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  1. Great read and photos there Dave. Very nice Yellow and The Cod 1cm short of that magic metre, still a nice fish. Thanks for posting.
  2. Great report and photos, congrats on the GT.
  3. Great fish and on that light line as well, congratulations to him.
  4. I haven't eaten one but I've heard from those that have they are really nice.
  5. Nice Bluespot and his first King, good on you taking him out.
  6. Good luck Dave, it certainly has been a journey for you.
  7. Nice couple of fish there Azza, congratulations mate. I would "ASSUME" and i'm only assuming, it may be about safety to other park users when people are casting out when fishing. they may hook someone walking past behind. Not all people are considerate to others. Down on the Parramatta at Newington/Silverwater on the Park side is the same and I think this may be reason. Happy to be corrected.
  8. Very nice fish and report JDC
  9. Great report and photos Antony . You really did some hard yards just to get there and the fishing seemed changeling to but that was a nice Barra to finish off the trip with.
  10. Agree with Koalaboi, excellent read and thanks for going to all effort writing it up.
  11. Excellent result on the gear. πŸ‘
  12. Geeez that retirement sounds a buggar πŸ˜„. Good stuff Bruce your Grandsons smile says it all.
  13. I used to melt lead in old jam/Tin fruit tins. Bend the front to a spout and square off the back so I could pick up the tin with a pair of Multi Grips. I put it on a round BBQ burner and made heaps of sinkers. Back in the day........
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