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  1. The line rating on a rod refers to what is recommended breaking strain main line for that rod. You can use 6kg line on a rod that is rated 2-4kg but you will not be able to fish the line to it's full potential. The heavy line will be affect your bait/lure presentation and you won't be getting the strength advantage of heavy line as the rod won't handle it. Fishing above the recommended range is a good way to break a rod. For most of my outfits under 15kg line I have them set up on rods at the lower end of the rating e.g. 2kg line on a 2-4kg rated rod, 4kg line on a 4-6 rated rod etc. these outfits fished at 1/3 breaking strain of the line with the educated use of fingers on the spool at times works for me. A good idea with a new outfit is to get a set of scales and test the drag, easier to do with a second person but can be done with the rod in a rod holder. One person holds the rod, other person hooks the line to the scales and and pulls back on the line taking note of what the scales pull down to, tighten or loosen the drag on the reel and go again until line pulls off the rod at about 1/3 of the line breaking strain. Pull line off at the reel to get a feel for what 1/3 feels like, you can go heavy than that during a fight depending on conditions but 1/3 is a good starting point. Hopefully that made sense. Ash
  2. Go North, it's always nicer to be a bit warmer. I just come back from a week up at South West Rocks. More a family holiday than a fishing trip this time, but it's a great location with plenty of landbased options. I mainly fished for blackfish along the wall but also saw or heard of bream and jewfish being caught each time i was at the wall.
  3. Dads still fishing, don't think he has fished inside the Hacking much lately. A couple of trips chasing flathead offshore, took my brothers kids out for a fish catching flathead and reef oglies and has been up at South West Rocks chasing blackfish. He was up there a couple of weeks ago and is up there again now. Yesterday he got 17 legal fish in 2 hours, kept some let most go, did maintenance on the house and will probably do the same again today. Such is the life when you are retired with a holiday house at SWR. No caravaning at the moment due to covid. Ash
  4. Did well to manage a feed. I find the Hacking does get very tough during winter months, the shallows i fish through summer are dead in winter and i move to other area's. I went out Saturday arvo with my two boys (4 & 6 yrs), fished jibbon beach area. Fished light, drifting baits down a burley trail and caught a mixture of trevally, red bream, tailer and yellowtail. Most undersize, kept enough for a feed, bites were constant for an hour or so until the boys got bored of catching a fish almost every cast and we move on to look for a new species. Moved to South West Arm for the last half hour of light but had no more luck. Such is the fun of fishing with kids. Not that you need tips Yowie but someone else reading might get something out of it. Ash
  5. I second Ozzybass's response. The area i fish has resident fish that are much darker in colour and lighter travelling fish. Catching a darker fish straight away doesn't mean alot but catching a lighter coloured fish straight away often means your in for a good session. Ash
  6. Hacking was very quiet. I noticed in the shallows the brown slimey winter weed had started to grow and i never catch much in the shallows when thats in the river. Squid were caught on bright coloured jigs one fluro orange and one fluro pink. Tried brown, blue and green jigs before I had success. It was a different days fishing. We would often be fishing in separate boats but was unusual to keep the two boats so close together for the day. With 60+ years experience i was fairly confident with dads cast, although I was relieved to see that the jig in flight was heading towards the opposite side of the stern to what i was standing. Plus if he landed it in the boat i would have cut the line and kept it. Thanks for reading Ash
  7. With the recent OK given by government and Friday being my RDO (I'm lucky enough to still have a job and be able to work from home) and good weather forecast it seemed a good opportunity to get out for a fish. I knew i could get out and back home without breaking any distancing laws, although i wouldn't be able to fish with my Dad (Hookerbruce) as i often do. Plan for the day was keep it simple and target fish for food, told I dad i was going and invited him to come along, he would just have to bring his boat. Launched just after 630 at Grays Point, did my good deed for the day early when i noticed the boat that launched the same time as me still had his warning flag on their engine they where about to start let them know and than headed out to Jibbon Bombie to target squid. Dad arrived 20 min after me in his boat, things started slowly for the first hour with not much, did a few drifts, dropped one, saw a couple caught by other boats and then got a small one of my own. We had the boats close enough that we could talk and where just starting to discuss moving on when i got another squid on the sleeper rig (squid jig on a paternoster rig sitting in the rod holder) what followed was an almost unbelievable half hour where I caught 12 squid while dad in his boat, just a short cast from my boat, couldn't catch a thing (even the other two boats trying to push into my drift couldn't catch a thing), we even reset our drifts and still i caught squid. Perhaps the most ridiculous capture was the one squid that dad caught from the back of my boat. I was pulling up a good squid on my casting rod when i noticed it had been followed by another squid. Left my squid in the water, called out to dad, told him what was happening and invited him to cast at the back of my boat, to his credit he landed his jig a meter or so from the back of my boat. I got to watch as the other squid saw the jig, followed it and the grabbed it, giving a running commentary to dad as it happened. Left the squid biting and moved out to 40m for a flathead drift, once again drifting the two boats within casting distance of each other. Now i was time for dad to dominate, we both caught our bag of 10 flathead in about 1.5 hrs but his were a much better average size. Most of mine were 35-40 cm with one bigger one at 49cm and alot of throw backs. After that it was time to head back to the ramp with dad taking his boat out and me picking up my two boys to take them out in the boat for a couple of hours break from the house (and give their mum a break from them too). Did my second good deed of the day when we came across a broken down boat as we where heading through the slow zone, luckily only a short tow so didn't lose much time, remarked to the bloke that the boat looked very new and he replied "yep, picked it up on Tuesday" Pumped some nippers and fished around Lilli Pilli sand flat, very quiet, the 4 yr old caught a good 30cm bream and the 6 yr old released a few little bream. After that we stopped on the sand and let the boys run for a bit. Home time after that. Having fishing potentially taken away makes you realize how lucky we are to participate in this past time. Thanks for reading Ash.
  8. You still managed a feed of fish. I was one of those boats heading to the ocean I went past you at your secret spot about 630 and hookerbruce (dad) would have gone past 15 min later. I'll post a report shortly Ash
  9. Hookerbruce was fishing with me on my boat. The dollies made for a good feed with lots given away. It was a good day out and a good chance to fish with dad. Fish were a good size for this early in the season just a shame so many boats didn't want to share the FAD making it awkward to fish at times and meaning light tackle wasn't an option. Will try again next time work, family and weather allow for it. Ash
  10. Fished Port Hacking FAD on Thursday, see hookerbruce's report. Dolphin fish where there but not in big numbers and shut down by 9ish, small live bait were the key. Like Christb said I found the day almost spoilt by inconsiderate and foolish people. It is so simple. Start 100-200m up current and drift past about casting distance from the fad continue past out of the way and then motor back up around the outside of the drifting boats. If everyone does this the fad works and everyone gets a fish. On Thursday we had up to 15 boats trying to fish, with a charter boat holding on one side of the FAD, a 40-50ft game boat on the other side and numerous small boats trying to hold in the current, particularly with no one at the wheel. It was hectic at times and here's the thing, it doesn't seem to work, they definitely don't catch any more fish. They either use heavy sinkers to get baits down, which fish don't like or their baits where miles out the back in the current. We found we had to start our drift, get a hookup, then motor out to the side to avoid the boats. I wasn't all that concerned when the fish shut down and we left. Sorry for the rant but the FADS can be such a good fishery when everyone plays along. Thanks Ash
  11. I usually fish on my own and can handle it single handed at the ramps. 2 people is good, 3 people is ok and 4 is crowded and no good serious fishing.
  12. I have a Horizon 525 Scorpion. Bought it new 3 years ago and use it for everthing from family boating in the port hacking to fishing out wide to the fads and am happy with it. I have fished out of a 4.5m polycraft and found it a very capable tough little boat, also very wet. Ash
  13. Had about 100 other things i should have been doing but with my eldest boy starting school next year the Friday was the last time will I have an RDO that lines up with him being at home, so we were going fishing. Left from Grays Point at kiddy friendly time of 8ish and started by catching a few poddy mullet before moving out to the river proper near Lilli Pilli. Saw Dad (Hookerbruce) in his boat so went over to say "Hi' but had to wait will he was landing a crab. After a quick chat we moved out to deeper water and found a lot of baitfish on the sounder, dropped over a bait jig but no takers. Rigged up some rods with lures and one with a livie and moved back up into position for another drift. Picked up a nice tailor and a rat King on the lure and Baxter got a good 56cm flathead on a livie, his biggest so far so we went back up to show Grandpa his fish. Another boat there (casting metal jigs i think) was getting a few fish as well. A fast retrieve was needed to get the fish interested. Next drift I got another rat King on a lure, this fish fought twice as hard as the first pulling heaps of line and taking a lot longer to get in holding down deep, thought for sure it was a better fish but was only mid 50's, guess i'm out of practice, amazing how different two similar sized fish can fight. After this it went quiet and the baitfish disappeared from the sounder, Baxter was getting tired from casting and had trouble winding the lure quick enough to interest the fish. Time to move on, came across surface fish but they would pop up for and disappear than pop up 100m away tried for half hour but couldn't get a hit so moved on. Headed back towards the ramp and fished a sand flat near the slow zone. First livie was eaten by a Long Tom, one of Baxter favorite fish. After that the burley attracted a school of small bream and Baxter had a blast catching them on a handline. After a dozen or so bream caught and released time was up (we had to be home before lunch) and we headed home. Not a great days fishing but we ended up with a feed of fish, a PB Flathead for Baxter and got one last day together fishing on a school/work day. Thanks for reading Ash
  14. Nice fish and well done releasing one of Yowies pets.