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  1. fishmad

    A Thumper Of A Mako

    Top effort RUNAMUK , Makos that size are few and far between , Very lucky capture for the reason you may have weighed the all time record on 15kg Mako for your club if they bring the ban on them in next month . What a shame us sharkers take so little form the sea but get punished so hard In Easter 2008 sydney game tournament , We weighed a 407kg on 15kg after 4.5hrs love makos best shark should be rated so different to other sharks points wise in my opinion Top Fish
  2. fishmad

    Samaki Jig Rods - Suit Saltiga 6500?

    hey mate I brought a 6500 expedition last year and was looking for a rod for the same kind of application as you mentioned . i looked for ages i looked at the smiths ,jigmaster , carpenter i ended up buying a rod that has blown me away , it is perfect for what i want it for . i must add not cheap either I brought a Saltiga SPARTAN rod they are a limited edition rod which just feels so easy on the body but so ballsy when u need it . I am so happy with it , Now all i have to do is bend it on a fish regards Mark
  3. fishmad

    1 - 0 - 0

    Nice mako , I would assume it would have went 300 kgs In 2006 we weighted a 407kg mako in the Sydney GFC Easter weekend tournament . Shame to see this new ban come in on these great game fish ! Great effort , And well done for the tag and release effeort . Regards Mark
  4. fishmad

    My Fisrt Tuna For The Sesion

    Great Effort , Do you have any pics ? There nothing like seeing a tuna snatch a cube at the back of a boat , Especillly after putting so many hours in and not seeing a thing . Seems to be shapeing up nicely out there lately Regards
  5. fishmad

    Electric Winch Issue

    Thanks Huey , I thought of having one made up in either stainless steel or aluiminum , What would be the best to go onto the drawer bar of a gal trailer ? and also how was yours fixed with the standard u bolts that you see attached to winch posts ? This could work if you have the nuts in the box to prevent theft . The box must be lockable also . Regards Mark
  6. fishmad

    Yft Out Off Browns

    Nice FIN , They look very full especially that pic on the deck ! Hopefully not too much longer before the numbers start increasing , Great effort
  7. fishmad

    Electric Winch Issue

    Hi All , I have have a mate that has and electric winch on his boat trailer for draging his 6MTR boat up . His setup is quiet smart but has a catch ! He has a wire that runs from the battery to the back of the 4WD with a plug that is next to the flat 7 pin . Then a plug that goes from the winch to the 4WD which plugs in and gives the winch life . Works well for him doing alot of fishing and family outings with wife ! No stress on him or her . But here is the catch ! This setup means he can only tow/Lauch his boat off his 4WD which is bad in a way . My suggestion was to fit a battery box to the trailer which could be hard wired to the winch and then the boat can be launched of any vechile . The battery would have to be charged after most outings i would imagine and obviuosly in a lockable S/S or Aluiminuim box mounted on the drawer bar. Has anyone or does anyone have this setup ? Or have seen or used this setup ? if so please shed some light on this for me , Good idea or bad ? Look forward to hearing peoples 2 CENTS Cheers Mark
  8. fishmad

    Any News Offshore Sydney?

    Yeah we are looking at heading out sunday just so we can get a heads up on hows Sat goes . I think both days are looking the goods weather wise . Hopefully the current isnt raging to fast allowing for easy bottom bashing and avoiding the snags . Based on toadys weather id say the pros would be giving the bottom a clean up . Cheeers
  9. fishmad

    Neil Tedesco 1977 - 2009

    A true loss of an inspirational presenter and talented fisho . He will sadly missed by all R.I.P What can you say " Such is life " Condolences
  10. fishmad

    Red Tuesday - Pb

    Great fish ! Always good to get a PB Cheers
  11. fishmad

    Reddies On The Chew

    Nice feed ! Cracker sized Mowie too . Cheers
  12. fishmad

    What Rod ?

    Thanks for your input fellas , I did set a budget of around $700 Based on GregLs personal advise and experience . I guess the option is simple i need an " allrouder " rod . So Saltiga it is . Unless you can get something better for that money which i dont believe you can ? I was thinking of using the Daiwa 90pound coloured Braid . Any other sugestions would be great . Cheers Mark
  13. fishmad

    What Rod ?

    Theres a bit of difference between toasters and saltigas ! I was looking at spending arond the $700 mark so i guess cos i want it for mutiple uses and on such different fishing techniques , I would say based on Gregs comments and experiences ill probably go with the Saltiga Rod as a "good allrounder" Unless $700 will get me something better ? I guess problem solved . Untill i get to the tackle shop ! Mark
  14. fishmad

    What Rod ?

    Thanks for your input fellas ! I kind of had a smith in mind , But i also heard that they wouldnt exactly suit all the things i wanted to use it for . Ill definatley look into those options . Cheers
  15. fishmad

    What Rod ?

    Hi People , Here it goes !!!! I have a Saltiga 6500 Expedition i want to match a rod to , and dont know what to choose for the application . I want to use it for Trolling , Down rigging ( over kill I know ), jigging , and cubeing for fin . So what rod would you guys buy if in my position ? If anyone has the same reel and uses it for the same applications some advice or experience would be great ! This has been doing my head in since i brought the reel early this year . look forward to your feed back . Regards Mark