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  1. So you finally found the reds ! well done mate, persistence pays off. Would have been a nervous time dropping baits among the pillies getting hammered by whales
  2. Sounds like an awesome experience mate. your very lucky ! Some nice fish there too
  3. Awesome bag of fish there Yowie. You certainly have the hacking figured out. Great work
  4. i have to ask - you mentioned 250 of line out - how far out were you trying to get your bait? When i used to fish off the rocks the kings would come in pretty close
  5. Great effort by you and the boys, very rewarding when you finally find the target species after a long wait, makes it all more rewarding. Keep up the good work
  6. Shes a good looking rig that striper ! Them yanks might be tossers but they sure know how to make good fibreglass boats. PS - if your chewing through 300L of fuel on a 177km trip then i would be looking to repower ASAP. You would pay off the cost of the engine in fuel savings in a few years at best and if you can sell the motor second hand for a few $$K even better. As KC suggested - @zmk1962 is the man to talk to.
  7. Gday Raiders I find myself with a few spare minutes and thought it would be good to post up my thoughts on how best fish a reef. Some of us are lucky to get out every weekend but i am also aware that some of us are quite limited in time and dont have the luxury of trialing and testing out on the water - so hopefully these tips will help narrow down your target area and increase your chance of finding a few fish. A while ago i had previously posted a report on bottom bashing tactics, that article was more inclined as to "how" to fish. This article however is more related to "where" to
  8. Cracking Red there, awesome !!!!
  9. Awesome write up Scratchie. Your a champion for making the time to get out with the guys and sharing your spots and knowledge. Fishing is just as much about the company as it is the catching. I have heard a few times that when the shallows are too clear that its worth giving the deeper water a try. Or......the more likely explanation which i hinted at in a separate report.....you have caught them all Jeff...theres simply none left !!! 🤣🤣
  10. Thanks Pickles Cheers Crusher, dad was stoked. I usually do burley when fishing for snapper but didnt on this trip. Once you get to 60M in depth i get skeptical about its effectiveness. Unless its a very slow drift of 1km/hr or less i dont usually burley in deep water
  11. You got out, had a day on the water wetting a line with good company. The fish sometimes just a bonus !! Well done, and hopefully next time you will find a few.
  12. Cheers mate 👍. Was a good day apart from the ramp shenanigans !
  13. Thanks Wizza I dont drink V - but old mate Ralph does, especially when driving at 330am for 3 hours !!!
  14. Thanks Zoran. Dad was absolutely chuffed with that fish - hes been waiting a while to break his PB which from memory might be 63cm. Thanks KC - yes he certainly won the bragging rights yesterday haha Thanks Recurve. Yep i feel for you, like you when i fish Bellambi i try to get there as early as possible to avoid the freak show but sometimes i get caught. I am usually off the trailer in 3-5 minutes flat, wait out in the harbour until dad has parked the boat then pick him up from the jetty. Yesterday some toolbag tied off on the jetty and was doing mechanical repairs on hi
  15. yep - the summer hoons are already out and about. Nice bag of fish there yowie, decent size to that flounder
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