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  1. 80's to me was about hard graft and raising the family. On the recreational side spending time with the kids when I had the odd day off work,fishing - mainly fly fishing for trout in those days the playing darts for the local pub team. This is me back in about 82/3 showing our son how to do "joiney up" writing in the sand 🀣🀣 http:// John
  2. Here are a few more I have taken around Sydney. Chinese Garden of Friendship http:// Queen Mary 2 berthed at Wooloomooloo naval docks. http:// Queen Victoria Building http:// Sydney Harbour viewed from the top of Sydney Tower http:// Harbour Bridge viewed from the Lookout Pylon http:// Bridge walkers viewed from the Lookout Tower http:// Zoomed in shot of the Bridge walkers http:// John
  3. A Canon 18-200mm lens mate πŸ˜€ Fully open for the lightening shots. John
  4. A bit extra information on the original post. My technique for trying to catch lightening is to use a cable release and have it shooting away continuously until I stop it via the cable release. You need to have your camera on manual focus and will need to experiment during daylight to find where your infinity setting is. Some lenses have the infinity point on otherwise you may have to mark up your lens and camera with a white Sharpie. Also you need your lens wide open. I had mine on F3.5 During that storm the camera was taking continuously taking 15 second exposures. Make sure your batteries are fully charged. I could use a 15 second exposure as the storm happened at night. Trying to photograph lightening through the day is a much harder ball game with shorter exposures !!! On that night the camera took approx 300 exposures and it recorded 8 lightening bolts. I have had 7 x 3 month trips to oz since I took early retirement and have captured lightening on 4 separate occasions. The Sydney area really is "lightening alley" Go on,have a go and good shooting 😊 John
  5. If there is much interest Frank could wedge on some more images. Wll add a couple of the Sydney skyline at night now and if there is positive feedback could do a photographic diary of our last trip to oz . πŸ˜‰ http:// http:// http:// John
  6. Neil off the top of my head the settings would have been ISO 1600 Shooting mode manual - cable release exposure time 15 seconds manual focus set on infinity Give it a try mate and see if you pick any stars up. Try and get it perfected then you will be ready for the next storm. I would like to see your results.
  7. Can anyone recall that amazing storm you had in the Sydney area 07 Feb 2019 ?. It happened on the second night of our last trip to Australia. We were staying at our daughters at Warriewood and were having a meet the neighbours/garage party when it hit. It was the strongest storm I had ever seen. Next to us Mona Vale had a months worth of rain in 2/3 hours - 120mm !!! Almost as an afterthought I set my camera/tripod up under the shelter of the garage door which was open to try and record a lightening strike or two. This is what my camera remotely picked up in about an hour while we were partying hard πŸ˜‰ http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// John
  8. Love the pelican images,nice one. Never been on here for ages,should post up some recent photos of mine. Cannot recall if I posted up much from our ozzie trip earlier this year !!! Will have to post a few up 😊 John
  9. Great photos Jon. Loved it around the Daintree area when we were up there. Did you see any salties when you were there ? I was always mindful of them when fishing around the Port Douglas area !!! I photographed this fellah about 1 mile upriver from Port Douglas. He did not seem too happy to see us ha ha. We leave the UK for oz 06 Feb and will be there for 3 months. Staying with our daughter in Warriewood,near Mona Vale. Bring it on. http:// John
  10. snatcher


    Sunrise I took at Warriewood on our last Australian trip http:// John
  11. snatcher


    Love the colours on the Ulladulla one. Stayed there once with an ozzie fisho pal of mine Hank,also known as Haji on some fishing forums. The fishing was not great,we spent more time in the Ulladulla RSL Club ? John
  12. What a great trip that was up to Lake St Clair Frank. I even managed to catch a bass between the drinking bouts !!!! John
  13. Best way to improve your photography is to get out there and keep shooting in different situations. Practice/pratice/practice. A pal of mine took up photography a few years ago and he was after a few general tips. I wrote down these few notes for him. They may be helpful to a few of you if you can read my writing !!! ? http:// Wildlife photography in Australia,love it. Here are a few shots from our first ozzie trip. No photoshopping in these ones. Taken at Pebbly beach just south of Ulladulla. We were mobbed by king parrots,crimson rossellas and rainbow lorikeets. http:// http:// Got "photobombed" by a drop bear on a fishing trip up to Lake St Clair on one of our ozzie trips ? http:// John
  14. Yes Frank,the "Angel of the North" has grown on us Geordies ? Back over to oz in less than 4 month now,bring it on. John
  15. Love those pictures mate. John