree region for a few days as well any tips there would also be appreciated. We are from western NSW so very limited experience in salt water at all and non on barra, jacks ect . Thanks a gain for any guidance thrown our way
  14. Thanks for your help Steve much appreciated
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