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  1. Holls

    Dusky Flathead Strange Flesh

    Yes, I'm on Burrill Lake. Got 5 nice flatties 2 days ago, the females had yellowish flesh again. Think it must be something to do with breeding status.
  2. This seems to be a small Eastern Rock Lobster found on the edge of a lake. Do you think it's a shed shell, or has it come to some other demise??
  3. Holls

    Dusky Flathead Strange Flesh

    Hope I'm in the right forum here. I recently caught two very nice 48cm Duskies, one a male, the other a female. The male's flesh colour was white/grey as expected, but the female with eggs had very yellow/orange flesh which was not nearly as firm. She was not sick, fought like crazy. Does anyone know anything about this? Appreciate any info (nothing online).
  4. Holls

    Ulladulla is fishing well

    What are you after? Flathead at about 30 metres, snapper out to about 50 metres +
  5. Holls

    Burrill lake picking up

    Lake is looking better all the time. Since they opened the mouth 3 years ago, sand is returning to the shores around Kings Point. There are millions of tiny bream in there at present, big ones before too long! Reports of mulloway returning, some caught on lures . A caution to boats: A lot of shallow seagrass beds. Suggest going slow over them or avoid altogether. The speedboats over easter virtually mowed the beds! Weed washed up everywhere. Cheers!
  6. Hi there,

    I'm in Milton still trying to get the hand of Burrill lake (no kayak i fish from the shore).I've caught a few bream along the from the end of Kendall Cres heading west but its really hit and miss.It looked perfect this morning but was dead as a doornail. Maybe the water was too clear? Got any good tips you can pass on.



  7. Holls

    Burrill lake

    Occasionally mate. Live on the lake, but been very busy of late. Cheers.
  8. Holls

    Strange fish behaviour

    Strange thing last night. Sitting by Burrill lake towards sunset, a large fish swam into the shallows and just wallowed there. Thought it was a stingray, but on closer inspection, it was a VERY large whiting. Quite lethargic, it started to dart away but then turned and came up, almost beaching itself. I lifted it out of the water, it seemed stunned, or close to death, but strong tremor body movements. Very fat, very healthy looking, nothing in gills or throat. It was going to die, so I killed, scaled and filleted it (thought it might have a hook in the gut, but no). Any idea why it beached itself? Seen this before? (Went down this morning in case there were others - some lake event - but no other fish.)
  9. Holls

    My first Australian salmon

    Nothing wrong with a good aussie salmon! Best to bleed them immediately upon catching, knife under the gill cover and cut straight through all the gills. Later, fillet and remove skin, cut out the dark red flesh along the centre line. You get some great fillets of a very firm fish, excellent in fish pie & curries, or I slice thin fillets, breadcrumbs on the BBQ! Bites: It takes time, but you can easily detect a bite if your rod is standing in a rod holder (a lump of seaweed can confuse). Cheers!
  10. Holls

    Worth bothering?

    Hi Neil, I live on Burrill Lake just north of Batemans Bay and bream are still active here in the lake, as well as legal tailor and the odd snapper. I fish from a kayak, sneak close to where tailor are smashing baitfish late in the day and cast any ordinary silver lure over them. Snapper like live mullet, bream sometimes, but I find a fresh mullet cut in half is great for bream. But look for crustaceans around the lake to catch bream as well (crabs, yabbies). Running sinker for bream.
  11. Holls

    Saddleback Syndrome? (Lordosis)

    Yes, snapper are known to be affected as well. Apparently snapper breed at sea but close to the shore, and their spawn, drifting with the currents can end up in estuaries and lakes where the juveniles stay. I've caught some legal sized snapper in Burrill Lake. (Here's a pic)
  12. Holls

    Saddleback Syndrome? (Lordosis)

    Net story has been disproved, and it's not from another fish bite. It's a deformity from something in the water - but they're not sure what (heavy metals, pollution, run-off??). You can eat the fish tho. But I've never heard of the syndrome being so far south of Sydney?? Anyone caught one in other waters down this way?
  13. Hope I have the right section: Over the last year or so, I've been catching bream in Burrill Lake with what has been ID'd as Saddleback Syndrome. I thought it was a Queensland issue, but seems to have crept south. Anybody know anything about this? (Photo is of a fish that was frozen, but you can clearly see the deformity in the dorsal fin.) Thanks.
  14. Holls

    First tailor and longtom (edited)

    Used to catch a lot of longtom in Darwin while fishing for Queenies. Last week a guy caught one in Burrill Lake, South Coast NSW. Didn't know they occurred this far south.
  15. Holls

    Strange skeleton from the sea.

    Yes! Got it now, thanks! It is 65cm long. My wife has used it in her art exhibition. Thanks again.