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  1. Nice bag - very good result for land based
  2. Great post - as always! Really enjoy reading your reports. Cannot wait to get uni out of the way (3 weeks to go!!) and get out there again myself... it's been too long. Cheers
  3. Great post mate! Quite the experience.
  4. Flatties on SP - so much fun! Great catch and well done with the PB :-)
  5. Great catch mate - and an excellent excuse for a day off work.
  6. Life's Good!!! I got into the habit of taking my kayak and gear to work - just in case
  7. Great post! Very interesting read. Looking forward to future reports.
  8. Hello All! I've been loving a bit of occy over the summer months and I got wondering about making a few traps from PVC pipe and leaving them out for a few days. But are they legal to use? I know traps of any form aren't allowed in the Hacking, but would they have the same legally for use as say crab traps in say Botany Bay? More of a curiosity question really. Cheers everyone.
  9. Cheers guys! Really was a beauty. Inspired to head down there more often - so if anyone is keen on a morning down there, let me know.
  10. Spent a few days working down in Nowra and Gerringong and this morning, on the way home, I stopped off at Lake Illawarra, just near the holiday park/boat ramp and thought I'd have a quick flick with a soft plastic. Few people around casting bait lines, but not catching anything. I cast out once...twice... thrice... 4th time BOOM!!!! Bringing this thing in on light gear was fantastic! Finally got it into shore, dragged it onto the beach and it spat out the soft plastic lure... Got a quick photo and let it go to fight another day. On this occasion I felt something this size is better in the 'drink' than my belly. Just so you know - those pliers are 21cm long. Would measure in at around the 80cm mark. (definitely need to invest in a brag mat) After letting him go, I packed up and left. No point trying again after something like that.... Cheers
  11. Survey complete. Only problem is now I'm sitting at my desk wishing I was wetting a line instead of being here!
  12. Brilliant work, what a haul! The whiting feast looks amazing!!!
  13. Hi guys, Thanks for the messages... I'm a first aider myself so tried to do what I could, but had to drive myself to Sutho hospital for treatment. Hot water, as hot as you can stand, and the toxin breaks down. With any sort of marine incident like this there is a good chance of infection so take no chances! Definitely will look into some boots if I take another "stab"... (is it too early for jokes?)
  14. What a gorgeous Sunday it was! New rod, new reel and some 'fresh' soft plastics, so off to the sand flats of Gunnamatta Bay I went. Embracing the warmth of the Winter sun, loving life, and into the shallows I stepped.... ...and stepped right on a stingray. Got me good too. And hot damn - they do not tickle!!! I drove myself up to Sutho hospital and they sorted it out. So, all in all, it didn't go to plan. Maybe next time I'll just stick to the kayak... Dave.
  15. Absolutely IN-CREDIBLE! Top write up and I reckon you've succeeded in making the rest of us fisho's very jealous.
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