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  1. snatcher

    Trip to the Daintree

    Great photos Jon. Loved it around the Daintree area when we were up there. Did you see any salties when you were there ? I was always mindful of them when fishing around the Port Douglas area !!! I photographed this fellah about 1 mile upriver from Port Douglas. He did not seem too happy to see us ha ha. We leave the UK for oz 06 Feb and will be there for 3 months. Staying with our daughter in Warriewood,near Mona Vale. Bring it on. http:// John
  2. snatcher


    Sunrise I took at Warriewood on our last Australian trip http:// John
  3. snatcher


    Love the colours on the Ulladulla one. Stayed there once with an ozzie fisho pal of mine Hank,also known as Haji on some fishing forums. The fishing was not great,we spent more time in the Ulladulla RSL Club ? John
  4. snatcher

    Photography Course

    What a great trip that was up to Lake St Clair Frank. I even managed to catch a bass between the drinking bouts !!!! John
  5. snatcher

    Photography Course

    Best way to improve your photography is to get out there and keep shooting in different situations. Practice/pratice/practice. A pal of mine took up photography a few years ago and he was after a few general tips. I wrote down these few notes for him. They may be helpful to a few of you if you can read my writing !!! ? http:// Wildlife photography in Australia,love it. Here are a few shots from our first ozzie trip. No photoshopping in these ones. Taken at Pebbly beach just south of Ulladulla. We were mobbed by king parrots,crimson rossellas and rainbow lorikeets. http:// http:// Got "photobombed" by a drop bear on a fishing trip up to Lake St Clair on one of our ozzie trips ? http:// John
  6. snatcher

    A new technique in Photoshop for me

    Yes Frank,the "Angel of the North" has grown on us Geordies ? Back over to oz in less than 4 month now,bring it on. John
  7. snatcher

    South Africa trip

    Love those pictures mate. John
  8. snatcher

    A new technique in Photoshop for me

    Here you go Frank a few more with the same technique. The Angel of the North,I think it works well on this one. Was asked to colour pick out a "wedding bus" at a friends wedding. The same technique again picking out the flowers at our godaughters wedding. Looking forward to meeting up/fishing with you again mate. http:// http:// http:// John
  9. snatcher

    A new technique in Photoshop for me

    CS6 ? Sorry about the delay in replying mate !!!! Does anyone ever use "colourpicking" ? Just wondering. It does not work on many images in my opinion. Do you think it works on this one ? http://
  10. snatcher


    Nice one Scatchie. So looking forward to gettting back to oz in Feb and seeing our daughter and grandsons again. Aim to get Joshua and Theo out fishing again. They are aged 7 and 4 at the moment and have both caught fish before. Couple of images of the boys fishing at Narrabeen Lagoon. Older bro Josh giving Theo some fishing tips. "Island Boy" in the background.? http:// http:// John
  11. snatcher

    Lake paddle

    Some great images there. Great job everyone John
  12. snatcher


    One of the most vivid sunsets I have ever photographed was taken on one of our Australian trips. It was at Abbey Beach south of Perth. It was a goosebump moment !!! I had to be careful as had waded into the sea for the shot and there were a couple of large stingrays very close to me .http:// John
  13. snatcher


    Never been on this forum for ages but with our next Australian trip booked I thought I should take an interest again. As well as fishing,photography is my other passion. That is why I was checking out this post. Sunrises/sunsets really to pull my string and love these ones. Will add a few UK ones I have taken recently. This one is Cullercoats Bay on the NE coast of England http:// This sunrise was taken over Luce Bay where we have a static caravan and spend most of the summer there. http:// This is the view from our caravan over Luce Bay http:// John
  14. We arrive in oz 06/7 Feb 2019.. Will be be based in Warriewood Mona Vale for 3 month and no car at my disposal. Had 6 x 3 month trips to your lovely country so far and got 46 species. Need to target a shark this trip !!!! Can anyone help Its on my bucketlist. I also use the barter system ;-) I am a 10th dan in Photoshop so just shout up/call in when I am there :-)
  15. snatcher

    Got our next ozzie trip booked

    This sunset was in Western Australia at Abbey beach. It was a "goosebump one " Neil ? http:// John