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  1. Great fish there Paul’s, we’ve just driven down the coast and all the places look like Ghost towns.
  2. Great write up Killer and some cracking fish there to. Also glad the fires didn’t wreck your holidays.
  3. There would be a lot on here that would understand that dedication, it's the passion that drives you.
  4. Now thats dedication. Great effort there James.
  5. Good stuff and I see you have the right Shirt on to. Geez it seems there was some tough fishing as well, perseverance paid off.
  6. Hope this helps Checked Baggage. Length 1400. Oversize Baggage... Cost you more.
  7. Blackfish

    New Years day

    Have been thinking of you and your crew Jon and how you've been fairing. At the end of the day if family and friends are safe, I recon that's all that matters. All the best.
  8. Thats a great collection of photos for now and even better for memory lane. Thats a awesome story and photo of the big Flathead to.
  9. Good on you Undy for releasing the fish, if you not sure thats the best thing to do. It may be Poisonous, Endangered or Protected. As Scrachie said, its an Eastern Wirrah Cod or sometimes call an Old Boot because of its alleged eating qualities.
  10. Thats a great write up Niall, thanks so much for posting. 👍
  11. Kind words indeed Whiskey. Thank you, but nothing special just an interested punter.
  12. I recon you have a Eastern Frogfish. Their Whiskery little Tassels they have aren't as prominent when out of the water.