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  1. You continue to be an icon of wisdom Scratchie. I havent been out fishing in months (only one trip actually where we managed a few flatties and a flounder). Renovating the house from October to February - then early February the few days i did have available the weather was terrible. Reading everyones reports has kept me going. Keep up the positivity and lets keep this place as an escape for the mind. which is what most of us go to for fishing anyway !!!
  2. Good size on that flatty and breambo Yowie. What's the water quality like inside the hacking
  3. Gummy inside botany....I'm sure it's happened before but first time I've ever heard if it since I joined fishraider. Cracking Result ! I'd take that over a kingie anyday
  4. Nice work Zoran. Two very nice fish there. Sorry to hear about Maria's incident but glad she was not injured. I had something similar happen recently when the fittings on one of the chairs came loose and my passenger became airborne. The darndest of things happen on the water 🤦‍♂️
  5. Hey Skipper. I have dropped the boat in at foreshore road ramp possibly a hundred times , always on a weekend and never experienced this issue. Yes there are a few cars in boat trailer parking but never enough to be an issue really. There must have been something on, I did notice that the kayakers were like a plague off Sydney this weekend so maybe a similar crew has dropped their kayaks in at foreshore?
  6. Where on google? i tried having a look there but couldnt find one
  7. Gday Raiders does anyone know where i can download the central zone gridmap? The download on the NSWGFA website strangely is only for port stephens
  8. Gday Raiders Want to head out tomorrow for dolly session but wondering how far out the dirty water is off Sydney. Anyone been out this week that can shed some light
  9. GoingFishing

    Poor start

    Sorry to hear about the boat troubles Jon. Hope to see you back on the water ASAP.
  10. It might actually be more practical for you to invest in extending your pontoon out to some deeper water, council permitting of course
  11. welcome to fishraider ! Love the user name haha. If your looking for advice on where to target kings best be putting up a topic in the fishing chat section.
  12. Common sense prevailed around 10pm last night when we pulled the plug...haven't been out in ages and losing my shit tbh !!!!
  13. Thanks all for your replies. I will be giving the FADS a try tomorrow....yes I know the weather is ugly but I am desperate and think some slow and steady approach will keep us safe and yellow
  14. Gday Raiders Has anyone been out to try the Sydney or Botany FADS yet? Any luck there. I know a few weeks ago there were some smaller ones around.