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  1. seasponge

    Bait presentation for bream

    I'll give the bait elastic a go. I wasn't sure whether to just use small cubes of chicken for bream, or stick with the strips. I tried thighs for that reason, but found it hard to get a good strip out of them
  2. seasponge

    Bait presentation for bream

    Can someone give me tips on presentation of; chicken gut chicken breast Chicken gut - I can't seem to get it to present as anything other than a big congealed ball of mush that looks terrible once it's in the water. Chicken breast - I've used strips 20mm x 50mm but find that it is not very hardy on the hook, and ends up bunched up on the hook, or stripped right off the hook. Do people use strips like I tried, or smaller cube pieces? Pics of either presentation would be good.
  3. seasponge

    Diawa Double Clutch Colours?

    definitely a good lure for flathead. I've had success with the 2 perch colours
  4. seasponge

    Swimmers are around in good numbers

    I set the traps on the Hawkesbury on Saturday hoping for a haul. Had 4 WHs and 2 CTs out. Checked them regularly and relocated them 3 times and only got the 3 crabs all day (2 x blue swimmers and 1 coral crab). I had them set just out of Parsely Bay and around Dangar Island. The amount of traps out on Saturday was phenomenal!
  5. seasponge

    Hawkesbury session

    Great catch. Seems to be a lot of Jewies around there at the moment
  6. seasponge

    Soft Plastics vs Metal Blades

    wouldn't it depends on the action of the rod? A fast tip 1-3kg vs a slow tip 2-4kg?
  7. seasponge

    Chinese Five Spice Salt & Pepper Squid

    Sounds delicious. Will give it a go
  8. seasponge

    What's your preferred lure type??

    I had never fished with lures much previously. I bought a kayak about 12 months ago and have a self imposed rule that all my fishing out of the kayak is lure only (1. to keep my kayak clean of bait, but 2. to force me to improve my lure fishing). I'm still struggling to crack the secret of lures. It looks so easy, but i'm not finding consistency. I end up falling back to SPs - can't beat a curly tail grub in motor oil! The only lure I get consistent results with is the Daiwa Double Clutch. Flatties just love them, and this is my first choice lure. Only drawback on them is the cost, but they work. Have had zero luck on metal vibes - no idea what I'm doing wrong there.
  9. seasponge

    quick squid session

    Awesome squid there! 👏👏👏
  10. seasponge

    Singapore Chilli Crab

    I've used Ryder's recipe a few times and can vouch for it
  11. seasponge

    Easy make sauce for your flathead fillets

    Always happy to hear suggestions. If I'm not adding the chili, I'll use mayo and lemon juice and pepper for a nice flavour. But i find if I'm going for the chili version, i prefer white vinegar over lemon juice for that acidic zing without altering the flavour of the chili too much (which the lemon can do).
  12. seasponge

    Parramatta River sewage spill

    Yeah a typo, i realised after i hit send and edited the post
  13. seasponge

    Parramatta River sewage spill

    Having spent most of my infrastructure construction career in the water industry, I can say that Sydney Water would have to be within the top 5% socially, environmentally and community responsible organisations within the country. They spend billions of dollars each year on capital expenditure to maintain quality of life, improving wastewater treatment, securing water sources, preventing stormwater runoff and securing failing/aging infrastructure. The spill into Parramatta River was unfortunate, but due to old infrastructure. Sounds terrible, but in the long term, the effects of this spill will pale into insignificance when compared to the long term good they achieve for the waterways within this modern, urban city with a population of +5M people.
  14. seasponge

    Fish Shop Fish - Cooking Methods

    I used to do my flathead fillets in beer batter, but lately have moved to panko bread crumbs. I think they give a better result for smaller fillets. The key to a crispy batter is to cook it long enough to get all the moisture out of it (the batter, not the fish), so if the fillets are small, either the fish will be overcooked, or the batter will be soggy by the time you eat it. Ideally, you want to be able to cook them until the bubbles coming off them (that's the water cooking out of the batter) have died down. Not easy on smaller fillets. So for smaller fillets, I dust em in flour, dip them in beaten egg, then roll in panko breadcrumbs. They don't take as long in the fryer to crisp up so you get a good result without overcooking the fish. Panko breadcrumbs are a Japanese style, available in any supermarket, but give a better result than standard breadcrumbs. For larger fillets, a good beer batter made out of flour, salt, and Cooper's Pale Ale (nothing but the best ?). I've tried self raising flour, which can give a good crunch, but it balloons up and give a smooth coating, not a nice rough coating. The 50/50 flour/cornflour is a good option. I'll fry 2 pieces at a time in rice bran oil, then at the end, I toss them all back in for a second fry for about 30 sec to really crisp up the batter. And I'll always drain my fried fish on a wire rack, not on paper towel. I find draining on a paper towel only makes the batter soggy on the bottom. If you're looking for a quick sauce to go with it, here's my recipe -
  15. For a quick, easy sauce to accompany your beer battered or crumbed flathead fillets (or any fried fish), just mix; 2T mayonnaise (real egg mayonnaise, not the dodgy stuff we grew up on in the 70s) 1T sriracha chili sauce (rooster sauce) 1T white vinegar Quantities are a guide, play around with the proportions to suit. The mayonnaise gives a creamy base texture, the sriracha chili sauce adds a nice flavor without being too hot, and the white vinegar give the acidity to cut through the fish batter. So quick and easy, knock it up in 1 min while your fish is frying. + +