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  1. Blackfish

    Photography Course

    I suppose that would work on other Animals to, 😀
  2. Blackfish

    port hacking trevally

    No traps are allowed in Port hacking Stalwart, that includes Witches hats. I believe Bruce is away at the moment mate.
  3. Blackfish

    Strange centrepin for surf casting

    That brings back some vague memories, mmmmmmmm. Certainly a interesting piece. On Ya mate.
  4. Blackfish

    Blue Weed Whiting? Good eating? (Blue Weed-Whiting)

    Blue Weed-Whiting. Haletta semifasciata.
  5. Blackfish

    Avon Royal Mk3

    Very nice, great find. 👍
  6. Blackfish

    catching the myth

    Don’t believe they would be in a that System Neil.
  7. Blackfish

    New Moderators

    On-Ya Dave. 👍
  8. Blackfish

    Northern Beaches Bottom Bash

    Looks like a Foxfish. Bodianus frenchii. If you look closely I recon you can see the 2 White dots on its side. Certainly not to common around these parts. Nice catch to.
  9. Blackfish

    Small fish I don’t recognise (Driftfish)

    The people I asked also came back with "Driftfish" not 100% sure which one, though they had a guess but not certain. So for me its a Driftfish. (They are much more cluey that I)
  10. Blackfish

    Another fishless day

    I'd be happy with a fishless day to see those sights. As per the norm you lot, excellent photos.
  11. Blackfish

    Benji’s first Yellow at Windamere

    Thats a nice Yellowbelly. Nice work.
  12. Blackfish

    Small fish I don’t recognise (Driftfish)

    Sorry there Mrs Swordy, got nuffin. Hopefully someone will turn up with a suggestion.
  13. Blackfish

    Snapper teases

    Nice Salmon you lot, plus sounds like a great adventure getting the buggars. Lucky you fish for the enjoyment and you can't put a price on that ........ or maybe you can. 😬
  14. Blackfish

    Bidgee report

    Nice work Neil, good to see your getting a couple.
  15. Blackfish

    My little one's first catch and it was a ripper!

    Great fish and story Tash.👍