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  1. bazagorokan

    Squid again

    good onya Rick , good to see the squid are turning up. I will see you up there soon . cheers......
  2. bazagorokan

    Interesting Read For Anyone That Fishes Tuggerah Lakes

    I fish quite often in the Gorokan and Toukley part of the lakes and for the last 6 months the flathead have been well down on previous years . There has not been a lot of good rainfall in the last year . And I think that could be why the Entrance is so clogged up with sand . The lake system may benefit from a big rain event to open the channel and flush out the creeks as well.
  3. bazagorokan


    I am fairly certain a member from The Entrance on the central coast NSW grows his own . I think his user name is Stapo . Cheers.
  4. bazagorokan

    Lake macquarie squidding

    you can also try the public wharf at Belmont , and I have caught squid at Summerland Point wharf which is also lit up at night. and I have also caught squid at Murrays Beach wharf but you need to take a headlight with you as it is not lit up at night . try to use good quality jigs like Yamashita or Yozuri , not too big 2:5 or smaller in the lake as the squid are not big calamari , they are arrow squid . they are still good eating and good bait. .......cheers and good luck.
  5. bazagorokan

    black or yellowfin bream

    thanks guys as long as its a bream i am satisfied , cheers.....
  6. bazagorokan

    black or yellowfin bream

    thanks Qnut , i have caught lots of bream in the river and the lake over the last 24 years and this was the first fish that did not have a yellow anal spike and the fish was darker than usual . maybe some black bream make their way up hear.
  7. bazagorokan

    black or yellowfin bream

    gooday to everyone , last wednesday i caught a bream from wyong river , and i noticed that the bream was darker than usual and the large spike on the anal fin was dark . every other bream i have caught at wyong river and tuggerah lakes have been yellowfin . i would like to know if the black bream do occur this far north ? the bream i caught was healthy and put up a good fight and was 27 cms. was caught about 1 km from where the river meets the lake. i will attempt to post a couple of pics as i am a novice at uploading photos. cheers........
  8. bazagorokan

    Post Storm Monster Devestation

    Bad luck fishingguy my guess the fish may have been a bream or estuary perch that took the live prawn that far up river.
  9. bazagorokan

    Tuggerah Lake Luderick

    Great luderick Qnut must be well over a kilo , did you get it on cabbage weed or the lake weed ?
  10. bazagorokan

    tuggerah lake bream

    before july a bloke i know was catching flathead right at the bridge on soft plastics , curl tail and grub i think 3" in pumpkinseed. and yes Qnut i agree that if the wind is strong you need to use a small running sinker if baitfishing. i have been using 4lb flouro on the bream and have only had the line break when has cut off on the bridge concrete pylons as i try to cast close to them, that is where the bream like to stay.
  11. bazagorokan

    tuggerah lake bream

    yeah novicefisherman does get busy there on weekends especially in the warmer months . best if you fish early morning or late afternoon and evening, even better on weekdays . i have found that you have to fish really light lines , minimum sinker if using bait as there is very little tidal flow . when i bait fish for bream with a cheese and flour pudding i dont use any sinker , as the pudding bait is enough weight to reach bottom . also the Wyong river that flows into tuggerah lake is a good place to throw in a line if landbased . i have caught good bream there and is good for float fishing for mullet and also luderick in the cooler months.......cheers.
  12. bazagorokan

    tuggerah lake bream

    G`day fellow fishing fanatics , this is my first post on this forum . i have been following fishraider forum now for about a month and am really impressed . the members are very encouraging and seem to give advice to help others who may not have as much knoledge or experience. anyway i fished tuggerah lake this morning , landbased near toukley bridge got there just before sunup to try my new BERKLEY dropshot 1-3 kg 7 foot rod with my old shimano 2500 threadline reel . i`ve got just 4 lb flouro line on it, i managed to land 2 nice bream 31 cm and 29 cm . i was only using bait , pudding made with cheese and plain flour and was also using some chicken fillet , both bream caught on the pudding unweighted. i kept the 2 bream as we havent had fresh fish for a couple of weeks thanks to the crap weather. the lakes water is really dirty at the moment and quite a bit of current which made it difficult to hold bottom. i have been getting quite a few bream during winter fishing light and also fishing early morning or late in the arvo . now that i have a decent rod i want to start fishing soft plastics to target the bream and also flatties as the weather warms up. so i am open to any advice regarding SP`s and also the best sizes or weights of jigheads. hope i havent bored you folk , cheers from " bazagorokan ".