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  1. seasponge

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

    Well, I'm convinced! Bought one of those jigs on friday. Yesterday I used it on the bottom of my paternoster rig. I've never had success on the paternoster rig before, but yesterday, the flatties were onto it all day. Never hooked up on the jig, but there was definitely more interested in the first baited hook. Don't think i'll ever use a snapper lead again. I went back this morning to grab a few more while they're on special
  2. seasponge

    Rod holder - angles for drifting vs anchoring

    That was my thought initially. I ended up getting 1 of each of the rod holders, and with the rods in, out on the water, I just didn't feel confident. I ended up tethering the rods to the holders just in case.
  3. I am looking to get some rod holders similar to those pictured below. The one on the left sits the rod quite flat. The one on the right is adjustable and the angle can be changed. Would the angle of the rods for drifting be the same as when anchored up? Or would you normally have a slightly higher angle when on the drift? I like the stainless steel option on the left but will be wanting to use them whilst anchored as well as drifting.
  4. seasponge

    Bottom Bouncing Strategies

  5. seasponge

    How is everyone storing their soft plastics?

    I noticed recently the gulps being marketed with a new and improved seal on the packet. I'm not sure if they're any better as I still don't used them. Would be good to hear if other people have noticed an improvement in the packet recently.
  6. seasponge

    How is everyone storing their soft plastics?

    I went from gulps to z-mans to avoid the mess of leaking packets. I prefer zmans as there is no juice to leak, and you don't have to worry about them drying out. I just keep em in their packets in a zip up wallet that holds quite a few packs. If you're using cheap plastic containers, they can melt the SP's. Also, different types of SPs (or any other plastic lures for that matter) can melt together. I've lost many a brand new soft vibe and cranka crabs because they've been left in contact with an SP and melted together.
  7. seasponge

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    Great catch. Sounds like a fantastic couple of days. I've never targeted black fish in the Hawkesbury but would love to give it a crack. Roughly which part of the Hawkesbury were you fishing in?
  8. seasponge

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    To be skeptical, I'm not convinced that it is sorted! The advice Rebel got refers to a DPI update from 15th August 2017. The bottom of the DPI fishing closures page also refers you to the following page for more detailed local information This link is a DPI local guide for Hawkesbury and Central Coast, issued on August 2017, possibly correlating to the update refer to by DPI. This updated local guide mentions nothing about Berowra.
  9. seasponge

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    Firstly, my apologies to Rebel for saying you were wrong. Secondly, and more importantly, that is absolutely ridiculous that the dpi website does not hold the latest information!! This is 2019. If we can't go the website of the governing authority and get the latest up to date information, how are we meant to know what is allowed or not. I live and fish in the area and set crab traps. I have on previous occasions corrected people with what i thought was the latest information based on the dpi website. Ive held my fiahing licemse for the last 5 yrs, recieve updates from dpi and i had no idea of this restriction.
  10. seasponge

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    The page that is linked is for all fishing restrictions. The fact that Berowra Creek is not mentioned means there are no restrictions there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how I interpret it. I'd comfortably put traps in Berowra Creek and not be concernsled about fisheries.
  11. seasponge

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    According to the DPI you are wrong. Weekend restrictions are only in Patonga Creek and Mooney Mooney Creek (upstream of Old Pacific Highway). There are no restrictions on the use of crab traps in Berowra Creek at all. Refer to the link by kingie chaser
  12. seasponge

    Bait presentation for bream

    I'll give the bait elastic a go. I wasn't sure whether to just use small cubes of chicken for bream, or stick with the strips. I tried thighs for that reason, but found it hard to get a good strip out of them
  13. seasponge

    Bait presentation for bream

    Can someone give me tips on presentation of; chicken gut chicken breast Chicken gut - I can't seem to get it to present as anything other than a big congealed ball of mush that looks terrible once it's in the water. Chicken breast - I've used strips 20mm x 50mm but find that it is not very hardy on the hook, and ends up bunched up on the hook, or stripped right off the hook. Do people use strips like I tried, or smaller cube pieces? Pics of either presentation would be good.
  14. seasponge

    Diawa Double Clutch Colours?

    definitely a good lure for flathead. I've had success with the 2 perch colours
  15. seasponge

    Swimmers are around in good numbers

    I set the traps on the Hawkesbury on Saturday hoping for a haul. Had 4 WHs and 2 CTs out. Checked them regularly and relocated them 3 times and only got the 3 crabs all day (2 x blue swimmers and 1 coral crab). I had them set just out of Parsely Bay and around Dangar Island. The amount of traps out on Saturday was phenomenal!