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  1. I think they are just common names there @JonD , I suppose you could call it either. Always happy to be corrected though. πŸ™‚
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts go out to the family.
  3. I would guess its a Weed Whiting. Maybe a Blue, but not sure.
  4. Thats fantastic Pickle, priceless photos now but in years to come the memories that they will bring back will be worth even more. Big thumbs up for both of you, oh and happy Birthday to Charlie.
  5. Excellent again Isacc, bet Humbert was happy.
  6. Geez Jon, that is some sea going venture that ended well.
  7. Excellent fish. Well deserved for all your effort.
  8. You're a thoughtful man BN. πŸ‘
  9. Sounds like a great time coming Pickles. Only ever used Handlines live baiting back in the day for Kingys at the Peak and Jewys at the normal haunts out from Sydney and Broken Bay. The Kingys we used to call it Arm Wrestling with the heavy landlines.
  10. Great story Waz. We used to collect what we would call tube worms from the ocean rocks or in the water around ocean rocks where you would be up to you waist in water on the Central Coast and would occasionally get one in the clump of worms. Also got one up in Woy Woy bay a few years ago so they certainly get around.
  11. Always great to read your reports Neil and see your photos. Thanks mate.
  12. Very nice catch there Yowie and at this time of year.
  13. That certainly looks good and as Neil said you look like you're right into it. Good stuff. I would agree with these sort of Beers you taste changes at times, that's why there's so many out there and they are for the taste. Love a good heavy Beer or Stout in the colder months but I can only drink one or two then I go to the big brands for a couple more As for Quaffing Beers I recon that's more for the drink and the result but.
  14. You keep bringing back great memories again Waz. Never been spiked by a Fortescue but have been by Spinefoot/Rabbitfish. When I was a kid I'd ride my bike down to a railway bridge, climb up on it and fish off it for Luderick. Now its banned because of the danger of big trains hitting people, its amazing no one did get killed. You would need to up on the lines, make sure there was no trains coming (one end you had a good view of what was coming but the other was a bit of a blind corner) run along them, get the Pylon you wanted to fish off, then squeeze down between the 2 tracks. You would then sit on the pylon with your legs dangling over and fish off. This was a fair bit above the water and when the trains came over they were just above your head. At certain times of the year we used to hook the occasional Rabbit fish, they were never very big but still had us wary. Had one flip when I was getting it off that got me on the finger and that hurt but another time I was being so careful to get this thing released, finally getting the hook out of it I pushed it over the side with the knife. Now there I was bare feet as we only wore thongs in those days. The fish did a wonderful 108 deg flip and as it was falling went Dorsal splines down on my dangling foot. This happened in slow motion as I watched it all unfold. Now that bloody hurt and I still had to ride my bike home. Ahhh great memories, that's one of the better things of getting old, you have a great collection of them. Thanks again Waz.
  15. Thats some very clever lyrics there Baz. Good stuff.
  16. Another great read Waza, thanks mate.
  17. Great read and great photos Thanks for posting.
  18. Envious of you Bruce, good on you. πŸ‘
  19. Good stuff Dave. I went past that spot before the 5 Klm rule was put in place (I'm in Ryde LGA) and saw someone fishing there.
  20. Thanks Wazza another one that bought back memories. πŸ™‚
  21. Great stuff again Waz, thanks mate.
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