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  1. seasponge

    Long weekend at Forster

    great catch. Looks like it was a great weekend! What size jighead were you using for fishing the channel there?
  2. seasponge

    The biggest bloody pufferfish I've ever seen.

  3. seasponge

    Squid Avoca 15/06

    great catch, and great photo!
  4. seasponge

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Great catch! It was a crackin day to be out in the kayak yesterday. I was out at the same time, was tossing up b/w Parsley Bay or Berowra Waters. I would've seen you on the water, but in the end I opted for Berowra instead. Would've been fun to land in the kayak. I'm still trying to get the knack of it - my net arm is never long enough!
  5. seasponge

    Winter squid

    Sorry, I'm a novice on squid so can't give advice, but, I always thought squid (the big southern calamari's) were a winter catch.
  6. seasponge

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

  7. seasponge

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    Nice outing in the kayak. It's a beautiful spot up there. I've had a few kayak trips from Berowra lately, with only minor success so far. A few small bream but about it. Have you found any particular phase of the tide (end/start of run in/out) works best? I took the kayak downriver to Calabash Bay and got a few flatties.
  8. seasponge

    is there something wrong with my S factor??

    yeah looks ok to me
  9. seasponge

    Flathead on light leader

    What knot do you use to join 1lb to 17lb fluro leader?
  10. seasponge

    Berowa yak session

    Cracking bream! Do you fish there Berowra often in a kayak? I took the kayak there on ANZAC day for the second time. Didn't have much luck. Sounds like I was fishing the same area as you. Lost a good fish that took a grub SP. Good strong fight, but got my braid wrapped around the tip of my rod, so the drag was out of action, and I ended up getting busted off. I'm guessing it was a nice solid bream like yours.
  11. seasponge

    Georges - Anzac morning flick

    Great catch Great feed Great day Great pics and Great report Where can I get some of those Dunhill SPs, they seem to do the trick
  12. seasponge

    Another One

    cracking bream, well done
  13. seasponge

    Getting the last few bones out of a flatheaad fillet

    I've been known to use my teeth when no-ones looking
  14. seasponge

    Pittwater Success

    sounds like a great evening! nice report. I was expecting pics of the photo shoot though ;-)
  15. seasponge

    How to store caught fish?

    salt water?