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  1. Yes it was FishFinder Bait and Tackle, I worked there for a year or so in my early 20's, not long after he first took over. I worked at Andrew Short Marine for a while before that. I ran the store a couple of days a week and helped out on busy days. Confused a few of the customers as I had a passing resemblance for Tony and customers assumed i was his son. Tony is a very friendly, incredibly knowledgeable fisherman, and I still have a couple of his (or Pauls) custom rods. I loved working there chatting to the customers, enjoyed the regulars who just liked to drop by for a chat, Ber
  2. Congrates on the job. I did a couple of years working in a Fishing tackle store at Matraville when i was younger. Loved it, every customer you could either teach something to or learn something from. Enjoy it and try not to buy too much gear. Ash
  3. Some great fish there, well done. You have certainly come along way since I met you at Como. A few years ago in mid winter I swum out and pulled a 7-8kg Jew out of the Como Baths net. This one was still alive and put up a struggle when i got it out of the net. Took a big bit of skin off my fingers where i grabbed it (fingers in gills/thumb in mouth, dumb idea). As I was cold, wet and bleeding I decided to keep it, still tasted as good as a caught one and had a story to go with it. Ash
  4. Don't have the marks with me but I thought the "banks" referred to a spot down the coast off Culburra. Possibly "the hump" out off Stanwell Park is the spot you are after?
  5. Took my two boys (aged 5 and 7) for a fish on Saturday on the Woronora River. Launched from Bonnet Bay about 9:30, overcast conditions and a bit of drizzle must of kept most people at home as there was only 1 trailer at the ramp. Not much current to start with so moved down to Como bridge area to fish the change in tide, no luck there, but saw a steam train crossing the bridge which the boys liked and with the tide starting to run moved back into the Woronora. Tried a few areas before finding some fish. First keeping fish went to the 5 year old with a 36cm bream, followed by a legal flatt
  6. Port Hacking FAD is 21km out in 140m of water. GPS marks are on the NSW fisheries website. I'm in a 5.2m ally cuddy cabin, and need to pick my days to go out there. Ash
  7. After having bad weather or other commitments get in the way of fishing I decided i needed to take a day for myself or it wouldn't happen. Looked at the forecast and decided Thursday was the day to fish so took the day off work, dad @hookerbruce found out i was going and came along for the ride. Launched from Grays Point and with a mixture of smaller live bait from the river and a few bigger Yellowtail from near the Bombie we headed for Port Hacking FAD. Arrived to find 8 boats or so and not much current, started the first drift a bit away from the FAD using the largest livie. Bait was ta
  8. Yes dad thankyou for teaching me to fish, however this was my trip out wide on my boat you just found out i was going and tagged along. However once i hooked this fish i was very glad you were there to drive the boat and gaff it for me. I will post a separate full report Ash
  9. Good report, congrats on the PB. Keep at it the Marlin will come. Hopefully I will get out later in the week to have a crack. Ash
  10. I was at Grays Point late Sunday arvo for a swim, boat ramp packed looked like an hour or so wait for boats coming or going. Quietened down after 6pm.
  11. I have launched the last two afternoons from Grays Point ramp at around 3ish, plenty of parking in carpark but you can see it has been busy during the day with trailers parked up the hill. No fish caught and have struggled to lose a live nipper. Lovely for an afternoon swim, not so good for fishing. Ash
  12. Hi Bill If you fished the hacking a bit you might more likely recognise this boat. Bruce (dad) has only had the grey boat a for a few weeks. Well done on the Jewfish. Ash
  13. Must be a few drones that get lost to the ocean. Last Friday there was a barnacle encrusted drone on top of the bin at Grays Point ramp when i was taking the boat out. A couple of weeks ago when i was launching at Bonnet bay a guy flying his drone hit a tree branch and crash onto rocks half a metre from the waters edge, he got it back but not sure if it will fly again after a crash. Also during winter I was a Como with the kids, where a guy was flying his high up over the water. We watched it flying when all of a sudden it stopped, flipped and dive bombed into the water, looked
  14. Nice bag of fish and a cracker nannygai. Bananas are always allowed on my boat if i have the kids with me. If it comes down to taking on the fishing gods or sharing a boat with 4 cranky hungry young children who can't have their favorite fruit? I'll take on the fishing gods. Ash
  15. Good report, a feed of flatties is always welcome. On the sea sickness, i used to get it as a child but grew out of it, now the only time I feel a bit off is when i fish on a new boat. On my boat never, but on the rare occasion I'll do a charter or fish on a different boat it can get me. Must be something about the way different boats pitch and roll in the waves that gets me. Last time I felt off i was fishing in my dad's boat for the first time in a couple of years, even though I had been out on that boat 100's of times previously. Ash
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