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  1. No problems either way. Let me know. J
  2. Wanda beach always worked for me but any of the beaches will do. If you are talking about buying them, try Micks Bait shop just north of Tom Ugly's Bridge. Has been a while since I bought any but worth a shot. J
  3. Congwong Bay, Cruwee Cove and along the front of the national park at Kurnell for squid. Yakkas usually where the tugs tie up along Fishburn Rd. J
  4. Found this in an antique store down this way. It is dated 1993, thought it was interesting to see how things have changed. J
  5. I normally fish Wapengo etc, haven't tried Wallaga but if you are interested in trying out the hobies I can drag my 2 up and give it a go. J
  6. The smile says it all. Fishing independence by the looks of that. Always good to have another boat in the family though. J
  7. I still think bait collecting is the fun part of fishing, whether it be squid, mullet or nippers. J
  8. Well worth the effort. Nice catch and nice food presentation. J
  9. That's a shame FB, next weekend (19/20) would have been good but busy this weekend. Could have dragged my boat up as well. J
  10. The lake/estuary is the Clyde River. Flows out at Batemans Bay. J
  11. Jocler


    JonD, I was out on the charter. Was a quiet day for the kings but did land some just under sized. Was a great day out. J
  12. Went out fishing at Narooma on Monday. Here are a couple of photos of the day
  13. Bran from the produce store is also a good burley for them. J
  14. Salmon Haul Bay at Cronulla would be my choice especially landbased. J
  15. I used to catch the ferry many years ago when living in Kurnell. The storm of 1974 saw an end to that when the wharves were destroyed. It will be good to see it back especially for those that work in the city, it will be a huge time saving in travelling. J
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