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  1. Blackfish

    Botany bay 17/12/18

    Me thinks it could be one of the Juveniles they have released lately.
  2. Blackfish

    My favourite fishing spots

    Awesome stuff Neil, some classic Aussie bush scenes. Thanks for posting.
  3. Blackfish

    Jindabyne Fishing Club Christmas comp

    Great report Gordo. Fishing , camping out under the stars, beautiful scenery. Big win all round I recon.
  4. Blackfish

    Sydney heads

    And they call P & O the "Fun Ship" šŸ‘Ž
  5. Blackfish


    Bloody nice pics, buggar about the fish.
  6. Blackfish

    WTF? What type fish? (Striped Scat)

    B.M you have there a Striped Scat. Selenotoca multifasciata
  7. Blackfish

    Port Hacking PB Flattie and surface kings

    Thats a nice Hacking Lizard Bear. Congratulations mate.
  8. Blackfish


    Thanks for posting Jon and Co great read. šŸ‘
  9. Blackfish

    More Pearlies

    Thats excellent.
  10. Blackfish

    Sorry, No Photo

    Iā€™m with Frank.
  11. Blackfish

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Then the Cod will not be sleeping easy BN
  12. Blackfish

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

  13. Blackfish

    Lake mac yakn

    I can't believe no-one has said ... "So you've ticked another off you Bucket list" Tish Boom.
  14. Blackfish

    What's your preferred lure type??

    That was my favourite as well many years ago, in Texas Red colour. Had to change the hooks though from bronzed. The Breams Hard mouth used to destroy the little hooks. There was another one we used called a Bass Magnet in the similar colour.
  15. Blackfish

    South West Rocks

    Now your just making us Jealous Bruce. šŸ˜€