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  1. justonemorecast


    Yep. Frozen peas. Obviously they will thaw out once you start using them. I just used some at Nelson bay when i ran out of sea lettuce.
  2. justonemorecast


    Frozan peas
  3. justonemorecast

    kayak drummer

    Nice looking drummer there
  4. justonemorecast

    Hairtail Sydney harbour

    Clifton gardens night time. A fellow got some last weekend there. Tight lines
  5. justonemorecast

    Sunrise Kingfish

    Beautiful fish there mate. Btw I think I'd eat that squid (".)
  6. justonemorecast

    Muddies about

    Nice size muddies there Ornz. Washed down with a few cold ones ? What system did you get them in ?
  7. justonemorecast

    Fourth location pays off.

    Nice fish there mate. A great result
  8. justonemorecast

    Downrigging for Kings in the Harbour

    East side of Garden Island. They have been there for a week.
  9. justonemorecast

    North Head Yesterday

    Great catch and love that Samson fish!!!
  10. justonemorecast

    Collecting Live Bait - Broughton Island

    +1. Scratchie is the king !!!
  11. justonemorecast

    New spot = Solid Jew

    Great fish. Great read !!!
  12. justonemorecast

    Kooragang city farm

    Thanks Scratchie!!! There is supposed to be some bait weed tanks on Ash island. These were payed for by our licenses I believe. I'll check it out on the way up.Heading up AFTER the school holidays, don't like the crowds!! Thanks for the tips on where to get cabbage. I'll let you know how the wife and I go!!! Cheers Justonemorecast
  13. justonemorecast

    Kooragang city farm

    How do I send a PM ?
  14. justonemorecast

    Kooragang city farm

    Heading up to Nelson bay in a couple of weeks with the wife and am wondering if anyone knows if the weed bait tanks at Kooragang city farm are operational? Also how is the bait weed/cabbage situation at Port stephens at the moment ? Cheers Justonemorecast
  15. justonemorecast

    Swansea Blackfish

    Nice!! Where abouts in Swansea did you get them?