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  1. I think it might be a purple Maori cod?
  2. Was caught at grotto point on a metal. Thinking maybe some kind of cod? It was released after a few pics.
  3. Yeah all caught on 40g Spanyid Raiders. Thanks Luke! Happy to help
  4. Tight lines on the ledge! No worries, saw people were wondering about Bonnies so headed out to have a spin and see if they were biting. The bite was consistent from when I got there to about 9am then it tapered off. That's when the kings turned up. Fish were being caught on metals, hardbodies as well as pillies suspended under floats.
  5. Hit South Avoca rock platform this morning Just before sunrise and started throwing around some 40g spanyids. Managed 5 bonnies, the largest going 50cm. Managed to catch 2 rat kings as well which was a first for me, pretty exciting stuff! Hope to see you on the ledge. Just a reminder to stay safe on the rocks and always wear appropriate footwear. Sorry about the potato quality pics.
  6. It's a lotto advertisement I'm pretty sure, there's a banner on the other side. Saw it driving around in Parramatta the other day.
  7. It's a Yellowfin Goby (Acanthogbius flavimanus)
  8. I've been using the berkley scumdog, it's been working great for me so far.
  9. I've got 1/8 jigheads. So would a number 1 hook be an allround hook for flatties and bream? Also are the tt jigheads significantly batter than squidgy jighead because there is quiet a price difference.
  10. So I've recently gotten into SP fishing and need to buy some more jigheads. I have a few packets of zman 2.5 grubz and am looking to purchase some 1/12 and 1/16 TT headlockz jigheads. However I have no idea what size hook to match with the 2.5 grubz. 1/12 comes in sizes 1, 2 and 1/0 while 1/16 comes in sizes 1 & 2. Any help would be appreciated Fishy
  11. Went to Kiama over the Christmas period and had some time to go fishing. Headed out one morning with some banana prawns from woolies. 50% off as well because they were closed the next day. Ended up getting 500g for $5. The waves were pretty tame for the rocks so I chucked out a piece unweighted, not 5 minutes later i had a decent size wrasse so chucked that in my keepr net. Fished for another 30mins without a bite. Then out of nowhere I felt a tap tap and a great tug. My drag started screaming and my poor rod was bent like i had never seen before. 2 minutes later i managed to get it at my feet when disaster struck! There was no more fight but instead I was snagged. The fish had run into the rocks and weed. 5 minutes of free spooling saw no improvement. I was about to cut my loses when suddenly the line started moving again. Dragged the fish to the surface and realised I had forgot my keeper net at home and it was not looking good with the frayed line. Another nerve wracking several seconds later a wave came in just enough that i could drag it to my feet. I was pretty much shaking from that encounter.The fish measured up to be about 39cm and 1.3kg. There was what seemed to be a old injury from an encounter with a spear on its dorsal fin. Could not have been better timing with my parents calling me home for breakfast right after. There was quiet a feast that night.
  12. yeah it definitely is. I worked my way around canada and exile. Can't speak highly enough of it as a training ground.Quiet a battles were fought a metre away from where i was standing. I can now slowly hone my sp technique. yeah definitely not. The picture was taken at high tide as well
  13. There are some massive lizards and stonker bream in the shallows. It was a shame the canals weren't firing.