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  1. Busy171

    First outing - Squid

    Hiya. Didn't fish for them around there, only launched from there. It does look like there maybe some there but didn't try it. We got most of ours drifting just inside Hungry Point. Boat traffic a little busy but otherwise a great day on the water.
  2. Busy171

    First outing - Squid

  3. Busy171

    First outing - Squid

    That photo is from Lake Albert in Wagga Wagga when I tested the boat. We dropped at Swallow Rock boat ramp at Grays point. Don't get to the Hacking too often but had a great day out there, I'll definitely be doing it more often.
  4. Busy171

    First outing - Squid

    My first post and my first trip with the new boat. Yet to put the electric on it but still managed a few squid in the Hacking. Extremely happy with the boat. Just need to setup the sounder properly (forgot to update it) but otherwise a great first outing and great day on the water. We even managed to rescue some rowers whom capsized just outside the heads. Ended up putting one on board and towed part of their canoe back to their base. Police rescue got the rest of them and the main canoe. Eventful morning. Till next time.