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  1. chokpa

    Hyams Beach fishing legal?

    thanks guys!
  2. chokpa

    Hyams Beach fishing legal?

    Hi Guys, Wanted to clarify something. Is it legal to fish hyams beach or is it within the sanctuary zone? I see a few reports from there but the DPI chart *looks* like its a sanctuary zone? But it might be also suggesting that its okay to fish from the shore? I see a tiny sliver of non-pink Cheers
  3. chokpa

    Hooks for poddy mullet

    i think it depends a lot on how you are casting it. if you are just releasing at your feet then lip is likely fine, otherwise pinned in the back i find makes them more durable to cast out a bit
  4. chokpa

    Hooks for poddy mullet

    boat or shore?
  5. chokpa

    Supermarket (frozen) squid and octopus?

    Might give it a go if in struggling for bait one day. Been wanting to try out procure as well. Will combine the two! Cheers mate.
  6. chokpa

    Few fish this week

    bloody hell. that monster took a WORM?! here i am thinking they took slabs of salmon fillet
  7. chokpa

    Kings on jigs

    great pics!
  8. chokpa

    Supermarket (frozen) squid and octopus?

    thats quite interesting cos many take the skin off their squid because they believe the white flesh is more visible!
  9. chokpa

    Supermarket (frozen) squid and octopus?

    yep am aware, will need to check carefully before I use it. cheers
  10. I've seen frozen squid tubes like this in the shops: and fresh stuff like: Has anyone tried using them as bait? Any luck? I've read that a lot of 'fresh' seafood has actually been frozen on the boat and then thawed in the supermarket. So frozen seafood is actually the same as fresh seafood but hasnt been unthawed. Have seen a lot of forum posts about prawns but not much about squid/octopus. PS By comparison fresh squid at my tackle shop is $45/kg! Good for some sessions but when im going down for a casual flick feels like a waste.
  11. chokpa

    Is this a good first boat?

    what would be a typical price for this boat? ive been keeping an eye out for boats recently and have seen smaller boats than this go for at least 20k??
  12. chokpa

    When/why did you decide to buy a boat?

    Interesting, thanks guys. 4.8m bowrider would be great but unfortunately they all look about $25k+. I am looking at something more modest for the harbour, so probably will look at runabouts or centre/side consoles which seem to go for quite a bit cheaper How is the learning curve for your first boat?
  13. Curious to hear peoples' stories as its something that is tempting me more and more. Would love a 4.5ish bowrider that could double as a fishing boat and a social boat with non fisho friends.
  14. Oh god. I hate those things. Unsettling looking things. Apparently they are good eating. Someone told me people from the pacific islands go out and intentionally catch em to eat. Not sure how it is prepared though
  15. chokpa

    Kurnell - Cronulla - Gunnamatta FAIL

    cheers. might give that a go next time. can you freeze them after you buy them or do you have to use it fresh close to when you bought it? when i leave in the early AM its hard to get to open shops