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  1. I was looking forward to the trip but it's all good. Many thanks for trying to organise this Scratchie, postponing it will make the final result even better. J
  2. Jocler

    South coast flooding

    The river is open at Mogareeka now which means the river will be getting a good flushing, hopefully Wapengo, Pambula and Merimbula will be as well. Its been a few years since this has happened so looking forward to some good fishing in the future. J
  3. Jocler

    South coast flooding

    Pictures of the Bega River and the road into Bega. Good rains though! J
  4. Great lot of photos Jon. Looks like it was a really good day out there. J
  5. Only if you were at the Soldiers club 13th to 18th July but then they had a bowler visit that went to Club Malua and Narooma Bowlers. Not lockdown but people are in isolation, no reported new cases. Tomakin is a nice place to fish, mainly flathead in the shallows and there is a boat ramp there to launch your kayak from. J
  6. Great way to spend a morning. Blow away the cobwebs and make you realize there is more to life than a pandemic for a while. J
  7. Lived at Kurnell for many years. If you dig down about 6 feet you hit water and the entire soil is loamy and has a lot of shell in it. When you look at the national park and up Polo Street and all the way out to the Lighthouse, it is all a lot higher than the surrounding area and clay/shale/sandstone type soils. Kurnell township is flat. A long time ago you would have to say that the National park and all the land to the south around Boat Harbour was an island with the Georges River emptying at the existing bay entrance and a delta area from Quibray Bay to the ocean where the sandhills are or at least were. J
  8. Always did well along the eastern shoreline of Cruwee Cove. Look for the large white boulders in the water surrounded by weed. As already said, change lure sizes and colours...squid are a visual hunter. J
  9. This would be a great get away. Count me in as well. Might have to find a deckie.\ J
  10. As far as I know, the distance rules apply to people you are not isolated with. My daughter and I took the kayaks out the other day on Wapengo Lake. Spotted a lot of flathead on the flats and it was a great day out on the water, we saw one other boat the entire day. It was the first time we had gone off the property in nearly 6 weeks. As we were packing up another family group arrived at the ramp taking out a large canoe. The ramp is tiny....very tiny, more like a beach launch. The police were also on hand and remarked how well the fishos managed the area around themselves. They had been out making sure people were not camping up near the inlet. J Sorry The Skipper, Thanks for the report.
  11. Jocler

    3D printed lures

    What model printer did you use? J
  12. Thanks Mrs S Great doco and I recognized a lot of spots from down this end of the world. I haven't gone blackfishing in a long time and the doco reminds me of fishing the rocks around Kurnell when I was a kid. I learned a lot from the old guys that used to teach us but if you didnt have cleats or the right gear or didnt take your turn on the drifts correctly, you simply were not allowed to fish with them and basically kicked of the rocks. Great times and great memories of people long gone. Time to drag out the old rods and give them a whirl again. J
  13. Forest Gump Halloween Poltergeist Spiderman Not sure American Pie City Slickers Dunkirk