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  1. FunkyJT

    Northern beaches - anything happening

    Thanks Cravs. I just read this months fishing monthly - apparently there are chopper tailor and the odd Jew / shark around
  2. I haven't been out beach fishing for the last several months as other commitments are taking their toll. But I've seen the more moderate forecasts for this weekend and am thinking of giving the beaches a try. Can I ask if anyone has been recently fishing from the northern beaches and what you are catching? Have the tailor moved back, or is it mainly whiting and bream now? thanks!
  3. FunkyJT

    St Croix Rods

    Sorry, no help for bass rods. I do however have a st croix surf custom stick. The blanks are very good.
  4. FunkyJT

    Northern Beaches Salmon

    Nice work, and thanks for the write up!
  5. FunkyJT

    Surf on the beaches, how big is too big

    1.5m I think ...
  6. FunkyJT

    Winter Beach Fishing clothing

    I use waders (hornes are the best), thermal long sleeve and a soft shell jacket. You can add a wet weather jacket over the top outside the waders too.
  7. FunkyJT

    Great night at the wharf

    Nice work mate
  8. FunkyJT

    Beach jewies (last two wkends)

    Squid strips about 4 inches long
  9. FunkyJT

    Beach session

    Nice work mate
  10. Guys Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of two jewies caught from the beach last weekend and this weekend on my last two outings. First, was an 83cm capture by my dad off the northern beaches last Sunday. Second, was an 88cm capture caught by myself on a mid nth coast beach. happy to share a good patch of form, and may it continue! JT
  11. FunkyJT

    A bit more form ...

    With the calm wind and low swell, I thought it would be ideal for beach fishing so I gave one of the northern beaches a shot during the night tide. There were plenty of big bites and strikes but from a bunch of undesired species - 1xbanjo shark; 4xshovel nose shark; 1x car shark. So there was plenty of action .. I managed to get one good sized 51cm tailor after an hour after the tide change, and I suspect I dropped a smaller tailor too. I lost what I suspected to be a big ray or large shark that took plenty of line too. So it seems like the beaches are starting to fish a bit better.
  12. FunkyJT

    Drought over

    Caught it on a humble pilchard
  13. FunkyJT

    Oufished by the old fella at Balmoral

    Nice stuff. I've had great times fishing with the old man.
  14. FunkyJT

    Drought over

    Fishing drought (in terms of success, not opportunity) finally over. Landed my PB flathead (73cm) and a decent tailor (45cm) from the surf.
  15. Where were you planning to get the st Croix? eBay? I'm interested in one of their surf rodd