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  1. Hey guys planning a trip to South Avoca/skillion on Thursday as the conditions at most of my regular haunts are unfishable. I've seen some stuff saying that South Avoca would be fishable but I'm a rock safety freak and just want to get some more input from people that have fished it and may know conditions better. Thanks for your advice in advance. P.S. anyone keen on joining me happy to have company (I mostly target pelagics with spin and livebait)
  2. we had the same experience off the stones yesterday it was madness!!! Got a legal by upgrading to a big popper that the rats couldn't quite take.
  3. Hey Boat owning Fishos, ALSO AVAILABLE MONDAY Conditions look nice next week and warm water is coming in, so Im keen do decky for anyone whos keen for a fish. Happy to travel to any ramp in syd. Got my own gear and obviously will to split costs. Friday I have a friend in syd and I'm sure she'd be keen to join. Will be fishing either way, rocks or boat, next week looks good.
  4. Always drop a big bit of burly with a hook in it if the kings are up in the trail accounts for fish more often than not. Good work either way
  5. Yeah most of my squid are caught in the middle of the day when they show up and kill my livie then it goes back out with a spike in it lol water clarity and structure make squid keen to come out if they can see trouble coming or have somewhere near to hide.
  6. livies taken down slowly near structure usually means squid. they chew them off the hook lol they will pull really light drag.
  7. Hey just a trick I've discovered and been using, Rubber band on the lower part your spool (not on the line) then once your bait is out far enough put a small loop of line under the rubber band (leave bail arm open) and it will hold your bait but allow a fish to pull it free. Bigger/more rubber bands hold more... one red thick rubber band is working for yakkas under floats (LB) Just a nifty easy trick that i thought some of you might find useful. Cheers, Pat
  8. Hi guys just thought I'd share this trick I tried for live baiting with a spin reel. One of the most annoying challenges with this is having no bait running ability other than loosening your drag. This leads to the struggle of accurately and quickly resetting your drag once you have a fish on. Also if you reel gets wet while this loose it allows water into the reel easier. What I've done is popped a thick elastic band onto the lower (non-line) part of my spool. Once your bait is out where you want it you hold a small loop of line in your hand and tuck it under the elastic band (bail arm open). This holds the line pretty well but lets it slide out when its pulled with and pressure. I've been using Yellowtail scad (Yakka), some quite big, under a float. This set up and its been working a treat, a 35cm hood squid can disengage the line (ate my livie, squid spike in the next one out and i ate him...). If you're using bigger livies I figure an extra thick rubber band or 2-3 normal ones gives you better line hold. Just a random trick I came up with and thought someone on here may be able to use. Cheers, Pat
  9. night along the parks by the lights is good lure fishing, I've picked up tailor, bream, flatties and a nub ray as well lol
  10. I've been catching drummer on cabbage while targeting blackfish.
  11. hahaha, 8 foot long bonito vs 8, foot long, bonito... I was like WHAT?!?!
  12. So I started spinning for bonnies and kings and got stuck into the salmon, the bite was hot for 45min with hits, chases and fish coming fast. As the salmon cooled down i hoped to get a livie out, but there were none around. I did however pick up a 32cm bream on my small float rig. Eventually I got a gar and sent it out while I did some blackfishing. First drift and I was on, 38cm drummer. Then the live bait goes to a tailor that kindly got to my feet before chewing through the leader. So back to black fishing, 2nd drift hookup,bust off, 4lb leader letting me down lol. So on goes 10lb and again I land a 36cm drummer.... weather came in and i called it.. So salmon, bream and drummer... not what i went for but hey that's fishing. p.s. any tips on why i seem to catch more drummer than blackfish?
  13. When your onto a big fish if other anglers are not moving of there own fruition ask them to look out as you come across, you may need to do some under/over maneuvering but most people will respond if they know where you want to move. I fish the rocks with "light" gear (20lb) and the constantly go to the shelf, once they get there I ease my pressure and just "hold" the fish that way I'm not pulling my line across the snag under high pressure (less likely to break) and wait it out until it turns back to open water. Mind fish cant swim around rock shelves...
  14. I walk down the gully then over the boulders. I haven't ever been the other way.
  15. Sydneys eastern suburbs, conditions are calm in this pic, I've been hit with some shocker waves here and not bothered fishing it plenty of days. The tide level and swell are what make the pic look good other times, swell 1.4 SE from middle of the run in tide, the rock is covered by water every set.