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  1. I have launched the last two afternoons from Grays Point ramp at around 3ish, plenty of parking in carpark but you can see it has been busy during the day with trailers parked up the hill. No fish caught and have struggled to lose a live nipper. Lovely for an afternoon swim, not so good for fishing. Ash
  2. Hi Bill If you fished the hacking a bit you might more likely recognise this boat. Bruce (dad) has only had the grey boat a for a few weeks. Well done on the Jewfish. Ash
  3. Must be a few drones that get lost to the ocean. Last Friday there was a barnacle encrusted drone on top of the bin at Grays Point ramp when i was taking the boat out. A couple of weeks ago when i was launching at Bonnet bay a guy flying his drone hit a tree branch and crash onto rocks half a metre from the waters edge, he got it back but not sure if it will fly again after a crash. Also during winter I was a Como with the kids, where a guy was flying his high up over the water. We watched it flying when all of a sudden it stopped, flipped and dive bombed into the water, looked
  4. Nice bag of fish and a cracker nannygai. Bananas are always allowed on my boat if i have the kids with me. If it comes down to taking on the fishing gods or sharing a boat with 4 cranky hungry young children who can't have their favorite fruit? I'll take on the fishing gods. Ash
  5. Good report, a feed of flatties is always welcome. On the sea sickness, i used to get it as a child but grew out of it, now the only time I feel a bit off is when i fish on a new boat. On my boat never, but on the rare occasion I'll do a charter or fish on a different boat it can get me. Must be something about the way different boats pitch and roll in the waves that gets me. Last time I felt off i was fishing in my dad's boat for the first time in a couple of years, even though I had been out on that boat 100's of times previously. Ash
  6. The line rating on a rod refers to what is recommended breaking strain main line for that rod. You can use 6kg line on a rod that is rated 2-4kg but you will not be able to fish the line to it's full potential. The heavy line will be affect your bait/lure presentation and you won't be getting the strength advantage of heavy line as the rod won't handle it. Fishing above the recommended range is a good way to break a rod. For most of my outfits under 15kg line I have them set up on rods at the lower end of the rating e.g. 2kg line on a 2-4kg rated rod, 4kg line on a 4-6 rated rod etc.
  7. Go North, it's always nicer to be a bit warmer. I just come back from a week up at South West Rocks. More a family holiday than a fishing trip this time, but it's a great location with plenty of landbased options. I mainly fished for blackfish along the wall but also saw or heard of bream and jewfish being caught each time i was at the wall.
  8. Dads still fishing, don't think he has fished inside the Hacking much lately. A couple of trips chasing flathead offshore, took my brothers kids out for a fish catching flathead and reef oglies and has been up at South West Rocks chasing blackfish. He was up there a couple of weeks ago and is up there again now. Yesterday he got 17 legal fish in 2 hours, kept some let most go, did maintenance on the house and will probably do the same again today. Such is the life when you are retired with a holiday house at SWR. No caravaning at the moment due to covid. Ash
  9. Did well to manage a feed. I find the Hacking does get very tough during winter months, the shallows i fish through summer are dead in winter and i move to other area's. I went out Saturday arvo with my two boys (4 & 6 yrs), fished jibbon beach area. Fished light, drifting baits down a burley trail and caught a mixture of trevally, red bream, tailer and yellowtail. Most undersize, kept enough for a feed, bites were constant for an hour or so until the boys got bored of catching a fish almost every cast and we move on to look for a new species. Moved to South West Arm for the las
  10. I second Ozzybass's response. The area i fish has resident fish that are much darker in colour and lighter travelling fish. Catching a darker fish straight away doesn't mean alot but catching a lighter coloured fish straight away often means your in for a good session. Ash
  11. Hacking was very quiet. I noticed in the shallows the brown slimey winter weed had started to grow and i never catch much in the shallows when thats in the river. Squid were caught on bright coloured jigs one fluro orange and one fluro pink. Tried brown, blue and green jigs before I had success. It was a different days fishing. We would often be fishing in separate boats but was unusual to keep the two boats so close together for the day. With 60+ years experience i was fairly confident with dads cast, although I was relieved to see that the jig in flight was heading towar
  12. With the recent OK given by government and Friday being my RDO (I'm lucky enough to still have a job and be able to work from home) and good weather forecast it seemed a good opportunity to get out for a fish. I knew i could get out and back home without breaking any distancing laws, although i wouldn't be able to fish with my Dad (Hookerbruce) as i often do. Plan for the day was keep it simple and target fish for food, told I dad i was going and invited him to come along, he would just have to bring his boat. Launched just after 630 at Grays Point, did my good deed for the day early when
  13. You still managed a feed of fish. I was one of those boats heading to the ocean I went past you at your secret spot about 630 and hookerbruce (dad) would have gone past 15 min later. I'll post a report shortly Ash
  14. Hookerbruce was fishing with me on my boat. The dollies made for a good feed with lots given away. It was a good day out and a good chance to fish with dad. Fish were a good size for this early in the season just a shame so many boats didn't want to share the FAD making it awkward to fish at times and meaning light tackle wasn't an option. Will try again next time work, family and weather allow for it. Ash
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