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  1. Great work big fella. you will never forget your first king !
  2. 😭😭😭😭 i dont know how much longer i can wait. Argh
  3. When restrictions are lifted ill be taking a week off. First trip will be either Northern Beaches reef bash or Bellambi. Then maybe go wide for a early season Marlin ? That would be first week of december. @zmk1962and @Yowie how about you fellas jump onboard with me for the day and i will be the referee on bait vs plastics challenge !
  4. Great work Yowie ! Lucky you mate. Some good eating fish there
  5. Gday Raiders It goes without saying - im itching to get out for a fish as im sure many of you are too. Just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is safe and healthy. This is a difficult time for everybody, weather your struggling for work, mentally or simply bored out of your brains. Dont be afraid to reach out to a friend. We all need to stand by each other in true aussie form. I miss reading the flood of reports and its good to see a lucky few managing to get out. Hopefully we will all be back on the water as soon as possible. Thanks Sam
  6. Awesome fish there champ. Wow very lucky that 45cm trev didnt bust off the 4lb leader once it was wrapped around the anchor. that is a miracle.
  7. Im also convinced that moon has a big impact on snapper fishing. Exactly how ? Im not sure yet. I suspect it has something to do with schooling/swarming of bait which follows lunar cycle. Which in turn causes the snapper to school rather than spread out. so far i beleive snapper fishing after a full moon is best
  8. If the inside of the mouth was orange then its a trag. Looks like a trag to me. Rare to get jews reef bashing off Sydney
  9. Sorry for your loss Stewy and Donna. My condolences
  10. Id pay a million dollars to lay eyes on the ocean right now 😭😭😭 Good on you for getting out Jeff. Any day on the water is a good day.
  11. Nice reddies Jeff. How dark is that humpy...hes been playing in the mud
  12. you forgot the best part ! Wife : that boat wont fit in our driveway Husband: HOLD MY BEER!
  13. Long way to go for some measly luderick, blackfish and wrasse, all of which could be caught here in Sydney. You literally couldnt be any stupider
  14. In order 1. Whiting 2. Flathead 3. Red Emperor 4. Pearl Perch 5. Salmon (tas or atlantic)
  15. Those are some quality eating fish yowie. Awesome stuff. Lucky you can get out. Im only allowed 10km from my house which means fishing for carp and to be honest id rather die of COVID than fish for carp 🀣🀣πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄
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