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  1. Small Sawtail maybe.
  2. Excellent report again Neil and some very nice photos, I recon the Title should be "A Tough day on the Murrumbidgee .... is better than a day at work" πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Good stuff Dave and that's a cracker a Bream πŸ‘
  4. Geee they're quality photos and a Cracker of a Jack.
  5. I recon its a GT to, Brassy Trevally don't have that steep head shape. Brassys have a more sloping head also they have a prominent spot on top of the Gill plate Turrum, also called Gold spot or Yellowspotted have a different shape body. I've always called them Goldspot trevally and I recon they are one of the best eating Trevally.
  6. Great read Wazza, thanks for taking the time to write it up.
  7. Never caught a Grunter but have caught Jacks that are really pale more like a Moses Perch and then really dark Red Devils out of the same school. Also another example are Luderick, some really pale ones and then at other times really dark.
  8. I recon its a Sooty Grunter to.
  9. Top one is a Southern Maori Wrasse or another name is Butchers Pr$#ck 🀐
  10. Excellent work Frank, looking forward to seeing the rebuild as you go.
  11. @Scratchie I asked the people who have far more knowledge than I and without a Fin/ Ray count ETC are calling it either a Slender Scad or a Mackerel Scad. So we will call it a "Scad"
  12. What a great looking day out.
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