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  1. chokpa

    Drummer in 2-3m of swell?

    Wow Waza great piece of history. Fascinating... Thank you so much. I think I'll be thinking of that story for years!
  2. theres a guy on youtube called sticky fishy fishing, he has some good lude vids. agree with the others, i dont think it needs a specialised rod. any long soft rod will do. also depends where you are fishing, casting etc. you cuold get away with a 7ft rod in some places, but a 10ft soft rod would be fine. in my opinion no need to spend big bucks
  3. chokpa

    Drummer in 2-3m of swell?

    Just wondering if anyone has experience targeting drummer in big seas. I have a spot that is probably 6 or more metres off the water so it's safe in big seas. I have fished it in low swell and dragging the fish up is no problem (so far). Just wondering if a float and bait can really survive waves of that power, and will the berley just be spread across the tasman sea with the water movement? Are the fish just hiding in holes when theres that much movement? I'm fishing with cooked prawns and a weed fly, but i suspect luderick wont venture out with that much wash. might try my cabbage fly for drummer.. I usually berley with bread and prawn crush. might need to make it a bit more dense tomorrow so it had a chance of reaching the bottom Cheers
  4. chokpa

    Calm before storm

    great catch rick what reel is in the photo? do you recommend it?
  5. chokpa

    Aird-x or bg4000 reel for $100 more?

    actually had a look at the aird lt (is this the new version of the X?) its actually 100g lighter but with double the drag (12kg) but also half the bearings.. will check out the Okuma epixor xt as well. does size 40 equal 4000 size for shimano/daiwa?
  6. chokpa

    Aird-x or bg4000 reel for $100 more?

    Good point.. didn't realise that's why it's cheap. I'll go the aird I think What egi rod are you getting? I've been using a bream rod for squidding but have thought about getting a dedicated one.
  7. Been looking at getting a new reel as my trusty symetre is getting a bit run down. I've seen the aird-x 4000 for about 79$ and the bg4000 for 179$. Both are within the budget but I'm looking for value. Can't find much in terms of reviews of the aird-x. Does anyone use one? Is the BG better value? Using it mostly for rock fishing with bait and lures
  8. chokpa

    A hook size for both luderick and drummer?

    Wow waza that is incredible! Thanks so much.
  9. chokpa

    Fishing spots for Disabled People

    manly gasworks is another one!
  10. chokpa

    A hook size for both luderick and drummer?

    nice. 1/0 it is then!
  11. Hi Raiders I've been getting into drummer fishing and would like to get into luderick too. But is it possible to have a hook size that can hook into both? Drummer im using a 2/0 or 3/0, but luderick seem to be a size 8-10. I'm just using the weed flies at the moment so they come pre rigged at that size. I've been told drummer are pretty rare inside the harbour? Is this true? I'm fishing around manly/mosman. Cheers!
  12. chokpa

    Fishing spots for Disabled People

    Most wharfs should be ok? A few spots north sydney or milsons pt. Clarkes point is also flat but there is a bit of a hill going into it. Would need someone to help push or tackle it slowly. Hope you have fun !
  13. chokpa

    Favourite lure for Kings?

    anyone tried rigging those squid chasebaits under a float before? maybe with a bit of scent on em too..
  14. chokpa

    Chowder Bay, No fish.

    I might try again this weekend. Anyone fish with floats in the harbour? How deep are you setting your bait from the surface for kings? I've been doing about 1.5m
  15. chokpa

    Chowder Bay, No fish.

    Hmmm. How odd. I've always thought fish don't like it when it's too clear as well