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  1. VietGod

    Fishing at Magic Point

    Definitely seen some guys fishing lower down at Magic Point while out on my yak...must use ropes to get down somehow. Not many people fish Yellow Rock these days (for obvious reasons) and that's an easy passage down without requiring ropes. Been heaps of kings out front there...but be careful lads and don't fish alone.
  2. VietGod


    Hi folks, just wondering anyone will be down Manyana/Bendalong way this coming school holidays?I'll arrive on the 23rd of September and will start fishing Bendalong on Sunday morning. I can find ample squid but the intention is to head offshore for snapper.If anyone is around the area during that time please let me know if you want to hook up for a session.I'm also open to chase flatties and bream in the lakes. I'll be on a kayak BTW, but open for land based sessions also though very much inexperienced in this area. Cheers,Vu.
  3. VietGod

    Saturday fish , First king

    You sure that's 65cm?
  4. VietGod

    Cooks metre jew

    Just curious Swordfisherman, were you able to see the jews on the sounder before casting into the strike zone?
  5. VietGod

    Insane day at Botany Bay, Kingfish, 4m Shark.

    Lads, I was out that morning on my kayak also...caught a legal King 70cm on first light and few rats. Started heading back to shore (off to work) by 7am so missed the shark action...but I intend to target them from my yak soon. Would be an adventure I'm sure. Cheers.
  6. VietGod

    Epic 200km Yak Adventure

    Black CC that is awesome mate, thanks for the response...logistics all make sense to me. You've given me some ideas (I have a Revo and fish 2-3 times a week) just to gather my crew...hehe.
  7. VietGod

    Epic 200km Yak Adventure

    That's an Epic adventure indeed and great read mate. Just wondering how you got home after exiting at Tantabiddi Ck? How did you transport your kayaks back etc?
  8. Best times for beach fishing are at dawn and dusk, after the sun comes up and the surfers come out it might be a little challenging. But good luck mate.
  9. VietGod

    Fish ID anyone? (Purple Cod)

    Looks like you nailed it black bandit...thank you every one for contributing and finally laying my curiosity to rest.
  10. VietGod

    Fish ID anyone? (Purple Cod)

    Adsy91: That's a Wirrah...hahaha.
  11. VietGod

    Fish ID anyone? (Purple Cod)

    G'day lads, it was the same colour alive as dead...darkish blue. I thought I had captured the fight on the action cam but it had ran out of batteries...
  12. VietGod

    Fish ID anyone? (Purple Cod)

    Found this in Botany Bay a few weeks back...asked around FB etc most people say it's a Wirrah but I've caught many Wirrahs before this is not a Wirrah in my opinion...didn't taste like an old boot that's for sure, according to the fortunate family I gave it to, possibly the best fish they've ever tasted. Anyone else ever come across this species of Cod/Groper before? It was around 55-60cm, weighed approximately 3-4 kilos. It's definitely not the protected Black Cod so please don't go there please folks...I emailed the Australian Museum reply to date. Thanks guys.
  13. VietGod


    Did you by chance see a couple of guys in kayaks out that way? hehe A bit choppy once we got past the La Perouse headland but we ran into a school of small tailor...tore apart my live squid that I was trolling.
  14. VietGod

    Sydney harbour - trevally and leather jacket

    Hey guys just wondering...can you get seasick on a kayak? I get seasick on a boat if we venture out too far near the heads, but in the estuaries I seem to be ok...but on a kayak...not so sure? Anyone had any experience on this?
  15. VietGod

    Boat Licence Course - anyone interested in a fishraider group?

    Yes, please let me know when and where.