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  1. Just a fisho who works in property and sharing information for those who might need it. 😉 seems like u don't need it 😎
  2. Well you are fortunate enough to already own a property. Not all people are in that boat. For anyone who is looking to buy their first home ! Now is the time before prices get ridiculous again. Interest rates are down too!
  3. It's only going to get worse mate....unfortunately ..hence My advice to buy now !
  4. Cheers Zoran I also have my eyes on Monday but got getting out wide. There appears to be a window Saturday morning between 6am to midday where the wind is reasonable. Should be enough time for a bottom bash
  5. G'day Raiders I've been renovating the house and haven't been out in almost 4 months. Work has also been going gangbusters. For anyone who's interested, now is the time to be buying property as we are the foot of another property boom (albeit not as big as our last cycle) I apologize as I haven't really had the time to contribute. Finally getting out this weekend! What's on the chew off Sydney? Have the bonito showed up yet ?
  6. I'm with Paddy. If I don't find the bait there within 15 mins keep moving. Don't waste hours chasing ghosts. There's no shortage of places in Syd harbour with yakkas
  7. Haha that was a good call. That's exactly the plan...finish everything by December 1st and leave marlin season free
  8. You truely are the snapper whisperer Scracthie ! Hope your having fun - im grounded with house renovations
  9. Thanks fellas. Much appreciated
  10. Gdai Raiders Have been very busy lately, renovating the house, wife is pregnant with #3 and work is going gangbusters. Have done one trip in 8 weeks 😭😭. Needless to say I am dying to get out. A couple of friends want to head up to SWR over the Australia day long weekend. Now I'm not looking for fishing tips. Can anyone give me some tips on the area? Is it safe to leave the boat street parked or should I get a secure storage for a couple of days? A couple of the mates also enjoy a good bush bash so can anyone recommend some spots where 4wding is permitted. Many thanks.
  11. Some great eating fish there Bruce. Well done. How were you targetting the kings in the hacking?
  12. Botany Bay can be hard fishing mate. When the fish are off they are well and truly OFF. Good on you for getting out anyway.
  13. Great report Jim. Must have been very refreshing for the body soul and mind to get back on the water !! I usually bottom bash with four rods out. Two a bit further out and two closer to the boat. This stops most tangles. I prefer a minimalist approach to flathead fishing and will leave the rod in the holder until the fish is ON. I rarely strike at a fish.
  14. Awesome read Zoran. You have yourself a fine woman there. I would be lucky to get my missus on the boat let alone 40km out. Very lucky man indeed but I am sure you already know that !! And to top it all off some quality eating fish. Tight lines !!
  15. Surprised no one has gone there yet. But I'm sure there are some shady places in the city where you can get what your after 😅😅