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  1. Blackfish

    Dutch/finnish fishraiders on lake

    Good work you on getting the fish out off all that weed. Nice photos as well.
  2. Blackfish

    Reminiscing -Mulloway, Kingfish and the 'Murk' effect

    Great write up Waza. Never fished the Murk from the shore but used to go in and fish out of a boat, we never did that good but it was closer to the Harbour than travelling up up Long Reef for Jewys. Fishing it in Summer with a strong NE, the back wash off the rocks made it unpleasant plus the smell as you mentioned . As I had to pull the anchor up, I copped my fair share of waves, splashes, sprays in the front of Seafaer VC and I do remember it left a bad taste in your mouth.
  3. Blackfish

    Photos of some local fishermen

    Very nice.
  4. Blackfish

    New WA specie

    Living the dream Bruce. Your not missing anything down here at the moment other than the cold and its cold for Sydney.
  5. Blackfish

    3G boat fishing

    Nice Pike and the extremes in weather I see in your posts. Summer, no shirt on and winter, drilling through ice.
  6. Blackfish

    Pink Ling

    That’s a great fish.
  7. Blackfish

    ID Please (Eastern Blue Groper)

    Female Eastern Blue Groper. "Achoerodus viridis"
  8. Blackfish

    Pike with Veikka

    Yes the smile says it all and that photo will never go out of date.
  9. Blackfish

    First barra of trip

    Looks a nice Camping spot you have there Bruce.
  10. Blackfish

    Flathead off the beach - bluespot?

    It may have been a "Platycephalus bassenis" I'm using the Latin name because if you Google Bluespot Flathead, you'll get a few with this common name. Thats all I could think of as the "Platycephalus caeruleopunctatus" Eastern Bluespot. I thought didn't came into that shallow water. Thats my thoughts anyway. Buggar about the phone.
  11. Blackfish

    cold weather Trevs

    Great sessional Dave and congratulations on the PB Big Eye. Nice fun fish.
  12. Blackfish

    Fish id (Southern/False) Fusilier)

    Southern and False Fusilier same thing I believe (Bloody common Names) Both are Paracaesio xanthura.
  13. Blackfish

    Any Ideas,(Pearl Perch)

    Hi BN. Rather than call it "The White/Grey thing on top of the Gill plate" I looked up the correct term. Mind you I couldn't spell it if it wasn't in front of me. All the best mate and I hope your scaring some Cod.
  14. Blackfish

    Avoca rocks

    Second fish from the left is a Rock Cale. I've never eaten one but I'm led to believe they are not to good.
  15. Blackfish

    Fish id (Southern/False) Fusilier)

    My "Guess" would be a False Fusilier. Paracaesio xanthura. Aways happy to be corrected. 🙂 I think RickM Id one last year.