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  1. Jocler

    Merimbula trip

    The whiting fishing is very good at the moment, especially along Tura/Nth Tura beaches also the southern end of Bournda Beach at Bournda Island. I have mainly been using worms and prawns on a light surf rod. Early mornings appear the go. Flathead seem to be everywhere at the moment as well. Middle Beach is also worth a go if you don't mind the walk. I know you aren't interested in offshore but are you purely landbased? J
  2. Jocler

    Burrill Lake

    The new bridge is open and the roundabout is finished, still a fair bit of work going on. The old bridge is being pulled up and is mostly gone. Nice report, I have always promised myself to fish there one day. J
  3. Jocler

    Converting waypoints

    Have a look at GPSBabel. I have not used it for Lowrance (although it lists it) but have for things like Google Earth etc. I use a Garmin as well. J
  4. Jocler

    New Artificial Reefs

    It is currently being built. Tugs and cranes currently dropping the structures. J
  5. The jetty at Swallow Rock. Always mullet or some bream around, take some bread with you. J
  6. Jocler

    Worth bothering?

    Hiya Neil, I finally have the internet back and am now in Bega...boat and all. Next time you are looking to coming this way give me a yell. J
  7. Jocler

    Squid rods

    I would have a look at the Majorcraft Solpara range of egi rods. They would be a good start. Secondly, do you get many squid down Eden way? J
  8. Jocler

    Something very big on the line

    Now that's a tall tail.............. J
  9. Jocler

    Lost Anchor retrieval botany bay - Urgent

    Gray Diving are often launching from Kurnell Bonna Point. Might be worth a ring. J
  10. Jocler

    Choice of Anchor rope

    Double Braid in 8mm has a breaking strain of 1750Kg which might be better. There is always Dyneema but that is way over the top for cost. J
  11. Jocler

    Three years to get my first marlin

    Steve, Sorry I missed this post. Been a bit busy but congrats on your first marlin. J
  12. Jocler

    Canberra/NSW South coast

    Moving to Bega in 1 months time. Not sure if that helps but would be good to have some help with the boat and it does go offshore. J
  13. Jocler

    Botany Bay squid

    Little Bay as well produces some good squid. J
  14. Jocler

    Spearing the monkey

    Congrats Steve, Great to see your hard work has eventually paid off. J
  15. Nice little brownie! The swimming pool is sensational on cold days...bit of a hike back up the hill but well worth it. J