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  1. The bait stealers and pickers can be a problem, especially on days like Sunday where there is bugger all wind and a very slow drift. I find on days when there is a better drift the pickers and jackets are not as big a problem. There are a few things you can do to help the situation, i try to use larger baits, this means that they last a little longer in the water with some extra time to allow the bigger fish to find them. Some baits are more durable too such as squid, cuttle fish etc. I find the best baits are flesh fillets from slimey mackeral, sargeant bakers and other ooglies. On my boat if they come on board they will usually get filleted for fresh and durable bait. Also, if i am getting hammered by jackets i will usually pack up and move and keep moving until i find a suitable spot without them (though, after 30-40 mins they usually find me again). some people use wire trace to get around the jackets but i find that spooks the fish
  2. Hey Mate, give these spots a try with the red circles. In Botany Bay - i find the squid are throughout the bay generally but they will be more plentiful closer to the heads where there is more fresh water. You can also fish around Bare Island for squid - but be very careful of the swell and the bombora. observe from a distance for at least 15-20 minutes before picking up your drift.
  3. 30km is on the shelf out of Sydney ! Nice haul, what depth were you fishing
  4. Awesome stuff that sounds like a nice mixed bag of quality eating fish. Well done, glad to hear the coogee marks produced the goods!
  5. Shizer !!!! That is alot of whitebait to come out of one gut. Nice work on the salmon. Quick thinking put you onto the fish
  6. It always good to be fishing Yowie and even better when u come home with a feed
  7. That is a thumping dory. Well done. Did it take a live bait?
  8. As always, great effort guys! Thats a nice bag of some quality eating fish. Judging by the water in the background conditions look ideal!
  9. Thanks Jeff, good to know i guess. I also give the engine a good squirt on almost every trip.
  10. Hi Joel Welcome to Fishraider. I too also cut my teeth fishing botany land based, there are a few spots you can try. Along the front of Sandringham Beach, just south of the baths cast out as far as you can to the drop off and there are usually flathead,bream and trevally about. You can also give San Souci a try north of the baths - this spot is best fished when the tide is not running too hard as the tide can carry the baits along with the current. You can get trevally and bream there too. You can also fish anywhere between the rock walls all the way from Dolls Point to Brighton Le Sands for bream and flathead. Another spot you can try is Yarra Bay - Yarra Point, go out to the end and cast towards the drop off. I think this is also pretty close to where the artificial reef is located ( not that you will be able to cast out that far). Goodluck and be sure to post up some reports
  11. Im surprised this valve only opens up at such a high rpm. Where did you read this? Can you paste any info plz
  12. Hi Chuck, welcome to fishraider. Im no jewfish expert so can't help. But there are a few central coast fishos on this forum who im sure can share some wisdom to help get you onto some fish.
  13. If you want kings the best way to get them is to send out a live bait under a float. have the bait suspended somewhere in the middle or upper portion of the water column. Squid or yakkas go down well, as do cuttlefish and slimey mackeral. If you cant find live bait, fresh bait will do, but i suggest you strip it to flesh baits to get the blood/juices out to get the Kings interested. Whilst your waiting for a kingie to hammer your bait if you have a second rod dont be afraid to throw some lures around, surface poppers and sugar pens go down well with kingies.
  14. I actually think the stats you have noted above are incredible. That is some really good performance considering total combined weight. I dont do much towing but would have thought that 67km/hr is sufficient for towing. Not sure how much speed your going to get by changing the prop, but i imagine it wont be significant.
  15. Very easy ! Visit your profile page, search activity "started" then set filter "oldest first"