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  1. GoingFishing

    Port Stephens- just had to wet a line!

    Mate i get a headache just thinking about your never ending tasks 😂😂😂😂
  2. GoingFishing

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    By all accounts from my last couple of trips the warm water is within reach. I found 25 degrees near the bait station last week and the week before that 27.3 at browns. Its warm...but dead and lifeless!!!
  3. GoingFishing

    Port Stephens- just had to wet a line!

    Cracking red as always Jeff. Good to get out for a quick session mid week. Hows the game fishing off port still quiet?
  4. GoingFishing

    Where are the pelagics?

    Yup theres something happening off the sydney/nsw coast that is very odd.....probably something to do with currents and water quality.
  5. GoingFishing

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    The only fish i have purchased from fish shops are fish species that i cannot target here in Sydney. Apart from that i have not purchased any fish from fish shops for 4 or 5 years now. Like many above, i have given fresh fish to a few friends who traditionally were not fans. But after eating fresh they were converted. When i did buy fish from the shops i would look the following: 1. Red gills (as red as possible) 2. No sunken eyes 3. As close to natural live color 4. I prefer to buy fish whole and fillet at home, as fillets almost always 10 times worse and older.
  6. GoingFishing

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    Thanks for the tip jon. Thats an awesome photo !!! Did you take it?
  7. GoingFishing

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Cheers mate ! Happy to share. Touching on #1 on the list. It pays to trial and error spots to locate reef and structure. Once you have this information you can decide how to fish it based on the prevailing conditions. For example in the image below: Dark blue....drift in a true north or south wind blowing. Red. Drift in a east or west wind blowing Light blue.....fish in north east or south west wind blowing. I find the patches between different reefs the best as they function as a "fish highway".
  8. GoingFishing

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Hi Jim Interesting topic. I do alot of bottom bashing for various species such as flathead, snapper, pearl perch, pigfish etc. Ill start by saying that yes, the type of rig used will have some impact on success, but it is quite low on the priority list in my opinion. This probably goes without saying but by far the biggest influencers in my opinion on whether you are catching on the day is location, drift speed/direction and bait. Sometimes its like finding a needle in a haystack and most people who fish with me for the first time think i am crazy, but i spend no more than 15-20m in one spot before packing up and keep moving. I usually start in the deep water around 60-70m then work my way inshore until i drop the bait on their nose. Its not uncommon for me to fish from 630am and make 8-10 moves up to 11am before i finally find the fish, and usually get a good mixed bag within an hour or two. I have also had days where i bagged out on flathead in a single drift and left thinking, ok well what do i do for the rest of the morning. Beyond that, i find most species respond to a paternoster rig reasonably well and are not overly obsessed about hook location. All of my bottom bashing is done on the drift and my comments are in that reference. So others may have different methods for when anchored up and deploying a burley trail. I only ever use the "lazy paternoster" rig as @noelm calls it and have caught snapper up to 70cm using this rig. I fish 20-25lb line on all my bottom bashing gear. The first time i went bottom bashing, i did so with a running ball sinker. I stopped doing that within a couple of trips as i found the paternoster outfished the ball sinker almost 4 to 1. An observation i do have that may interest some, is that i have had good success catching XL flounder off manly using the ball sinker rig, and found the flounder rarely went for the paternoster. As to the question of whether ball sinker or paternoster rig is better, based on my experience the paternoster is far more effective, if i had to take a guess as to why it would be bait visibility. For flathead that have eyes ontop of their head looking up, a bait positioned and being dragged along the bottom would not be very visible to them, especially from a distance. This becomes even more important in deep water where there is little light, and fish sitting on or around the bottom see the bait silhouetted against the sunlight above. If your specifically targeting flathead, i set the first hook about 60-70cm off the dropper. i then set another hook relatively closer to the first hook, only another 40cm after the first. I always let some line out so that the angle from the boat to the line is between 30 and 45 degrees. In shallow water, or on days where there is bugger all current, if my line is straight down i find the fish will always take the bottom hook first. The explanation in my mind at least is quite simple, why swim to the higher bait and expose myself more (in what would be good conditions with clear water) potentially to another predatory fish around? This is why i like to fish with an angle on my line and with both hooks in close proximity, this means that both baits are relatively within the same striking distance. Double hook ups are very common for me. If i am targeting reef species or fishing along the edge of a reef, i put my first hook at 60cm and then the next hook another 70-80cm after that, the logic being there is a hook down low for anything sitting on the bottom and a bait suspended higher for anything cruising the bottom of the water column. This makes the top bait even more visible from a distance. This is in no way an exact science, as i have caught all species on both setups. Another consideration is bait, and presentation. Flathead really do not give a s$%t and will eat almost anything. Snapper and other reef species can be pickier, and will need a well presented bait to tempt a strike. I rarely ever fish with one type of bait, i will usually fish with prawns, pilchards and fish strips (frozen bonito, or slimeys caught on the day etc). occasionally i will have a soft plastic too. The takeaway from all of the above should be this....dont stress too much over the type of rig you are using, youl never catch anything if you dont find the fish first. Bottom bashing is all about mixing it up, hook size, hook distance, bait etc. Another thing to be mindful of is drift speed. Too slow and you dont cover enough ground, and your baits end up on the bottom and not visible, too fast and the fish become reluctant to follow or dont get a chance to zero in. For that i recommend you always have a sea anchor on board. Success factors (in order of precedence) for bottom bashing based on my experience (others will have different experiences i am sure) are: 1. Location 2. Drift Speed 3. Drift Direction ( in relation to seabed structure) 4. Bait Type/Bait Presentation 5. Hook Size 6. Rig Type or Setup Thats all from me !
  9. GoingFishing

    Most stress free company to do boat licence

    Hey Sean You will find most of the private operators to be the same...one day course which goes for circa 6 hours and 2 hrs of that are on the water. I did mine at a place in the sutherland shire. Cant remember its name but they were very good. As a side note....if your new to boating it is important that you learn the rules and general boating safety from these courses. Could save your life. Theyre not a waste of time and exist for a reason.
  10. GoingFishing

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    Thanks mate....when you say watch the water temp, what exactly should i be looking for? Thats alot of burnt fuel....iv clocked 40 hours on the engine since January 21st. $$$$$ Thanks for the heads up Paddy. Iv been reading up on altimetry...clorophyl etc. Wowza theres alot of layers there. RE Altimetry.....whats your thoughts on how to fish upwellings....i read that its best to fish areas marked with "zero".....ie the middle ground where upwelling and downwellings meet...apparrntly this is where bait fish will congregate?
  11. GoingFishing

    Braid - What are your strategies for spooling your reels?

    I have reversed the braid on a few of my rods in the past...works great and the braid looks and performs almost as new. Only downside is introducing another knot as u already mentioned. @King chaser im curious mate $200 for a single 300m spool of braid? is it gold plated 🤣
  12. GoingFishing

    Port hacking

    Glad to hear you got out there mate......was a beautiful day for it.
  13. GoingFishing

    Used boat advice-Bowrider

    Lol what???? No advice or opinions in response to the posters question ? just a google image of a boat he already knows what it looks like.
  14. Have done 4 trips now for beakies off Sydney and havent turned a reel except for a little dolly that got skull dragged for a while. Yesterday trolled from sydney to waverider to bait station and then the peak and back to north head. Found some bait with birds and dolphins working them. did laps for 3 hrs and didnt raise a fish or get a strike. Where are the fish??? Anyone having any luck?
  15. GoingFishing

    Lake Cathie- found a feed!!!

    Nice work Scratchie ! They will make for very good eating