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Community Answers

  1. Great fish again there Jeff, especially love the second photo with that cloud cover, really frames the subjects. 👍
  2. Again another great read Waz, thanks again for taking the time to write it up. 👍
  3. That’s one hell of a bream. Congratulations on the fish, the Flattys aren’t to bad either.
  4. Great report and photos again Dave. Good to see you went out and had a go yourself, bet that was rewarding. Also, I really like the Sunrise photos and catching an unusual fish. Good stuff.👍
  5. One of the best posts of the year Dave, I felt like I was there. Thanks for taking the time to put it up.
  6. Thats fantastic, big thumbs up for that one. 👍
  7. To add to @kingie chaser link. Here is a section from DPI " Towra Point Taking, gathering, destroying, injuring or interfering with any fish or marine vegetation (whether dead or alive), other than taking fish using hand held lines or lawful recreational nets from that part of Towra Point Aquatic Reserve referred to as the refuge zone shown in Schedule 2. Note: This includes a prohibition on feeding fish or the use of burley to attract fish. Link https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/633581/Aquatic-Reserves-Notification-2015-Government-Gazette.pdf So if it was in the "reserve" it seems OK to Fish in there.
  8. Great story again Waz, you bought back memories Again, Matchsticks to stop the sinker sliding down. I'd forgetten about that. Thanks mate.
  9. Used to get some really good Trags out there in the day, late in the afternoon when all the boats had gone as well as good Snapper. Mind you both are hard to come across out of Sydney these days.
  10. I remember the lids on those glass kegs, take it off and had a good opening to drink out of.
  11. Waz, wasn't the KB Kegs the Glass Bottles, shaped like a keg, though i do remember the big cans of KB.
  12. Or Reschs which would always give me a terrible headache. Though a lot drank it.
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