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  1. Totally agree!! They allow us to fish so this shouldn't be an issue
  2. Head out to the mouth! Parsley bay ramp is great. Good flathead bream and mulloway...cant forget stingrays. If there is lots of boat traffic it can be quiet. Spots are the famous rail bridges, juno point, flint and steel and drift near the mouth where it drops off for flatties. Ive been up there a few times lately.
  3. Parked up at parsley all day one sat and most that night. We came in at around 3 am and rolled the swags out and slept for a few hours. Was a few trailers out that night no issues
  4. 88 model seafarer vsea... living the dream hahah
  5. How good. Be a few good feeds there! I'm heading back south to conjola in an hour or so. plan on hitting ulladulla tomorrow morn with what's predicted. I'd be stoked with a haul like that.
  6. Busy-livin

    Vsea rewire

    Awesome. Great to hear you've done the same. Sounds like I should be fine
  7. Busy-livin

    Vsea rewire

    I havent yet. I am getting the fuse today I hope so I'll have to look at sizes. And yes I am putting an isolator in. At this stage now I'm making a shopping list and heading out thisarvo I hope.
  8. Busy-livin

    Vsea rewire

    Brain trust. Due to nav lights and sounder not working I have been searching past post on fishraider regarding rewiring a boat which was extremely helpful !! this morning I got under my old vsea to investigate. Before I knew what time it was i have stripped all the old gear out and scratching my head as to how this didnt catch fire!! ( not my wiring ) So I am keeping it simple. A main power feed from the battery with an inline fuse at the battery running to a switch panel which has circuit breakers incorporating in the panel. A bus bar to carry my negatives and having tinned wire due to corrosion. I'll only be running nav lights, anchor light, bilge, sounder and vhf and a strip light in the cuddy. Questions. 1. Best local place for marine grade wire. ( pm me if needed ) 2. Should I run another fuse box or is that over kill due to the breakers in the switch panel?
  9. The coast runner is a runabout set up. Bow rider is a freedom sport in that age bracket. From what I have seen on the water they look much for muchness. Similar size and runabout style giving more deck room. Both would be a good estury/ bay fishing boat.
  10. Yep we knew it was blowing later but we lost track of.time well and truley. In the main body of water I reckon it was pushing 1.5. Nose was in the trough and had the wave crashing over the nose. I just had to adjust trim and throttle to match and bash home. The vsea loved it... I did not.
  11. Nice haul. My partner and I explored lake mac this weekend. Ended up staying at the heads swimming on the beach too long and had to punch back to far southern side of the lake in some very very unforgiving conditions. Let's say the missus was very happy to see land haha
  12. Have you checked out the Clark 5m center console??A mechanic near me sells them. Look pretty good and well set out also with a Honda 135 on the bum. Come in 41k from memory.. would be able to add some fruit to bring it to the 45k mark . Saying that..I have not been in one yet.
  13. Gday all. Been a while. 2 main things from this. 1. You dont have to follow the crowd and pile into a 50x50m area. 2. Just enjoy! Got out today in syd after being away.. m5 sucks!! But anyway headed from the ramp at 630 and rounded molli point to shock horror 15 plus boats and kayaks. All stacked in like usual. So after seeing this I decided I was going to troll today.. why?!. Because: A. Have you pulled and anchor up and down out of a vsea .. can not be bothered and.. B. Too bloody hot. So I hooked on the closest looking rapla I have that looks like a yakka in the 120 size( pictured below ) and off i went.. up and down the break wall.. across to bear island.. across the heads.. all whilst a cool breeze from moving along and tunes pumping ( I got some looks of wtf Haha).. but I was loving life! All in all i hit 8 rat kings which went from 55 to 62. Now most my success was further down from molli point where the graffiti on the wall says " will you marry me". Most times I'd just get going again and be already hooked up.. no boats near me at all. So what I learnt.. trust your sounder and local knowledge and you dont have to be following the others to be on fish. A few hours in left them biting to get home to the dog and save her from the midday heat. Cheers
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    Intresting setup.

    Id love to do that sort of set up however not on the seafarer. Fiberglass and offroad dont mix well. Id love to bulid a camp set up for my tinny on a trailer like that. What a weapon.
  15. ? and can pop around to pittwater in search of kings. Hmmm not bad at all. Thats it though, regardless of weather im heading out. Raincoat and all
  16. Haha peak hour the water! Cant get away from sydney traffic both on land and water. Hacking is hot and cold for me. Usually do good in the bay or south of the bommie. But a cracker of a system and always good for a midday swim on the sand bars in summer .
  17. Ladies and gents. Where are we heading this weekend? Far too long since i have been out.. rain hail shine that boat of mine is going in the drink. Wont be heading offshore sooooo.... Where shall i head? >hacking >georges/botany >harbour >hawkesbury. Help deciding appreciated Cheers!
  18. The standard is carbs, sparks clogging with gunk . Seals, lines and impellers giving up and perished... that sort of stuff. However if the dealer serviced it surley they would take some ownership prior to throwing her on the showroom floor. Are you able to water test or atlease give it a flush. Maybe compression test it. I agree with your thinking. Outboards are a " use it or lose it " i think anyway.
  19. Ill go week days and usually 1 or 2 other people. plenty of room. I havent seen it super crowded yet
  20. Hull- ... yes Make: seafarer Model: vsea YEAR: mid-late 80s Length:4.8 Configuration: cuddy cab. Open in cuddy. Not storage bins Max hp rating: im rocking the 90 2 banger Max outboard weight: heavy... Material: glass Use: what ever i throw at it. Fishing , cruising and watersports Yrs owned: not long! Stoked we got into another seafarer after owning a viking for years Pros: bats way above her weight being under 5m . great boat , open deck, really strong motor. Good for the lake days or hitting reefs outside for pelagics and the like. New trailer also set up for simpke launch and retrieval. Tows like a dream Cons: bit bumpy heading into chop. Could do with more storage i think. Towing weight: no idea. Np300 doesnt feel it on the back. New trailer so a dream to tow Other comments: cant rate the old school aussie boats enough!!! Photo:
  21. Ill go down there often with squid jigs and flick around for some fresh bait for the weekend ahead. Can always pull out a few and throw back what i dont need. I dont know how this fresh water pushing up the system from all the rain will effect the fishing though.
  22. mate, that's an awesome upgrade. they always catch my eye and love the look of the Formosa cabins and the centres ! that rig will be perfect for punching out the FADS when they are deployed. I cant really help out with the regular boat buddy but I am often heading out of the hacking and swallow rock ramp. if you see a purple seafarer v-sea .. that's me! come say G'day.
  23. Dudeeeeeee. Great haul! Haha that will keep you fed for a while!
  24. New guy in the kayak krew..Just treated myself to a new kayak! Kayaks2fish 3.6 orca fishing series and to add the that, after having the gf saying why are you getting that for!!! all week she came with me and fell in love! I left with 2 kayaks ? I have a tinny trailer down south doing nothing so I’ll be making this a yak trailer. who goes out often around Syd and is looking for someone to tag along and annoy them? ?
  25. I sounded over them a few weekends ago.. not a lot of marks about. I asked the question during the weeks before I went out and people said the same thing. I had better luck just off jibbon for rats.