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  1. Blackfish

    Baby Shark

    I also was thinking Dusky whaler but wasn't sure on the Dorsal, which is hard to see.
  2. Blackfish

    Baby Shark

    Wouldn't be a Bull Shark. @James Clain wrote a great piece at the end of this thread about Bull Sharks. Whaler of some sort..
  3. Blackfish

    Fish Heads

    Some fish are better than others for fish stock. Lutjanus are great, Snapper, Cod, Barra .... stuff like that.
  5. You could be thinking of a Blue Groper which you can catch by line but its illegal to spearfish. Or Tailor are called Bluefish, more of a American term though, you can catch them on line and Spearfish.
  6. Good stuff Dave, looks awesome.
  7. When you get a famous rock named after you there must be a fair bit of respect out there. And I'm sure Black Rock "Wasn't" named after me. 😁
  8. Wow, he's a legend. LBG Flyfishing. 👍
  9. Good stuff Bruce, nice Flattys and a stonker of a 6 Spine.
  10. Good looking feed KC certainly sounds like a better day than work. Also those Flattys could be Marbled Flathead.
  11. First one is a Redspot Emperor Second is what Yowie said. Pikey Bream Third Javelin Fish Forth .. not to sure as there is a couple of Croaker/Jewfish species up that way.
  12. Geez, that's a good Flag/Stripey and your in a good place as well.
  13. Good thought @wcurrall , the small spots on the Pectorial fins and lips of @notoriousTASH picture had me thinking of Estuary/Blackspot cod. Im not sure if Rankins have those same, though as always happy to be corrected.
  14. Geeez, They look good eating.
  15. Great detailed report Zoran. Those Jackets make it hard and frustrating.