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    Winter Jewfish land based hawkesbury area.

    Hello Mudcrab There are plenty of top blokes on this site who will help you land your first jew. Unfortunately im not one of them as i dont really fish for them. What i will say is... in order to help you the guys will need more information from you.. jewfishing (or any other) is not just about location. What bait are you using? Are u land based or on a boat. What hook size and tackle u using? How do you present your bait? Fishing can be complex. And fishing for jews is by far the hardest.
  2. GoingFishing

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    ETECs are very quiet especially being a 2 stroke. I can still have conversations with the person sat next to me when WOT. Are they as quiet as a 4 stroke? Probably not....but on the long list of outboard spec preferences id have to say noise level is pretty low (for me anyway). Especially in this day and age when all motors irrespective of make model are very quiet compared to 20-30yrs ago.
  3. GoingFishing

    What size boat fits

    Coast runner is a good option but ud need to measure the top of the visor and as jeff correctly pointed out the height of the bait board if it has one. Another option is the quintrex top ender or renegades
  4. GoingFishing

    What size boat fits

    Theres a fair few boats that will fit your dimensions the only issue i can see u having is the 2m height limit. I think ul find most boats that size when on the trailer will be under 2m to the gunnels but your console will put you over 2m.....so you might be looking for a boat with a collapsing/folding console visor...... Ps a trailer with fold back coupling should let u get some extra length if thats what you want.....
  5. GoingFishing

    What size boat fits

    Does that include trailer extension?
  6. GoingFishing

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    Quintrex pre-rig their boats with ETECs in the factory....but u can order the boat only and have a yammie fitted. When i bought my 460 Renegade SC i went with a 75 ETEC and it could fly (if it had wings). Mind blowing hole shot and top speed of 54km/hr which isnt too shabby for a 4.6m runabout. ETECs are a great outboard and IMHO in that sub 100HP outboard category they provide best bang for your buck in terms of power and fuel consumption. If your heart is set on the Yammie id go 70HP as the 60 might be slightly underpowered.
  7. GoingFishing

    Port Stephens - Slow Day

    Great report mate....after being marooned on land for 2 months i would have been just happy to get on the water ! At least u got a few for the table. If ur foul hooking whiting try downsizing the hook and have one rod out for flatties another out for whiting....i usually find that produces a few more whiting.
  8. GoingFishing

    Please help!

    Hey pugz Catching fish consistently is usually the result of many things. All of those things in my opinion fall under one umbrella....preparation. All of which are intended to maximise your chances of catching a few. Before i go out on a trip i usually consider the following. 1. Where am i going? 2. What am i likely to catch there, or, am i intentionally targeting one specific species. 3. Based on the above, what bait and tackle do i need. Do i have it? This is usually followed by the following considerations, which depending on the location, weather, time of the year etc can be complex and the answers to those will vary throughout the year. 4. What is the best time to fish for that species at that location.....ie, first light? High tide? Low but run in tide? 5. Whats the weather doing, some locations fish well in a north south drift. Others fish better in a east west drift. Even more complex and a little beyond my expertise are other things such as air pressure, lunar phase, changes due to recent rain. Other things to consider are fish movements due to breeding, chasing food such as prawn run, run of the mullet etc...... the list goes on and on. The takeaway from all of the above is, if you want to consistently catch fish, study and learn the area your fishing to maximise your chances. Study and learn your target species, what bait and tackle produces results. Keep a diary of results and eventually you will notice trends and be able to hone in on what works, nd when.
  9. GoingFishing

    10 year warranty on evinrude

    I think you and i are saying the same thing? (BRP would be profiting from sales of spare parts) but not the labour..ie the servicing Agree perception is everything PS. from what i have understood Evinrude sales in USA are going gangbusters.....and sales on the other 2 strokes are in decline (mercury/yamaha etc). I think thats because boaters in general see Yammies nd mercs brands as a 4 stroke product......ie most people who buy Yammies and Mercs favour the 4 stroke technology
  10. GoingFishing

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    Dont know what country your fishing in mate in all my years of fishing ive never seen weather change from say 5-10knots (the conditions one would go outside in a 4.6m runabout) to gale force winds without forecast. The weatherman does get it wrong occasionally but instead of 5-10 knots it might be 15-knots.....not 35 knots... If it ever has happened (forecast wrong by more than 30 knots) it is so rare that you really wouldnt make your purchasing decision based on that risk alone.
  11. GoingFishing

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    I agree offshore rigs provide better protection from the weather and yepp definately an option.... but i wouldnt go so far as to say an open side or centre co sole are unrealistic or unsafe options. Also i wouldnt really describe it as "getting away with" or "pushing the limits". In the right conditions and with an experienced skipper operating a vessel inside or outside would be the same. I would compare this with the following example. I would like a new but second hand car to use for family and kids but would also like some towing capability for the 2-3 times a year. The best fit for the above would not be a ute such as a Hilux or F250 with 200,000km on the odo?? From what i have observed, 90% of boating incidents occur due to skipper negligence and ironically occur inshore (collisions, surf conditions along bars and cliffs etc).
  12. GoingFishing

    Broughton reds not

    Great result none the less id be happy with a feed of pannies and pearlies. You did better than me Rick 4am wake up and all i managed to catch yesterday were frostbitten fingers..... Didnt boat a single fish...not even a bait stealing sargent baker or sweep...
  13. GoingFishing

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    I respectfully disagree. I fished the FADs, peak etc dozens of times from my 460 renegade. Always made it home safely without incident. When it comes to offshore fishing it all comes down to the experience of the skipper...knowing your boats capabilities, keeping tabs on weather changes, being prepared and having all the right gear.
  14. GoingFishing

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    My understanding of his requirements were a boat used mostly for inshore fishing with the occasional offshore trip on calm days... 20-25k with low hours. I dont think a deep V offshore rig in fibreglass or aluminium with high hours fits that description at all.
  15. GoingFishing

    Flathead fishing advice

    Rose Bay flats are a great place to start for flathead but watch out for Rays. Go early or late afternoon when the boat/swimmer activity is at its minimum
  16. GoingFishing

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    There's plenty of boats capable of doing what your looking for... the quintrex renegade in size 460 and up is a good side console and possibly the top enders. I had a 460 renegade and used to fish comfortably offshore but sold it as its not an offshore rig and i do almost exclusively offshore fishing. That being said it was more than capable of getting out to FADs etc
  17. GoingFishing

    Bellambi Reds #2

    Gday Raiders Headed out today to Bellambi again solo following our first trip two weeks ago. Arrived just on first light to find a ridiculously low tide....only 1 of 4 launch lanes at the ramp were usable, the one furthest from the jetty (of which, only a small section at the deeper end was usable for tying off). There was a slight backwash coming from the waves hitting the rocks/beach further west. All made more difficult being a solo launch ! Luckily prior to my solo trip I had read a post by @recurve that was posted some time ago about Bellambi ramp which proved to be a life saver. Definitely made getting underway a lot more manageable and safer.....thanks recurve..your a legend. Finally got out to the marks we fished last time and managed two nice reds at 60cm and 45cm, with a nice big squid which I kept for salt and pepper sometime this week. The reds fell victim to whole pilchard floated down on a ball sinker. interestingly......paternoster was a total failure today with no fish. During the day I encountered whales swimming by, a pelican who followed me for 2 hours until I gave him a XXL sergeant baker to eat, and a seal which got curious about my sea anchor and swam about the back of the boat for 15 mins. All the perks that make a great days fishing. The larger of the snapper went into the oven for a traditional middle eastern baked dish which was DELICIOUS, served with a traditional sauce and roasted potato, and tabouli. ....perfect. I will post up the recipe for the sauce and encourage everyone to give it a try at some point.
  18. GoingFishing

    10 year warranty on evinrude

    I dont know any boat owner who doesnt do a service at least yearly irrespective of outboard brand??? So i dont really understand your point? Evinrude/Telwater make no money from servicing apart from selling spares (no different to any other manufacturer). Etecs can be serviced at any etec approved dealer or service centre. To that extent it is the private business profiting from the service and not the manufacturer. So what your suggesting is that Evinrude Telwater would stick their neck on the line for an extra 5 years just so other businesses doing the repairs can make money??? I doubt it.............. Its a ballsy offer which also seeks to extinguish some of the garbage rumors spread by the competion that "2 strokes only last 2 yrs blah blah or the powerhead blew up after only 50 hrs blah blah U dont make a committment of 10 years warranty without knowing that the product is reliable full stop
  19. GoingFishing

    10 year warranty on evinrude

    I have a 150hp G2 on my 6200 Yellowfin and it is great on petrol and therefore also great on oil consumption. An average day consists of a morning troll along the cliffs followed by bottom bashing various spots between manly and long reef. During this we will drift over spots a number of times and mke at least 5-6 moves. Average trip consumes 30L of petrol I bought my boat in November and have now clocked 90 hours (aha) and only put 2 bottles in.
  20. GoingFishing

    Seagulls in the dark

    Night time bust up 90% chance that wud be tailor... ur more likely to get better results by anchoring up berley and float some baits down....
  21. GoingFishing

    Bellambi Reds #2

    Thanks the advice mate much appreciated 😁 Cheers sam...give it a try and let me know what you think ! Dont forget to throw some roasted pine nuts...gives it that little extra Hi mate sorry if im late. I fished directly east of Bellambi bay in about 30-35m I had a XXXL cuttlefish hold onto a bait all the way up to the surface but no didnt boat any....messy bastards those things especially at that size
  22. GoingFishing


    The wharf down near lugarno seafood produces some nice size bream at the right times
  23. GoingFishing

    Bellambi Reds #2

    Awesome...thanks mate.
  24. GoingFishing

    Bellambi Reds #2

    Thanks Scratchie for imparting your wisdom. Appreciate your advice. Do you usually burley for them at that depth? When u say top 2/3rds do u mean u avoid having baits down the bottom near seabed ?
  25. GoingFishing

    Bermagui On A Quiet Monday

    Awesome results mate sounds like a trip of a lifetime...... some quality eating fish too