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  1. Good report, just wanted to get some opinions on eating fish from George's and botany. I've read the government stuff online etc. Any thoughts relating to the pfas in the river/bay.
  2. Nice report, good to be out on the water I bet.
  3. There's alot of young kids that flog their parents tinnies and like you said they are at crazy angles. Looks as though they will flip their boats.
  4. Good idea, you are right they don't like getting up so early.
  5. I saw them at about 0700 roaring up and down, racing each other.
  6. It's very dangerous, have to be careful.
  7. It is dangerous behaviour that's for sure, pretty reckless. Someone will get hurt by these guys.
  8. Hey mate, good idea, stick away from them smart move. Good work on the whiting.
  9. Hey mate, there is alot of selfish behaviour on and off the water. Would be good if everyone could think of others as well as themselves.
  10. Your 100% mate, I'll learn my lesson hahaha.
  11. Went for a fish this morning against my own advice being a public holiday and all. Anyway headed towards Lilli Pilli and witnessed two boofheads in 2 ski boats, one yellow and one blue with huge outboards.(old school boats). These guys were racing up and down the main channel from Lilli Pilli to Dolan's Bay and back like absolute lunatics. Was not a good start to the day. Didn't have much luck down there with the wind etc and boat traffic. So headed back towards Dolans and caught a squid and put him down live, got picked apart by tailor with nil hookups. Not much else to report apart from some tiny snapper etc. Should of known better being a public holiday hahahah. Hope you guys did better.
  12. Good work Jenni, kingies are alot of fun at any size. Beautiful day to be out and about.
  13. Nice haul yowie, few good deeds in there
  14. Got out again Wednesday morning for a fish, weather has cooled down and the water temp as well. Fished around Dolan's but was very quiet, just a heap of undersized snapper and tailor. Moved up towards Lilli Pilli and located a school of salmon busting up. Landed one about 56cm on a soft plastic and fought really hard. Then school went deep and off the bite. SWA was very quiet and the winds really picked up mid morning. On the way back to the ramp at about midday hooked a nice little rat of about 58cm on a lure. Lots of fun on light gear. Water quality seems to have cleared up a fair bit after the rains.
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