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  1. near new condition rhino rack side boat or kayak loader. Easy to use. I was going to use on the car for my tinny with the caravan but the van has since gone so I am clearing the garage. Suggest youtubing how easy they are! Raider price of $850. Located: voyager point 2172 (south syd) Contact: jake 0438406484
  2. The wife an I were at oatley for an hour and a bit having a giggle at the congestion and downright stupidity. I counted 18 jetskis. I dont have an issue with them however! when people are triple stacked at the ramp.. dont do donuts 20 m off the ramp. People parked up in the prep area and left on their skis causing a huge bottleneck. When you say politely maybe you shouldn't park their your get an f off c response.. Old mate waited in line for 20 mins to then take his straps off and load the boat when he is on the ramp... cant argue with stupid... Its getting busier and
  3. I havent seen then for a while but to get 2 off the bat is a good sign. Its in the air fryer now..yummm
  4. Gday All, Took the boss out for an easy morning off cronulla in bate bay as she hasn't quiet got her sea legs yet. It was a little choppy but fine overall, good to have a bit of sun before this cell hits. Started the drift and she managed to hook a small gummy going 70 odd. She was stoked as its the biggest fight she had to on the line.. kept drifting for Plenty of spikes and a few legal flatties in the mix before she hooked up again!! This time it was an upgrade size gummy which had her buzzing and as was the 4000 size reel. Got it in and it went 1300 overall! Stoked!!.
  5. If one would like to see about picking them up in the near future as work is ruining the PS trip dream.. how would one go about that.. Asking for a mate...😂
  6. Yep, can defs do an ally wave breaker. Just need to size and shape to your suited height. Metal fab shop should be fine for the task
  7. I'll go a red if not 2... I like being balanced
  8. Have you considered a wavebreaker or slightly larger? Interesting concept tho.
  9. I love a good dual axle trailer i must say. IMO they tow so much better and just sit flat on those bumpy roads. I tow alot to the south coast and notice a massive difference with dual vs single. Remember you will have to factor weight also with the family car.
  10. Totally agree!! They allow us to fish so this shouldn't be an issue
  11. Head out to the mouth! Parsley bay ramp is great. Good flathead bream and mulloway...cant forget stingrays. If there is lots of boat traffic it can be quiet. Spots are the famous rail bridges, juno point, flint and steel and drift near the mouth where it drops off for flatties. Ive been up there a few times lately.
  12. Parked up at parsley all day one sat and most that night. We came in at around 3 am and rolled the swags out and slept for a few hours. Was a few trailers out that night no issues
  13. 88 model seafarer vsea... living the dream hahah
  14. How good. Be a few good feeds there! I'm heading back south to conjola in an hour or so. plan on hitting ulladulla tomorrow morn with what's predicted. I'd be stoked with a haul like that.
  15. Awesome. Great to hear you've done the same. Sounds like I should be fine
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