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  1. Went for one. Pretty informative even for those who fish regularly. Plus free lesson on filleting and targeting certain fish. You get to choose your life jacket so happy days. They also help you choose based on your style of fishing. What I found weird was a lot of people chose life jackets which were not for rock fishing (inflatables - manual and auto) . Hopefully they don’t use them off the rocks or the stats won’t change.
  2. Hi. Had these pics from a year or so ago and wanted an ID. Both released. Assume ones a tailor? One broke the hook off the rocks so had to wait to release, the other was too heavy for the 2-4 kg rod deadlifting so took a quick pic and released. At 5:30 in the morn wasn’t too hot. Thanks in advance
  3. You can keep the leader light but the rod is too heavy to cast just 6lb especially braid. Reckong you could take that to at least 12lb. With using light leaders, you can't really flick such a heavy lure. You need a smooth action to load the rod like some surf casters do
  4. I just saw your rod strength. Possibly too light for the rod it self. Would suggest going a lil heavier in the main line.
  5. I thought that the weight on the casts might be centred on the braid as some people use short leader length but doesn't seem to be in your case. I think 6lb main line might be too light but I use 6 and 4 lb myself for lures to 12 gms but load the rod up for the cast. If you don't want to spend yet on New line, try loading the rod up rather than flicking. It helps with the wrists. There could be a Nick in your guides however imo it's most probably the casting style.
  6. How long is your leader? Where is the knot when you are casting? Near spool or after guides? What kind of a cast do you perform?
  7. The bin was max 5 meters away. Wouldn't have been too hard to discard it. A few bad apples that could spoil it for the rest of us.
  8. Was at Narrabeen on Sunday but swell was a bit crazy so the beach fishing was a bit of a write off. Found this on a bench near the lake. Imagine if someone had Sat down without looking and had the whole set of bait jig hooks embedded in their back. Threw it in the bin but some people are just .....
  9. I keep a few for a feed. They are pretty decent to eat. Make fillets and bake in oven.
  10. Don't think FedEx would work either?
  11. Vendee

    my life

    The first time I went fishing, my wife caught more than me (I caught nothing) and even now if she just holds my rod she catches more than I do. There are many in this forum who would love company and am sure you could join them. Coogee might not be the best place to start as it is crowded and fish scare easily. Whilst you wait for someone I suggest you try to find less crowded beaches or Google this forum to see which beaches are firing. Buy worms to start with. There are some smaller shops which sell live worms or beach worms are available from most shops. These would be good starting points butnot sure which rod you have (shimano ????) or if you can cast these easily. A running sinker rig and light trace using a swivel would get you started with smaller fish. The outfit you have sounds heavy however it becomes a waiting game with pillies. With the crazy winds today am not surprised the line got messed up. I was up in Newcastle and decided against dropping a line. Don't forget burleying.
  12. You most probably will catch fish of the rocks and beach but the targets you mentioned above aren't the easiest. Rock fishing and beach fishing may share same rod and reel but rigs are quite different and with rock you usually burley them close to your feet and you will normally get some fish like drummer , luderick or sweep. Beach fishing is normally finding gutters and dart, whiting in addition to your target species may be there. You most probably will catch other species first until you refine your techniques(doesn't mean changing rod and reel but just the way you go about targeting them) and learn to specifically chase fish you want. Not everyone fishes only for target and no matter how hard you try , other species will take your bait unless you are marlin fishing but that's a topic for another day. Most snapper reports I see are off boats and some times off rocks. I've caught snapper on lures but they were just about legal and am sure you are looking for some 2kg, soon to be fried in butter, specimens. If you want to target species, read articles related to rigs and bait and type of locations (structure, kelp, gutters etc). All of us here have gone through a process of refining our methods even those who have been fishing for ages so it will take time but end of the day you just have to enjoy the spectacular views and a screaming reel.
  13. Mulloway - patience and skill and mullets should be fine for the silver ghost but be prepared for a long wait. Snapper - off rocks yes but off beaches most probably difficult. Trevally - when a school comes in, each fishy will fight like mad and is my favourite. I think maroubra is a good beach to try. search for surf rods online . Will give you a better idea of prices and types. Come back with some selectionsin your price range and we could guide you. Just don't mention store name