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  1. Jocler

    Bega River

    My daughter decided we should take the kayaks out. We launched at Mogareeka and headed up river. Managed a few tailor and flathead on sugarpen divers but the main thing was just getting out on a great autumn day. J
  2. Hey Mike, Do you feel like heading South and see a bit of the country? Can do both boat and kayak. J
  3. Bill, If you get down this way, give me a yell. Always good to catch up fishing and going with someone else increases the safety factor plus the added advantage of local knowledge. Tuross is a great place to fish, look also to the upper reaches around Trunketabella Lake or there is a ramp where the highway crosses the Tuross River just north of Bodalla. The second kayak is never spare, always someone I can coax into coming out …….. J
  4. Bill, Good choice on the kayak, I did the same as you. Very stable even when you are standing up on it. Much easier to get out by yourself onto some of the rivers and lakes down the coast. Looks like we got the same trailer, I modified mine a bit though. Moved from Sydney about 18 months ago. Often fish from Batemans Bay to Merimbula. J
  5. The whiting fishing is very good at the moment, especially along Tura/Nth Tura beaches also the southern end of Bournda Beach at Bournda Island. I have mainly been using worms and prawns on a light surf rod. Early mornings appear the go. Flathead seem to be everywhere at the moment as well. Middle Beach is also worth a go if you don't mind the walk. I know you aren't interested in offshore but are you purely landbased? J
  6. Jocler

    Burrill Lake

    The new bridge is open and the roundabout is finished, still a fair bit of work going on. The old bridge is being pulled up and is mostly gone. Nice report, I have always promised myself to fish there one day. J
  7. Jocler

    Converting waypoints

    Have a look at GPSBabel. I have not used it for Lowrance (although it lists it) but have for things like Google Earth etc. I use a Garmin as well. J
  8. It is currently being built. Tugs and cranes currently dropping the structures. J
  9. The jetty at Swallow Rock. Always mullet or some bream around, take some bread with you. J
  10. Hiya Neil, I finally have the internet back and am now in Bega...boat and all. Next time you are looking to coming this way give me a yell. J
  11. Jocler

    Squid rods

    I would have a look at the Majorcraft Solpara range of egi rods. They would be a good start. Secondly, do you get many squid down Eden way? J
  12. Now that's a tall tail.............. J
  13. Gray Diving are often launching from Kurnell Bonna Point. Might be worth a ring. J
  14. Double Braid in 8mm has a breaking strain of 1750Kg which might be better. There is always Dyneema but that is way over the top for cost. J