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  1. Great stuff @Ryder , a bag of Luderick, Avon Reel, Butterworth Rod ...... if only had more time i'd go back to the Dark Art.
  2. Wow, I know my preference.
  3. That’s one Cracker of a break there. Nice work getting him off of the Pylons
  4. @xerotao I had a bit of a look at Seaperch/ Bass and they seem to be the same, Lateoladrax japonicas. Happy to be corrected though and yes its one of them. 😀
  5. Blackfish

    Poor start

    What a Bastard.
  6. To big for a Japanese Sea Perch, or it's a Record. I believe its been I'D ed as a Mulloway. I guess it's just the angle of the photo that makes it look odd.
  7. Great stuff BN, Love what you said about putting the boat in and no one was there "Again". I think that that's we dream about up here mate.
  8. Great report there Niall, congratulations on the all fish to.
  9. May be interesting down here after all the rain, which is certainly needed. Hope you get some there Neil, always good to see your photos to.
  10. Good that you got a fish in Bruce before this weather turns up. May be interesting after this flush of rain.
  11. That was something not brought up before @wcurrall about a knife sharpening course, great idea. And yes Dexter Russels are highly regarded.
  12. Great happy face there Pickles, oh and the fish are great to mate.
  13. Theres been a heap of posts over the time on here. Have a search and I'm sure you will find lots of info and opinions. As @Koalaboi said learn how to sharpen them and keep it sharp with a Steel.