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  1. Well done mate!! Great to see you got something on plastic, I'm sure you'll agree it's a lot funner than bait fishing! Now you've got to teach your dad a few things[emoji6] Cheers Gianni Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks everyone When the fishes head it the water, it shot off which was great to see such a healthy fish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Cheers mate Nah not lane cove never really fished it
  4. Hey raiders Today Seamus and I headed out to chase some jewfish We started the morning well getting 3 fish including Seamus getting his new pb on 6lb gear! As the tide changed and got later in the day we headed to another spot we thought would fish well and we were not disappointed! After 45mins of drifting different spots in the area I got a solid hit and came up tight to some huge weight The fish would not come up spending all the fight down deep. I got 1 foot he got 2 back but eventually after nearly 20 mins up comes the silver flash and into the net my new pb comes!! We acted quickly as we wanted to release this fish so I stuck a tag in him, quick measurement and released. He swam off very strong which is great to see To say I'm stoked is an understatement! We ended up with 8 for the day Cheers Gianni Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I've fished iron cove that many times i know it like the back of my hand! I live a 5 minute walk from the water and go down there after school or when i can't be taken anywhere on weekends. I've caught some cracking bream out of there as well. PM me when u head down there next and ill give you a few tips and tricks. Cheers Gianni
  6. Gday Raiders Well I haven't put up a jewfish report in a while but have definitely been getting into heaps!! The jewfish have been on fire lately with my best session being 5 fish and a couple sessions with 4 fish and 3, with an average session being about 3 so can't complain!! Fishing alongside Seamus for most sessions we even managed a double hook up!! Which is quite rare Seamus and I best session was 7 fish Biggest fish this holidays for me so far is 75cm but a lot of small fish (55-65) and very small fish (40-55cm) around but still fun on the light gear Have bought myself 2 new jewfish combos which are Shimano zodias 5-10lb with 3000 Shimano Stradic FK and also a Jackson overhead rod with daiwa tatula type r 100h Lately many fish have been taken on micro jigs which is my favourite way of fishing for them now I have also now tagged 17 jewfish with another 15 or so fish that could have been tagged but released to save my tags for some bigger ones My jewfish count is now up to 34 jewfish Hope this year brings bigger and better fish Happy new year Cheers Gianni
  7. Smashed the yellowbelly PB today along with a PB 53cm bass
  8. Hey everyone Just a quick report Yesterday (Saturday 19/12/15) I went for a fresh water fish for natives in hope to get my first yellow belly and cod on lure (caught cod on bait before). Well it was a long day until I finally got a hit an a great fight out of the solid yellow belly For my first it was a stonker at just under 50cm and super fat. He was happily released Then it was quickly followed by another smaller model which was quite skinny but awesome colours It was then time for a cod, so put on the spinner bait and about 1 hour later flicking on finally get hit and landed a nice cod, my first on a lure! That was about it for the afternoon Gear of choice was was a Shimano Stradic FK 3000 with Shimano zodias 5-10lb and 14lb leader Thanks for reading Cheers Gianni
  9. G'day raiders So with this weekend being Seamus' bday weekend, I came over Friday after school and took Seamus' yak out while he had to sort something out with the boat and within 2 mins on the first drop and bang, good fight and up comes a nice little Jew. Unfortunately I didn't have my tags but glad he went back strong Went back in after that and got ready for the next day out for kings on the boat Up at 5am and out to the bait grounds straight from launch, we quickly loaded the tank with 15 or so yakkas and a couple slimies So headed to the king spot and first few drops get some follows to the boat on jigs but not takes A few more drops and Seamus hooks up to a foul hooked rat which we thought was a lot bigger After the first fish we got more, and more... And more! I lost my jig so changed to a plastic and first drop hook up and it was non stop from then Nearly every drop was a King and in shallow water is super fun trying to stop them. We got many more kings then I landed a new PB bonito at 63 and soon after left for another spot. Got to another spot but only produced 1 small fish so headed back to the first spot and just kept getting many rats Then a mate pulls up next to us and what do ya know, pulls a meter King right in front of us, but that's fishing. Anyway headed back in at around 1:30pm with 50+ kings on the board... And then it was time to put a Jew or two on the boat, and they didn't disappoint Got to the first spot and bam 2 little fish at 57-58 in 30 mins both tagged and released That was about it to top off a great day! So on Sunday was Seamus' birthday, and if you saw in a photo above, I got him a 3000 Shimano Stradic FK We headed for Jews on Sunday, up at 4:45 and on the yaks by 5, hit the first spot which didn't produce so headed to another spot and quickly Seamus got a solid flatly and after 30 mins I hook what I thought was a flatly but turned out a little Jew at 58cm. It was tagged but he decided he didn't want a photo so when I held him up for the photo he kicked out of my hands [emoji16] but at least he swam off strong Anyway kept moving and eventually I hook another Jew and thought it was a good one He fought harder than my 80cm Jew so was getting excited and he only came up to be 68cm but a great fight I was on for around 5 mins and I tagged it and was really surprised he went back so strong after that long fight! Good to see, very healthy fish Anyway that was about it for the day apart from a few dropped fish Unfortunately Seamus couldn't get his birthday Jew but that's fishing Cheers Gianni Happy birthday Seamus
  10. When fishing harbour markers, we normally use 3/8 head but have gotta away with using 1/4 on the lighter gear with not much issue, also depending on current might even go 1/2 oz. For the technique, we normally let it hit the bottom, then quick short rips of the rod all the way up We have also even got them chucking a 1/12 jig heads with 3" plastics at the marker and let it sink about 3-5m down and get them near the surface Here is a video me and Seamus uploaded to YouTube a while back getting kings on plastics on a harbour marker, hope this helps! Cheers Gianni Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. G'day raiders Just a quick report as I'm very tired from the long day Headed out at 6am and met some mates out in hope to get them their first jewwie Pulled up to a good spot and after 45mins my mate got smoked by a king, seemed like a good fish but busted him off unfortunately, so we moved through many spots trying to find the fish, but wasn't looking to good but I had one spot in mind that always seem to produce on a low tide change so headed there, put down the soft vibe on the bait caster and bang, fish on! Fought well for the size and into the net for a quick photo, tag and release Was stoked with this fish as its the first for me on a soft vibe and first on the bait caster too! Kept fishing just getting heaps of good size flatties, we moved many spots until my mate hooked up. Up came the Jew and into the net This was my mates first ever Jew and first time chasing them as well!! That was about it for the day apart from more decent flatties Back in at 5pm after a good day on the water Cheers Gianni Will add my mates Jew photo later on when he send the pic
  12. Congratulations mate that's awesome I hope you get many more I'm yet to crack one landbased, I bet it's very rewarding Will have to catch up for a fish soon Cheers Gianni
  13. Water is very warm If that water clears up there will be some good numbers of pelagics up the river Bad luck on the Jews Looks like a very nice arvo Cheers Gianni
  14. Silver dart They put up a bit of a fight when there big