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  1. Another great one Waz, thanks for taking the time to write it up.
  2. Mate went out from Port Hacking today, Water st was gridlocked. He said there was so many Boats, both power and Sail, plus many many Jet Skiers. He didn't paint a pleasant picture.
  3. Looks like you've kicked some goals this year JC, congratulations.
  4. Round 4 2021 World Darts Championships @Fab1 @frankS This game was only played yesterday between Michael Van Gerwen and Joe Cullen. It was a fantastic game with Cullen throwing quite a few 180's. So if you get a chance to watch it you won't be disappointed especially with some very average weather predicted in Sydney in the next few days, not a bad way to spend a hour.
  5. Sign you up when they start the comp again there Frank.
  6. I believe the "Safe" distance at speed (6 Knots or more) is 30mts, Wash zone or No Wash zone. If they were closer than that and it sounds like were, they are in the wrong. Why cant they respect other users of the water ways, because as you said ..... FOOLS ........ Sigh πŸ˜•
  7. Cant help you with the fishing there as we go a bit further south and fish Wapengo, which is a shallow lake but fishes well. The Bega river also fishes well, pump your nippers on the low tide and fish the start of the run in as the water starts running in over the Sand/Ribbon weed banks. I'm no expert down that way, others would have more knowledge the myself but that's a good starting point. As for Camel Rock Brewery, when I was down there in JulyI had a couple of Beers and they weren't to bad and I also had a paddle which would be a good starting point.
  8. Phil Taylor, what a legend. As for the Maths, I'm not to bad but when it comes to finishes I frustrate the crap out of the good players that can work them out quickly. Or if I jag a finish, say, something random like a double 13. I tell them. " I always try to finish on that as its my favourite double" Haaaaaaaa.
  9. I think its like all sports, it's the consistency at the end of the day that counts. My Welsh mate around the road who I have a throw with and maybe have a Beer, he will throw a few 180's when he's throwing against me but I've seen him in a comp game not getting one. Or you can throw some great darts to get down to a finish but end up on Double one .... I'm an expert at that. Bahhhaaaa. We all cant be a MVG.
  10. Excellent, I don't mind a game myself. Thats after a 27 year layoff, geez that's good. Never got a triple 16 but have score a triple Bull................ but that's about it. πŸ˜„
  11. Fantastic. Geeez she's kicking some goals, good on her.
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