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  1. That's heaps good mate, i'll have to get and chase some carp soon. Cheers, Fishing Guy
  2. HAHAHA i'm still here lads, I have a drivers license now so all is good and i'm able to get further out from Sydney more often. Thanks for the advice anyway. Cheers, FishingGuy
  3. Thanks for the help guys!!! Cheers, FishingGuy
  4. Hey Raiders, First post in a long time, but I'm back now. Anyway I had some questions regarding catching Mud Crabs so here they are- I have my location sorted. Now the two questions I have are what is the best bait to use and what is the best trap to use. If it helps I will be land based. Also was wondering if these traps were any good- Any help is appreciated!! Cheers, FishingGuy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Great work on picking it up mate, but seriously I wish these idiots would learn that they are not the only ones who use these spots and simply put their crap in the bin. Just the other day at Toukley I was watching a group of people constantly throwing plastic bags into the water, which will eventually end up in a turtles stomach. I managed to fish most of them out as they floated past, but the biggest problem is there is little you can do but tell them not to!! Cheers, FishingGuy
  6. Hey Raiders, I was wondering if any of you guys have ever caught freshwater Shrimp. If so I was just looking for some tips on what to use to catch them; baits, traps, etc. Also a general area where there might be some. Also a question on Yabbies. Are there any spots around Blacktown which might have them?? Unfortunately I'm only 15 so I am limited to a bike through the week. All info is appreciated and thanks in advance. Cheers, FishingGuy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Chinaman Leather Jacket mate! Cheers, FishingGuy
  8. Hey Raiders, Found this video of the Georges river at Liverpool at the moment and thought some of you might be interested. What do you reckon might be swimming in there now?? But seriously guys Stay Safe and Stay away from the water, it's just way to dangerous!! Cheers, FishingGuy https://www.facebook.com/JayTee91/videos/10152876598470017/
  9. Hey Scratchie, Found an article from late last year which might clear somethings up- http://www.portstephensexaminer.com.au/story/2780873/call-to-ban-witches-hat-crab-traps-in-port-stephens-to-save-turtles/ Cheers, FishingGuy
  10. Hey Raiders, I was wondering if anyone knows where to catch Pilchards in or around Sydney. Would be interested to know if you can an I am willing to travel a bit to catch them. Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advanced. Cheers, FishingGuy
  11. Great work on the Mullet, they seem to be hooking up a lot more, recently. Cheers, FishingGuy
  12. Yeah Mate, Pretty much was the same spot. Cheers, FishingGuy
  13. Yeah mate weather definitely was terrible. Great to hear you caught something at Picnic Point, haven't been there in a while. Cheers, FishingGuy
  14. Thanks Mate, Definitely looking forward to dinner tonight. Cheers, Fishing Guy
  15. Hey Raiders, This long weekend we headed out on Friday and Sunday to give the Flathead and Bream ago. Sick of not catching anything in Sydney, the Central Coast it was. Report below- Good Friday- To be honest waking up on Friday there wasn't anything all that good about it!! The weather was absolutely horrendous with strong wind and quite heavy rain, so now the question was do we go or not?? Pfff of course we go, who cares about a bit of rain. So after getting some baits and eventually finding a supermarket which was open to get food we finally arrived and it was not a pretty sight. The wer
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