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  1. Not trying to hijack the thread, I remember people used to wind Line around the Oysters Bottles and use them as a hand caster. They were long and thin with a concave centre would hold line and cast well. Yes “Younger People” people used to fish off the Beach, Jetty, Whalf or wherever they could with only hand lines. ..... Now where’s the old Man Emoji.
  2. On_ya Neil and Susan and good of you to let her catch the Bigger fish to.😀
  3. Good work you 2. Keep it up.
  4. You forgot Red Rockcod Fil, mind you I don't the they get as many down that way as up here. Oh and nice Crays too.
  5. Nice catch and nice to see the Swallowtail Nanny. Also could you imagine how many fish you would have caught if you didn’t have Bannanas in the boat 😂
  6. Nice fish but a bit of a buggar about the others.
  7. Nice fish Bruce and a good story to go with it.
  8. There's one person who I miss reading their posts.
  9. MMMMM, maybe theres something Scratchie's not telling us. 😁
  10. Hard to say because of the state of decomposition, but my guess would also be Estuary Cobbler. I believe they loose their colour after they've been dead awhile.
  11. Great report Dave, seems the target species is being evasive but at least your getting a few fish to break up the session. I like the Bream photos with the sun in the background. 👍
  12. Just noticed that another store has them for that price as well.
  13. It seems like the large “ Snake” store has them for that price. But not in NSW by the look of it. I have found them a bit like that, advertise a cheap price for a item but only a couple of stores have them.
  14. Regarding the Sharks I believe its learned behaviour where the animal works out that the boat equates to an easy meal. I have seen this in remote areas of the Kimberleys over a period of time about the same as you, 20+ years. Also Broomes Sailfish, in the heyday Sharks would just follow the boats around.