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  1. I must have missed this thread previously. Glad you went with the instantaneous. its the best option BY FAR, and take it from me, on my projects ive installed every type of hot water heating you can possibly imagine. Back when solar hot water made its break into the market, it only made commercial sense because of the government subsidization, otherwise it would have taken 10 years just to pay off the unit and break even. Now with the enhancement of solar the performance is alot better but still nothing competes with instantaneous gas when it comes to hot water heating.
  2. Gday Raiders I am appealing to those who know a thing or two about plants - specifically - indoor plants. My beloved indoor plants (Bird of Paradise & Kentia Palm) have recently developed a type of fungus or mould? It is white, soft and fluffy and falls off with a touch by the hand or a wipe with the cloth. My house is very well ventilated, the plants are located adjacent to a window which is open all day and only closed at night, to the left hand side but not visible in the image below is a 1.8m wide sliding door, again glass screen open all day with fly screen closed.
  3. Well Brendan. I read your report yesterday and almost passed out. Its taken a full day to recover ! So now im back 🀣 Mate, awesome stuff and a real dream experience for many, that would have been a shit tonne of fun !
  4. We had one out, a teaser chain. Just not clearly visible in the vid
  5. Light Gauge Pakula hooks. Trying to increase the hook up rate by going light and even then still tricky !!! What hooks are you using? 🀣🀣 id never do that !
  6. Awesome vid Z !!! Youll have to excuse my intensity guys ! I promise i wasnt like that the whole day 🀣
  7. Your not wrong Zoran. Its a serious itch, and it needs to be scratched in 2021 or i might go mad ! This year already a few marlin strikes but cant get the hooks to stick. Its bound to happen soon !! (i hope 🀞🀞🀞)
  8. Thanks Lakelad - its pretty awesome - Browns is circa 40km from the coast and you could see kilometres of empty ocean only to arrive at Browns and see 30 boats floating on the one spot. For those who are interested in cooking, here are some snaps of the dish i prepared last night. Very simple marinade, garlic, butter, lemon juice, cracked pepper and salt put into a blender.
  9. Thanks for all the replies fellas - it certainly was a very enjoyable day on the water and yes, boat traffic was pretty intense. It was quite funny because on the shelf we were doing 55km on the way in on almost glass out conditions, only to be met with really bad chop inside the harbour. lots of boat traffic and wakes etc. Yes indeed Browns saved the day for us ! I think between the two of us we managed well at Ermo ramp, we did a quick drop off and retrieve considering the surrounding chaos. Thanks again mate your a champ! Thanks KC - I am happy to report that no rigs or
  10. Mate that is an impressive haul of fish !!!! Well done and a cracking mahi too. Good on you for taking out two blokes for some fun and fish
  11. Nice write up KC. On a day like today with 0.5m waves and 4 knot winds you should have ventured outside !!! Personally i cant recommend fishing Botany Bay unless you had to !! Alott more fish outside than in, that i can say with certainty. PS whats a skute??
  12. Nice bag there Yowie...Mantis shrimp ! Cant say ive seen one off Sydney.
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