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    Bream Getting Airbourne In Winter

    I had a 45cm flatty launch at a px45 in the summer, I couldn't believe I saw it except I caught it. I saw what I think was 3 bream all porpose out of the water together 1 morning on the local sand flats, I reckon they were being chased by something big. I have also seen some agressive hits by big whiting on popers but not out of the water. cheers
  2. Jamiel1000

    Giant Bream

    best I have ever got
  3. Jamiel1000

    Southland Nz

    Hi Erroll, what type of budget should someone have in mind to do this type of trip. the mrs may be going to the north island for work and I was thinking of sneaking over with her. any tips? cheers Jamie.
  4. don't know what happened to the Loomis didn't even get 1 cast in. anyway I have just ordered the replacement and should get it today. I can vouch for the trout tunes that all I ever use when spinning for trout and they work great. the streams up there where fantastic so clear and running very well. the mud tracks were a different story. I getting keen for trip up the mountains in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Nice work Dean, I just got back from the ebor area and picked up around 7 12" rainbows in 2 days. broke my Loomis fly rod when are you heading up next cheers jamie.
  6. Jamiel1000

    Ebor New England

    both what ever is needed
  7. Jamiel1000

    Ebor New England

    I'm heading up to the Styx river NP this easter weekend after a quick stop over at Cresent Head. going to set up camp in the Wattle Flats and then go wandering around from there. Any tips on some good spots for a keen trouter around the area. Last time I headed up there I stayed at Wattle Flats and worked up the river from there. Some people say that the fishing is no good down there and others say the oposite. Any comments/advise would be great.
  8. Interested in opinions on best set up for flat fishing. I have fished these flats (mud and sand) near home for years now and have caught plenty of whiting bream and flatheads on SP's and HB's. I can't get anything on fly. I must have one of every type of fly in my kit but have no confidence in them. The only luck I have had was from using SP's sandworms on a small hook used on the 8 # but this was not that satisfying. Mostly these flats are about ankle to 5 feet deep and I have caught flaties up to 80cm and breams average around 30 cm in size. I have a 5# Loomis and a 8# Reddington both with WF floating lines and long leaders. I can cast pretty well. I think it's a confidence thing any tips on fly choice, line setup leaders
  9. Jamiel1000

    Trebble Trouble

    thanks for all the responses
  10. Jamiel1000

    Trebble Trouble

    Now the bass are starting to fire I have remembered one of my pet hates about surface lures. Linking trebbles it seems every 2nd cast I make when I retrieve the lure the front trebble is either hooked over the front mouth of the jitter bug, caught up in the front prop of the fizzer or link up with the rear trebble. I was going to down size the hooks but am worried this will mean more missed hits/hookups. any comments.
  11. Brooklyn Railway Dam Has anyone fished this small dam it is meant to have bass in it. cheers
  12. Jamiel1000

    I Had To Laugh

    no it was the little 40 not the 48. I have already picked up 2 more and heaps of SP's to replace it.
  13. I was fishing under the north side of the Figtree bridge last night on the incoming tide using my old favorite EGsx40. I was bringing it in nice and slow and enjoying a few nice hits when it snagged up on a submerged rock close to the rock wall. I waited to see if it would float up but no good so I started to reliase that this one was staying in the drink. I tightened up the drag and proceeded to break the leader loose off the lure and thought "oh well off for some more tackle tomorrow". I looked back at the water and there is the 40 just coming to the surface. Well I thought great the wind will blow that to the base of the wall and I should be able to grab it back, TOPS! Anyway I turned around to put the rod down and when I turner back around to plan my next move "Splash" some big bloody fish smashed it off the surface and that was the last I saw of it. So it was off to the tackle shop today to replace that sx40 with 2 more and some extra sp's just incase. Cheers
  14. Jamiel1000

    Do Mullet Take Flies Consistently?

    I was done the river (LCR) yesterday afternoon with the 4# flyrod and a dry fly flicking at them, the swirls came up and around the fly but I think this was a fluke, no takes though. Might try a small nymph dropper off a dry next time. the day I hook one it will be a great fight. cheers
  15. Jamiel1000

    Opening Weekend For Trout

    Steve it is between Tarana and O connell on Muttons Falls road. You have to be careful where you fish as a lot of the river is on private property but if you head down stream from the reserve and stick to the left hand side you should be fine, always respect the farmers and shut gates, don't break fences, dont' leave rubbish behind and try not to spook the live stock. cheers Steve.