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  1. Oscarthebeagle

    1st legal Cod for the season

    Hi Neil That carp is what you are looking for to sight cast. He is actively feeding along the edge. Cast your fly or small unweighted soft plastic well past him and retrieve it to within 1/2 metre of his face, pause and twitch. If he wants it you will know, repeating the cast a few times can entice a strike if he ignores your lure. A visual hook up in shallow water followed by his first run on light line ( I use 2kg pre-test mono, 6lb fluro trace for this) is about as much fun as you can have fishing for carp. Hope this helps Good luck with the Cod Ash
  2. Oscarthebeagle

    Hacking Kings

    Hi, I was out on Friday morning chasing Kings in Port Hacking. Caught a dozen fish, 50-60cm, saw but did not hook bigger fish, no bust offs. Rod that caught most of the fish was a 3-5kg 7 ft rod, 2500 stradic, 8lb braid and 30lb trace casting a white 6inch stickbait soft plastic. Letting it sink to the bottom then a fast straight retrieve worked best. Up your trace to 20-30lb fluro and stay away from the moorings and you should be fine on your tackle. Enjoy the fight, rat kings are great fun on lighter line. Ash
  3. Oscarthebeagle

    Port Hacking Monday

    Had Monday off work to watch my middle childs preschool xmas concert. Plan was we would followed up the concert with a fishing trip. Baxter wanted his preschool friend to come along so i msged his dad last week with the offer to take them out in the boat, he initially said no he had to go back to work after the concert. A couple of days later he msg back saying he changed his mind, work can wait for another day and they would love to come fishing. Lanched about midday from Grays Point and started of pumping nippers, which is always a popular activity. First cast Baxters rod folded over in the rod holder and screamed out line, he pounced on it before I could offer it to his friend. A good 5min fight later he had it at the boat and in the net. A new PB whiting for Baxter and at 44cm it may beat his fathers too and pretty good for a 4 year old on 2kg line. This followed with a few throwback bream and whiting which we shared between the boys. Time for a swim after that in the shallows at lilli pilli, there were heaps of whiting cruising the shallows but with the sun high overhead and clear water they were very wary. One more stop before home resulted in a legal bream for each boy and a few more throwbacks, a female blue swimmer (released) to the friend and a visit from a big stingray. Time to head home after that with both boys having a turn driving the boat in the slow zone. A beautiful afternoon on the hacking and a much better way to spend our day than going back to work. PS. My wife took the fish in to preschool today for the boys to do a combined show and tell.
  4. Oscarthebeagle

    Port Stephens - Slow Day

    No ghosts in my boat, but i do have 2 & 4 year old boys that love to get in the boat and play. Moving things and claiming things as theirs, particularly soft plastics (safest thing). Nice report, sometimes just being out there is reward enough. Ash
  5. Oscarthebeagle

    FOUND .......Public Works NSW Seabed Charts 1989 - Bate Bay

    I fish mainly out of Port hacking and would love a copy. Thanks.
  6. Oscarthebeagle

    Port Hacking FAD Monday

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the replies. Sorry for the delayed reply. Fish were caught on yellowtail, although pretty much anything live will do. It's a rare treat for my wife and I to get out for a fish without the 3 kids and I'm lucky to have a wife who's keen to fish, she took it up when we started dating and still enjoys it. It's great past time for ccouples to do together. Ash
  7. Oscarthebeagle

    Easter Hat parade fishing

    Thanks for reading and thankyou for the replies. It was a great afternoon on the river. Lots of fun and challenge fishing with a 4 year old but will be worth it in the years to come when i have a little fishing buddy. Gives me some idea what me and my brother must of put my dad through.
  8. Oscarthebeagle

    Easter Hat parade fishing

    Took Monday off work as it was my little boys Easter hat parade/concert at preschool. Day was off to a poor start with Baxter getting upset and distressed at the thought of the concert and not even making it to dropoff. We tried all sorts of encouragement and support to help him but he was having none it. Decided to offer up the biggest carrot we have, wife told him " if you go to preschool and just try, daddy will take you fishing ". He reluctantly agreed and off we went. Not only did he try, he went great and sung/dancedto all the songs. Now it was time for a fishing trip, with 20 knots of westerly and run in tide it was going to be challenging. Had to wait till his brother was asleep, 2 year old hates seeing the boat leave without him. Launched at Grays Point, only one trailer in the carpark. Started off pumping nippers, where he managed to trip and fall in the water moments after I put him down, always happens when you don't have a change of clothes. Dried his face and started pumping nippers and he soon forgot about being wet. Found a spot where tide and wind were kind of together and started to fish. First thing in the burly trail was a school of mullet, fishing unweighted bread at least the wind helped cast. First fish a legal mullet which he was excited about, he had caught heaps of poddies previously, but this was his first legal size one. Caught more mullet till he was bored of them, with just one more legal the rest going back. Also picked up a few bream, garfish and a mid 40's flathead in that spot, with alot undersize. He was tired of catching fish so swapped to just netting my fish, including the flathead which on 6lb trace tested my nerves. Also caught 2 big blue swimmers (60 & 62 cm claw tip to tip), which he was disappointed i wouldn't let him help. He asked why and i said it takes alot of practice to do, so he followed up with "then how did you learn" very astute for a 4 year old. I learned by my dad letting me practice on the female crabs, which we planned to release and smaller crabs. With the wind dropping we moved to another spot. Had a drift hoping for whiting but no bites, anchored up again and burley this spot produced a few more bream that went back, a good whiting and a 50cm flathead. Was nearly home time when Baxter confidently told me there was a crab on the handline. He was right, another blue swimmer, decided to let him have it. Told him to pull it in slowly at steady speed don't rush, he did it perfect stopping just below the surface where i could net it. Home time after that, pulled the boat out around 6ish and headed home with a very tired excited boy. Thanks for reading Ash
  9. Oscarthebeagle

    Port Hacking FAD Monday

    Due to employee day and rdo at work I ended up with a 4 day weekend, Monday looked the pick of the days so mentioned to my wife and Dad maybe a fishing trip. Mel had first choice and if she said no, dad would go. With all 3 kiddies giving us a tough Sunday morning for some reason Mel decided going fishing seemed a good option, this would be her first trip out to the FAD. Organised for their Nanna to arrive at 600 for baby sitting and Dad decided he would fish solo in his boat. Baby sitter arrived on time and after running through the morning breakfasts pre- school and school drop offs we were away, via a detour past a bakery. Lanched at Grays Point, past Yowies secret fishing spot, didn't want to spook his fish so didn't say hello and headed out stopping at Shark Island for livies. Had a good run out to the fad and arrived to 3 boats at the FAD, 1 being dad. It was Mels first trip out for Dollies, so i thought i would watch her first cast and guide her. She casts out and before i can say a word her bait is taken line ripped through her fingers and the bait is gone. She looks a little confused and shocked, we re-bait and this time i explain before she casts. Cast out, bail open, hold line, feel take, give 5 seconds of line, close bail, wind up tight and your on. She does it perfect this time and she's on, double hook up this time, both fish behave and head different directions. After a good fight she has her fish at the boat, put mine in the rod holder to help her. I don't have a big net so i normally use a small gaff to land dollies, notice her fish is hooked poorly through a scrap of skin and take a gaff shot that probably wasn't ready. Fish bounces off and the hook pulls, gives me a filthy dirty look as she realises what happened. Return to my fish and she looks even more pissed off as i neatly gaff it and lift it on board. Run back up this time just her line out, cast out. She hooks up to a smaller fish which i can net and she has her first dollie. A couple more drifts where we get takes but no hook ups or the bait gets killed and the dollies lose interest. Next drift we both hook up to solid fish, a bit of dancing around as the fish cross over a few times before settling down, after a good 10 mins i have my fish in the boat, a solid 88cm, i put it out of sight and go to assist melissa knowing that from the early jumps her fish is bigger and i want her to stay calm. 5 more minutes and her fish is at the boat, but not ready to gaff, after a few little runs at the boat the perfect moment presents and the fish is gaffed on board, a very solid 96cm, she is even excited enough to hold the fish for a photo (sort of) We go across to show my dad the fish and she announces a missed it twice with the gaff, I try to explain to her there is a difference between baulking at the gaff shot because it's not right and actually missing, not sure she believed me. Next drift produced another fish for her. After that we had run out of livies and the mutton birds made use pilchards hard so we called it quits and headed back in. Stopped to have a drift for flathead, not because we wanted more fish but to avoid going back to reality for another half hour and to enjoy floating around in the sun with no kids for a change. Back home melissa was complaining of sore arms and legs, from the day on the water but talking about when was the next time we could go. Thanks for reading Ash
  10. Oscarthebeagle

    Laggers Point boat ramp

    Hi, I have used laggers point a couple of times to launch a 5.5 ally boat. Ramp can get a fair bit of surge, definitely a two person launch. car ahead of us went from trailer just in to water up to the car door to trailer dry, there is no where to hold the boat while you get the car and at low tide access can be restricted by a sand bar. In the right conditions it can be a useful ramp with easy access to fishing grounds. The river bar is not a great place to learn unless ideal conditions and back creek bar is very shallow. Hang out on the breakwall for a while watching the other boats cross the bar if you want to give it a go and watch out for the NE wind/run out tide combo. The river fishes well with heaps of area to fish. See hookerbrucer report from a couple of weeks ago. Hope this helps Ash
  11. Oscarthebeagle

    Sydney Wide 21.01.2018 - (un)Forgettable day !

    Shame you missed out, certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Went for a troll wide of the Port Hacking on the Saturday for the same result. At least you found some nice water, all i found was green water around 22 degress. But like you i was already planning my next trip as i came back to the ramp. Have to keep trying, next trip will be the one. Ash
  12. Oscarthebeagle

    Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    Beautiful looking fish straight out of the water. I fished Port Hacking wide Fad today for a similar result. 2 just legals and a few throw backs. Water temp was 22 degrees and not much current. I had livies that were a bit big for the dollies, one boat looked to do well fishing with pillies. I'll try again in a few weeks and hope they have grown a bit.
  13. Oscarthebeagle

    feed and a lost lure

    Shame about losing the marlin, although you got to see the initial jumps which is a big part of the fun. Don't worry about the lost lure I'll happily accept a feed of pearlie fillets to replace what was probably one of my lures.
  14. Oscarthebeagle

    What would you do

    I had the same situation a year ago with my new boat. I purchased my boat from a place in SE Qld, Dealers in Sydney wanted $5000 more. I had even flown up for the day to go to the Brisbane boat show to see the boat model as there where none around here. When it came time to collect I decided to drive up and get it and I'm glad I did. The boat had a big mark on the side that needed to be buffed out and the trailer was poorly set up. I had these things fixed before I took the boat. For the process of getting the boat home. I had a RMS temporary rego for the trailer, which was easy to organise, had insurance Ifor the boat and had a second driver who was experienced at towing come with me(thanks Dad). I live in sutherland, work in the city, dad brought my car picked me up after work and we drove to south west rocks, free accommodation. Stopped for the night, started early next morning drove up collected the boat, fixed the hassle and drove home arrived in Sydney at 11pm. A big day driving but having an experienced second driver meant you could actually relax and rest when not your turn behind the wheel. One year on now and am very happy with the boat and the money saved.
  15. Oscarthebeagle

    Bate Bay

    I was out on tuesday too, I saw a little tinnie with one guy in it heading back in when i was at Ooborne Shoal, Thought it might of been you. No flathead out from the bombie tried heaps of depths for one flaty and one red spot. Managed a feed drifting the reef edges, but nothing special. Ash