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  1. Blackfish

    Easy way to hitch trailer

    Great idea hey, what could possibly go wrong.
  2. Blackfish

    Old days

    I'll try to get some photos up as well Waza but it won't be for a couple of weeks as I'm going away to "Field test" some more old lures ..... wish them luck.😄
  3. Blackfish

    What fish is this?

    Looks like a Juvenile Banded Rockcod Epinephelus ergastularius. Also know as a Seven bar Grouper.
  4. Blackfish

    Fairlight Rocks

    Great fish on the gear and good on you for letting her go. 👍
  5. Blackfish

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    Well deserved fish for all the effort put in. Great read to KF101.
  6. Blackfish

    Early morning king surprise

    Bloody good fish land based and on light gear,
  7. Blackfish

    Wyong river

    Lucky when you have a Missus like that. Have a good one.
  8. Blackfish

    Quick Flathead sesh

    Good fish and good on you for helping them out. 👍
  9. Blackfish

    August produces

    Sounds like some great sessions there Dave. Nice work on those Bluefin Trevally to.
  10. Blackfish

    Holidays end

    Descriptive shot there Bruce, sounds like a great experience.
  11. Blackfish

    Holidays end

    On-Ya Bruce, to far North you say and no fishing ...... not sure about that. 😀
  12. Blackfish

    Birthday boy

    Good way for him to remember his 15. 👍
  13. Blackfish

    A few snaps

    Excellent again Jon. My favourite is 3rd from the top.
  14. Blackfish

    Old days

    You bought bak some great memories there Taz. I had a Mitchell 301 (RH Model) I think the 300 was the LH one and on memory that 324 was the next one up, then you had the 499,the biggest. As for the fishing knife, geez I recon I had one of those as well. Good stuff.
  15. Blackfish


    Great brace of Blackys and a Avon 111 to boot............ nice. 👍