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  1. GoingFishing

    No run no fun ??

    Great info Rick. Thanks Is it normal to expect running current on all reefs irreslective of depth or is there a certain depth that this becomes more noticable.
  2. GoingFishing

    No run no fun ??

    Weve all heard the no run no fun rule....and from a practical sense i can see how this works in tidal estuaries and bays and running current is easily identified. Can someone with the wisdom shed some light on how this rule applies out in the inshore reefs?? Also. How does one tell if the current is running? How fast should the boat be drifting with the current and what other signs does one look for to know the current is running? Any and all related info is welcome
  3. GoingFishing

    port hacking trevally

    I know our resident hacking expert fishes for them by handline......not sure of the exact set up.
  4. Hi mate, congrats on your purchase!! You will get lots of answers to this question (which actually is 3 different questions!) I can only tell you what i use. Bottom bashing i use 25lb but you can go up to 40lb. Live baiting mahi i would go 15lb main and 30lb leader. Kings....well...depends on how big the kings are....25lb to 100lb 😂😂
  5. GoingFishing

    Navigation lights

    Very true and i agree. I guess the irony im trying to point out is that the theoretical provides little protection from danger or accidents....and the practical provides far greater protection from danger. Therefore, whilst compliance is very important for legal purposes as you correctly say...in reality your better off relying on a more robust type of lighting system if you fish at night and simple compliance actually isnt enough. If you fish at night, your lights should comply AND serve to protect you and be functional.
  6. GoingFishing

    Navigation lights

    I think the focus here perhaps has become strict adherence to the theoretical rather than the practical !! Nothing wrong with that, can i offer some alternative thinking? The risk of collision whilst underway at night is reasonably reduced when underway by turning on the navigation lights. In my view the biggest risk is when your overnight fishing at anchor or drift and you need to leave the "at anchor" light on. If it was me and i was overnight fishing, i wouldnt rely on a flimsy tiny light to make other boaters aware that im at anchor, even if it did theoretically comply. From a life safety point of view id be set up with some kind of general lighting arrangement that would provide illumination for baiting up, moving around, setting up tackle etc....and in most instances lighting of that nature will provide you with farrrrr more 360 visibility than any tiny flimsy light, irrespective of location.
  7. GoingFishing

    Reccomendations for a 2nd hand motor.

    Thats great intel frank....im curious...how much mark up did each dealer want for the installation? Ie. What was the standalone outboard cost.
  8. GoingFishing

    Reccomendations for a 2nd hand motor.

    How much are you willing to spend? And do you mean brissy waters....or brisbane QLD?
  9. GoingFishing

    Solas prop

    Hahaha sorry guys not trying to stir but we have to introduce some fun occassionally !!!!!
  10. GoingFishing

    Clifton Gardens for Fishing

    Clifton gardens is a very well known land based spot. Theres a jetty there you can fish from. In answer to your question when is it not crowded? Rarely unless your fishing on a work day. In my opinion fishing clifton gardens is best during the morning and thats when it is busiest. Everything goes there mate, prawns, pillies, squid. You can have a go at live baits as kingfish, salmon and bonito can be caught there. Id also try flicking a plastic around. Sam
  11. GoingFishing

    Solas prop

    Just for fun ill add..... Should have went 2 stroke.... 😁
  12. GoingFishing

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    Congratulations on your purchase. Look forward to reading your reports!
  13. GoingFishing

    Mixed Catch Offshore and Inside

    Great work mate thats awesome and that tuna looks very tasty. Its a long way from the central coast to browns in what looks to be an alloy trailerboat !!! How long is the trip
  14. GoingFishing

    Solas prop

    I just had a look online and the stated hull weight is 1440kg....... Seems very odd that the manufacturer has such a low max HP for such a heavy hull. For comparison my hull is 6.2m and 980kg with max HP of 150Hp. Id also explore another option such as hydrofoil for your prop. Im not an expert but ive heard some models help with getting boat on plane and balance. Others might know more on hydrofoil
  15. GoingFishing

    Sydney Landbased Fishing

    Hi and welcome to FR. Theres plenty to choose from. The sandy sections of botany bay, dolls point. You can also fish the George's river anywhere east of Picnic Point is generally pretty good. Theres too many to list. Try using the search function and you will get plenty of results Goodluck