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  1. Good to see you out and about Yowie. There has been a good run of jackets over the last month ! Driving ppl mad
  2. Nice bag of reddies there Jeff. I cant wait to get out. Absolutely itching
  3. Nice. Gotta love a good reef bash. Wed love to see a photo of the catch. Re above. That is a morwong. Depending on who you ask they are OK to eat. But i think theyre terrible on the plate
  4. Rock Cockies ! The Australian slango never ceases to impress πŸ˜†
  5. Thats a nice bucket of fish there some tasty meals to come off them.
  6. Those lights definately would have freaked me out ! So your the only one on board who boated a fish! Thats why your the whisperer !
  7. Awesome stuff as always champ. Some cracking reds there
  8. I think my second biggest pet hate would be those who rock up late, for any trip. When you have got out of bed at 430am, packed the gear, the boat, filled up fuel and ready to rock n roll....only to then have to wait 40 mins because they slept in. That cheeses me off big time. Gee i tell u it feels good to let it all out 🀣🀣
  9. I hear you. But on a 6.2m boat listening to someone vomit from 2m away......... again and again and again. It ruins the trip ! Ive had to cancel a few trips for the sake of seasickness. If they had taken a seasickness tablet and still got seasick..so be it. i can live with that. But to stubbornly refuse, like taking a tablet is a bruise to your ego, only to then ruin my trip ! NAH AH - BLACK LIST for the rest of your life buddy.
  10. Ill start 1. Refuses to take seasickness tablet and provides rock solid assurance he doesnt get sea sick........ Gets sea sick
  11. Perhaps what she meant Baz is "you have too many rods comparatively with how often you actually go fishing" 🀣
  12. Thats a horsie trev for sure. Good on you for letting her swim to fight another day. Thats about as big as they get in Sydney ! not sure what size the fishraider record currently stands
  13. Cheers mate Thanks Jeff - was good to be out. Ive missed bottom bashing. Bellambi this weekend hopefully
  14. Excellent report fellas ! That sounds like an adrenalin packed session. Im curious fellas, how are you presenting your hooks on your bait. Shouldnt have that many pulled hooks after a run.
  15. It is possible. But Botany Bay becomes very hard fishing in winter, especially land based. My advice is to try some new spots if your only after flathead. The other alternative is to buy yourself a beach set up and target some of the winter species like salmon and tailor off the beaches.
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