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  1. golf_fish

    Fishing Info at The Entrance NSW

    Have they decided whether or not it’s safe to again use the water again after the sewer spill mid last week??
  2. golf_fish

    Brisbane Water Blue Swimmers

    I've been saving all my 'birds nests' lately (trying to teach the daughter to cast) and been giving that a try as well........ Tie a few of them together, tie on the bait in the middle of it, and send it down..... Stupid crabs get stuck in the mess and can't get out. Doesn't work all the time, but the strike rate it pretty good compared to just a hook and bait......
  3. golf_fish

    Good bait for lazy buggers in Sydney

    Try soaking it in tuna oil and curry powder.......
  4. golf_fish

    Good bait for lazy buggers in Sydney

    Go to your nearest Aldi and pick up 5 chicken breast in a pack for $12...... It's pretty much the only 'bait' I use and very rarely does it not produce something.....
  5. golf_fish

    The Entrance nearly back to normal

    Nice haul mate...... I'm finally getting a chance to take the boat out on Saturday with my young fella. I'll be happy with just one of those flatties... my young bloke might catch a couple but no doubt, but I'll end up with donuts again like I always do when I take him out!!
  6. golf_fish

    Staying at Woy Woy for Australia Day weekend

    Brissy Waters is a brilliant place to fish mate, I love the area.... I can't remember the exact amount, but I've caught somewhere around 35 different species in there myself. Without knowing exactly where you'll be saying it's hard to say what you're likely to catch, but the good old prawn will work wonders in there on just about every spieces. Don't be afraid to use some breed either, not just brilliant for burley, but also an underrated bait....... Good luck and enjoy the weekend mate....
  7. golf_fish

    What growls in the Aussie bush?

    Hmmmmm, Possible Yowie encounter??
  8. I've been away for a couple of days so haven't seen what it's like near the bridge, but generally after this much rain she'll be dirty like Stapo said...... The river/creek out the back is up about roughly a metre deeper than normal, so all that water has to end up somewhere...... There'll still be fish out there though, if you're keen enough........
  9. golf_fish

    Apparently I am goofy - reel setup

    I'm right handed, and I reckon if I had to reel a fish in with my left hand I'd never get one in the boat!! I've tried it a couple of times and feel like such a gumby doing it I change it back as quick as I can.....
  10. golf_fish

    Tough fishing but got a feed - Brisbane Water

    That's a pretty nice haul for some pretty dodgy conditions. Good work...... I've seen a lot of people doing the drift under the Rip Bridge, but have never really seen anybody catch anything..... I always go and find a deep hole and anchor up and always seem to catch our fair share, everything from octopus to red rock cod.... It really is one of my favourite spots to fish. We've caught well over 20 different species from just that spot alone. I should actually sit back and try and count the exact number one day. But it is a pointless place to anchor up if the water is running to hard, almost impossible to get find the bottom with your bait!!
  11. golf_fish

    Rip Bridge rippers!

    If we didn't snag the rest for a feed I may been tempted to take a couple home, but wasn't gona bother with the esky filling quickly with fat bream and flatties..... To be honest mate, I wouldn't have a clue. All my fishing around there is done on a boat finding deep holes everywhere, so land based I can't comment...... Only 1 way to find out how good it is though isn't there, so get amongst it!!
  12. golf_fish

    Rip Bridge rippers!

    Thanks boys, Also forgot to mention that we caught at least 8 Red Rock Cod that got throw back to the depths. I know they are sensational eating, but they seem just a bit to much hassle for me to worry about. I'm more a fillet and fry kinda guy....... Prob should've said it real name, sorry mate, Brisbane Waters........... Woy Woy, Gosford and all that area around there...
  13. golf_fish

    Rip Bridge rippers!

    Finally got a chance to take the boat back out (been out once since January) so decided to head to my favourite spot, Brissy Waters. Caught most of these bad boys in my spot right next to the Rip Bridge. The smaller flatty and the squid were caught drifting right next to the green channel markers in Paddys Channel..... The snapper came in at bang on 32cm, no idea what the others measured cause they were obviously legal so didn't bother. Man it feels good to get back out amongst it!!
  14. golf_fish

    Brisbane Waters

    Just means when you do actually land a crab, They a pretty damn big and worth keeping........
  15. golf_fish

    Witches hats tuggerah lakes

    I don't think you can use them near the bridge, but the DPI website will give you exact locations of we're you're not allowed. As for bait, absolutely anything. Mullet chunks and slabs work really well, but so do left over prawns heads and old bait and last nights leftover spaghetti....... They're not all that fussy It's up to you how long you leave it for, but I wouldn't leave it over night. A lot of stories around that gear goes missing over night and all you're left with is a bit of rope and a foam ball!! It's never happened to me, but ive never left anything out over night in the lakes. The creeks on the other hand.............