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  1. Hi guys. Just got a boat and am currently sorting out the insurance. I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I haven’t heard the best reviews about club marine. I’ve been told Nautilus are good. If you could add your two cents that would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks Locodave yeah have to say but forgot to mention the 595 cruisecraft, its a tidy boat, and is in consideration. i havent explored the signatures that much. Just had a look at the 650 and wow looks sensational. Thanks for the suggestion because i would have previously not chosen or even thought about a signiture. cheers Bulldolly
  3. Thank you very much Chocolate really appreciate you advice. We are taking our time working out the extras its been a few years in the planning and now are begining to narrow down to the key points, I'd also like to head down to the factory if possibkle and have a chat to the boat builder paul at the boatshow seems likea top bloke and get ideas from him aswell,and see if you can buy direct from him.
  4. Hi fellas My Dad and I are looking for a new boat around 6.5 meters and under 2.8 tons loaded on the trailer and hieght on trailer below 2.6m, it will be used mainly for gamefishing and in the harbour for kings and the like. From the list I have created below the price range is at the upper end so suggestions are more than welcome . I've looked at the haines hunter 650r ltd nice boat but with 230 litres on board i dont think it is enough for a big day off shore. The haines hunter 625 Offshore has much better fuel capacity and too is attractive, but from what ive heard Haines hunter have had a few issues in regard with quality lately. Next is a cruise craft 625 explorer awesome boat and fished on its bigger brother but there a few things im not too keen on, for example the cabin is all open and not lockable, fuel capaticy and they don't sound as solid as other glass boats i have fished on, but quality of finish is pretty good. Finally is the evolution 600 apex extreme, with 320 litres and a lockable door enough room to put separate electronics and comes with a foldable hard top and a massive beam and dive door, this is by far the most attractable boat to us at this stage. I'd just appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on what other boats to look at and considerations to make. I'm a fiberglass man and aluminium is kinda out of the story aka bar crushers and the like. Cheers Bull dolly
  5. Hi fellas first post. I just brought my first game reel (tiagra 50w) and I'd be interested in knowing what rod you guys think I should put on it, being straight or a bent butt and what are the pros and cons of both types. Was thinking a t-curve tiagra series, another brand or should I get a custom made one but they get a bit $$. I'd really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks fellas