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  1. GoingFishing

    Fuel additives...anybody use them?

    I would hardly call them ethanol compatible. The manufacturers seem to accept that ethanol free fuel might not be available in all places and therefore suggest the use expensive fuel additives to prevent (I say, slow down) damage. But common sense should prevail??? Why use ethanol fuel if you have 91 octane ethanol free fuel available??
  2. GoingFishing

    Fuel additives...anybody use them?

    I am yet to hear of a single outboard sold in Australia that is ethanol compatible. Happy to be corrected
  3. GoingFishing

    Fuel additives...anybody use them?

    I know of several people who blew gaskets and powerheads in their yammies. Poor sods cost them a bomb to fix it. 🤓 Back on topic @big Neil I would agree with Noel. Doesn't sound like a fuel problem. Perhaps some of the pipes had become crusty or the fuel needed some time to work it's way back from the tank to the engine.
  4. GoingFishing

    Fuel additives...anybody use them?

    Anyone who uses E10 fuel on their boat clearly hasn't read the manufacturers instructions that came with the motor because just about every outboard maker clearly advises operators not to use E10. I guess my point is this isn't a "learned experience"....rather those who have done it didn't bother to check if they could.
  5. GoingFishing

    Birthday boy

    What a way to celebrate his birthday. Love it !!!
  6. GoingFishing

    Watch out guys

    Terrible news. I hope they find them😪
  7. GoingFishing

    Activity up the Parramatta River

    Not really the subject of the discussion though? Lots of people catch and release for fun.
  8. GoingFishing

    A Strange Day Out at Bellambi

    Cheers Zoran. Definately a strange day haha but ended up pretty good.
  9. GoingFishing

    Finally a Fishy Friday 26.7.2019

    I have missed reading your reports Zoran ! Glad to hear that you got into a few. The grounds between north head and long reef are very productive ! Sometimes you just have to keep moving around until you find them.
  10. GoingFishing

    A Strange Day Out at Bellambi

    19kms from Bellambi ramp to the humps
  11. GoingFishing

    Bellambi Boat Ramp Hazard

    Thanks for sharing mate. From the images, the jetty side looks like it could be a trap even at high tide for larger boats (6m +). It's hard to get Councils to spend money on these things. They have a very limited bucket of money and these days, the part of the community with the biggest voice gets the biggest slice of the cake.
  12. GoingFishing

    Winter Blackfish

    Glad to hear your recovery is progressing well Ryder. That would have been very satisfying to get out after waiting so long
  13. GoingFishing

    Silly things you've done when tired?

    Stripping down to the budgie smugglers on a winter morning, very brave ! But i guess given the circumstances you had no choice haha. Heres one that happens to me regularly, say, once every two months. I work in the City and catch a train from Townhall on the Leppington line. The platform i get on serves both the Leppington and Bankstown lines. So when im buggered after a long day i just hop on the first train that arrives and dont realise until im somewhere near bloody Marrickville that im on the wrong train DOH. Usually adds another 30 minutes to my trip by either doing the loop the long way or getting off and doubling back to Redfern Station
  14. GoingFishing

    Silly things you've done when tired?

    One morning I hadn't had much sleep at all but headed out for a fish spent 5 minutes cranking the boat in reverse thinking WTF is going on why are the rollers so stiff when I realised I forgot to undo the chain
  15. GoingFishing

    Port Stephens snapper attempt 3

    Great catch Peter. How good is it to be able to be in touch with someone over the phone and get new marks whilst on the water! The days of technology right.