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  1. Here's the link to permitted fishing methods As noelm suggests, get used to finding the answers from the real source, not relying on random advice form the internet 😉 Hmmm, I couldn't answer whether a witches hat (or hoop net) is considered a net or a trap by fisheries. Might be worth giving the local fisheries a call to clarify.
  2. Here's the link to DPI
  3. Does the heart keep pumping after the brain spike??
  4. How do you use em for bait. Fresh oysters are very soft, particularly the size you find growing naturally. I'd imagine they'd be very hard to keep on the hook and get a hook up.
  5. Happened to me last it me I took the boat out. The thing is, the towball was all the way in, and the locking pin secured. No idea how she came off. Luckily it was only at the end of the street. Made a hell of a noise at 5am in the morning though.
  6. You in a boat? Assuming you are, drifting between Juno Point and Flint & Steel. Or closer to Wobby, the eastern side of Dangar Island.
  7. I suspect it'd be as Green Hornet said - might get a few but they'd be low on meat
  8. Refuge Bay would be nice and close to Juno. Plenty of moorings there.
  9. Thanks Dean. Thanks for that. Looks like a good spot.
  10. Thanks for that. Is this where you mean?
  11. Thanks. I had a crack there last year, but the current was flowing so fast it was hard to work any lures or plastics there. I'll target the dead of the tide if I go there.
  12. Have driven past there previously. Might give it a shot
  13. Thanks for the reply granddad. Are you talking from experience, and have caught fish there? Only asking because I've fished that stretch of settlement drive before, and area near the ferry, and have never caught anything. Happy to persist there if there are catches to be made.
  14. I am heading up to Port Macquarie for a few days next weekend and am looking for some tips for good land based locations. Intending to flick plastics or lures for flathead and whiting. Any suggestions would be helpful. Cheers
  15. not sure of the name, but a type of catfish. Abundant in the Hawkesbury. Don't go anywhere near the spines - extremely painful if spiked. I normally don't take any chances and just cut the line off.