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  1. GoingFishing

    Off Sydney today

    Thanks Jim ! Dee Why wide always delivers the goods ! PM me if you want details
  2. GoingFishing

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Jim.
  3. GoingFishing

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    My advice is to be prepared for everything. I've had days where I would be on my way out for a bottom bash for flathead when I pass by 2 or 3 boats clearly hooked up on kings wishing i had a jig....or a school of fish busting up on the surface with no lures wishing i could have cast. When I head out I usually have light, medium and heavy gear, and an assortment of lures and jigs. Even if u dont Intend on using them you never know what the great blue with throw at you and youl want to be able to have a chance at them. Same applies with bait.....try not to head out with only 1 type of bait. I usually head out with 2 options minimum ideally three. Sometimes fish can be fixated on one type of bait and completely ignore another.
  4. GoingFishing

    New Extra Long Ramp at Shoal Bay???

    I must make a correction we used 65 litres not 55l...... still happy with that though!
  5. GoingFishing

    Nelson Bay Easter Weekend

    Welcome to fishraider Mick. Great first report and awesome fish. Port Stephen's really is something special isnt it. I first visited in Jan 2010. Then again in March that year and every year up to 2016. (By 2016 I couldn't convince the wife she wanted to try somewhere new so it was Bali). I'd still have fathered PS.
  6. GoingFishing

    Sydney kings going off

    He wouldnt happen to be a raider would he. There used to be a member here on fishraider called "finin" but he hasnt posted in quite some time.
  7. GoingFishing

    Sydney kings going off

    Awesome work there buddy. Kings are great fun even as rats. What boat are you fishing from mate I'm curious about the internal layout
  8. GoingFishing

    Nice surprise Dollies 1st fad botany

    They're awesome fun those dollies arent they. When they're on it's just non stop action.
  9. GoingFishing

    Off Sydney today

    I've always loved fishing for flathead and I find there are some locations that have them consistently year round. My fav eating fish by far. Cheers mate thanks !
  10. GoingFishing

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Hi Scratchie will it be on a weekend ? If so. Count me in!
  11. GoingFishing

    Off Sydney today

    38km....they're sitting right on the shelf line
  12. GoingFishing

    Brisbane Waters late session today

    Gotta be happy with that mate some nice crabs in there.
  13. GoingFishing

    Off Sydney today

    Mate iv been through that depth almost weekly for the last 3 months.....u cant find bait to save your life ! Needle in a haystack I guess because some people are still getting them. That being said It is my first season and i could be doing it all wrong!!! Thanks Frank They are great. I notched out the bottoms as we discussed and added a rope lanyard for the gear. Working a treat.
  14. GoingFishing

    Boat capacity rules in nsw

    That's insane !!!...how?
  15. GoingFishing

    Off Sydney today

    Cheers mate. I averaged about 50km/hr there and also averaged about 50km/hr on the way back!!! But by far the best part of the day was having the traps all to ourselves. Not a boat in sight for milessssss Cheers big Neil. Thanks Baz. They will be heading your way soon and will be bigger by the time they get there!