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  1. snatcher

    Bird id required please

    Someone on Facebook has come out with a grey goshawk too Blackfish John
  2. snatcher

    Bird id required please

    Was in the Warriewood Wetlands a few days ago photographing the fruit bat colony there. Just by chance managed a quick shot of a bird of prey and was after a positive id. Looking at images on the internet I think it may be a grey falcon ? http:// Kind regards John
  3. Thanks for the feedback chaps,most appreciated. That makes 46 species in 6 ozzie trips now. Its getting much harder to add to the list now !!! Back in Warriewood now and have 4 weeks left on this current trip. Anyone want to take this old pommie bar steward out on a trip just shout up Mind you the language barrier may be a problem !!!! I am broad Geordie (Newcastle NE area of England) I sound Scottish to most ozzies Never caught a salmon,jewie,shark or gamefish yet Kind regards John
  4. Caught these two this afternoon off the shore at Nelson Bay and am after a positive ID please. The first one is some type of leatherjacket I think. http:// The second one looks like some kind of wrasse http:// Many thanks John
  5. snatcher

    Took the boys to Narrabeen Lagoon

    Correct about the horrible weather !!!! We head up to Nelson Bay on Saturday for a week,just hope the weather improves so we can get the boys out fishing again. John
  6. We took the boys down to Narrabeen Lagoon last Sunday for a few hours. We set up grandsons Joshua and Theo and their friend Henry with light spinning rods. Rigged them up for touch ledgering with a small drilled bullet and a small hook and small strips of squid for bait. First cast Joshua caught a bream,he really was chuffed to bits. After a quick picture it was carefully unhooked and returned. http:// Henry was next with a bream http:// Here is Joshua explaining the finer points of touch ledgering to brother Theo http:// They all caught a few bream and puffer fish each and enjoyed the fishing. After a couple of hours they decided that they wanted to play and that grandad and grandma could have a turn. http:// As usual Dorothy caught the first one - a whiting. Dorothy quicly caught 2 more fairly quickly with me not having a sniff. Just before we packed in I managed to catch 3 fish including this monster to make the score 3/3 http:// All in all a great family day out John
  7. snatcher

    Skiing on foggy river

    Well done to the young man :-)
  8. snatcher

    Advice required on Nelson Bay please

    Thanks for that Berleyguts John
  9. snatcher

    Advice required on Nelson Bay please

    Thats great information and all noted,thanks very much. John
  10. snatcher

    Advice required on Nelson Bay please

    Cheers John
  11. We head up to Nelson Bay 25 March for the week. We are staying about in the middle of the town and will be taking fishing gear with us. Just after some general advice about the local fishing. Will have 6 year old and 3 year old grandsons with us so would like to find a safe fishing spot for them. Also any advice on places to visit locally would be appreciated. Have been told that Red Neds Pie Shop in town is a must and that the kangaroo teriyaki pie is to die for. Thanks in advance John
  12. snatcher

    StarTrail photography - anyone tried it ?

    Have I posted up aurora photos on here before ? Am on that many photographic/angling forums I do lose track of what I have posted where !!! Anyway here are a few I shot in the UK. First one from my home town of Whitley Bay on the north east coast of England. St Mary's lighthouse in the image. http:// Next one near Cairn Fell on the Mull of Galloway,south west corner of Scotland. The aurora can be seen faintly reflected in the duckpond in the foreground. http:// This one taken at Drummore looking over Luce Bay on the Mull of Galloway. http:// John
  13. snatcher

    We fly to oz a week tomorrow

    Mainly here for the family and grandsons Neil Beer/fishing/photography come into some sort of order after that mate Planning to sort my fishing gear tomorrow,respool reels etc then ready for action. Spoke to Frank S today and 3 possible trips lined up with him. Bermagui and Lake St Clair again are two of them A few fishing sessions planned with Neil M off here and a couple on the back burner Bring it on !!! John
  14. snatcher

    We fly to oz a week tomorrow

    Thanks for that,we did print out our licence order before leaving the UK :-) Not too keen on your current temperatures by the way !!! Joined Pittwater RSL Club yesterday and well impressed with it. Its only a short walk away so will be frequenting the place quite a bit John
  15. snatcher

    We fly to oz a week tomorrow

    Aye a bit too hot for this wrinkly auld fossil to be honest The wife and I applied for our fishing licences online so keep checking the post then will be wetting a line or two. You say welcome "home" and to be truthful it is like a second home to us now - 6 x 3 month trips and counting. Lets see if I can make the papers again with a strange capture fron Sydney Harbour like I did in 2012 John