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  1. Cheers for the help mate.
  2. Thanks guys yeah I done better than expected last time I fished here that was for a family weekend with friends so was limited in my fishing time. This weekend is all about the fishing, happy to do the leg work on the water to find the fish have a friend hoping to come and bring his tinny, I’ll be out of my yak. Google maps is great but given the low dam levels and what I can find via google is it’s remote so make sure your prepared and not sure with the level if you can launch launch boats was hoping to tap into the Fishraider experience. Probably going to be my last chance at a fish For cod due to a possible deployment for Covid so trying to be as prepared as I can be.
  3. Gday legends Heading back to Wyangala for another crack. Has anyone camped at Gerties or Quartpot before? Camped in the van park last time but prefer the Bush camping if possible. Also can you launch a boat from these spots and is fishing off the bank any good of a night? Cheers Katoe
  4. Hey mate they are a nice freshwater eating fish. As Big Neil mentioned they can be a fatty fish as they get bigger. My favorite freshwater fish to eat is yellowbelly but I don’t mind eating the old freshwater Jew(eel tail catfish) either and a lot of people don’t like them haha.
  5. Cheers Gus definitely caught the fishing bug again now haha. cheers Katoe
  6. Hey mate only new to Yak fishing have only really chased bread and butter on the flats around Botany Bay and took it away at Xmas to Bateman’s Bay and produced some nice feeds of flattys. Australia Day weekend took it to Wyangala dam and managed 4 cod. Enjoy all these types of fishing thinking of fishing the George’s River for Jew and flatty regularly until I build confidence in fishing out of it. cheers Katoe
  7. Hey mate She still had some eggs left inside when I cleaned her is the only reason I called it a she. I’m with you in the opinion that can be male female at any size although I have heard 2 different things about large cod one bigger large females produce more eggs so better for breeding stock and a conflicting opinion that once cod get to a certain size they don’t breed anyway. What are your thoughts on it? Have only just got the bug back for fishing after having a bit of a break so will definitely be getting out more. Cheers Katoe.
  8. Gday Legends, Got out to Wyangala Dam for the Australia Day long weekend with the intention of trying to catch a feed of yellowbelly. Due to wife and kids etc only managed a few hours out on my Kayak on the Sat Morning. Woke at 5am snuck out of camp drove down to the receded waterline prepped kayak and launched about 5:45. Trolled a hard bibbed lure across to the other quieter bank with the intentions of working up to some submerged timber I could see up near the dam wall sounding out for underwater structure as I went. Being the first time here as I approached the where the timber was I see that it’s past the no boat zone BUGGER!!! Having passed some nice boulder Ed structure in about 5m of water off a steep bank on the way there I decided that had to be plan B. Spun the kayak around and added a spinnerbait our the back first pass back over the structure and bang the rod with the spinnerbait loads up after a fun fight in a yak a 65cmish fish at the boat and lip gripped. Decided as haven’t had a feed of Cod in a while this fish would feed everyone at camp no waste so into the live tank she went. sorted my lures out again passing over the same structure in the same direction and bang same lure hit again and after a nice fight a 56cmish cod comes into the boat and is released. Set the lures out again adding a second spinnerbait instead of the bibbed lure out heading back the other way pass over structure with no bumps nice wide turn paddling back over structure and bang another hit on the lure that the other two were caught on short fight and a 45cmish cod at the boat and released. Call comes over the 2way kids are awake can I come back in. Trolling my way back over a featureless flat and bang same lure is on again with a 40cmish cod, fish is boated and released. Paddle back and recover the yak about 8:30 leaving the fish biting. Kept fish cleaned and filleted with quite a lot of fat in her. Fish and chips served for lunch. Spewing I only got the one session in and definitely planning a dedicated fishing trip back . thanks for reading Katoe
  9. Gday legends Heading Wyangala on the weekend for the first time never fished there before anyone got any tips or advice? Staying in the caravan park and have a Yak guessing the boat traffic being long weekend will be pretty bad plan so far launch at the park and find submerged timber and work with spinner baits and soft plastics. Not chasing massive cod wouldn’t mind a feed of yellowbelly though. cheers Katoe
  10. Nice one mate just bought a Hobie Yak setting it up for fishing at the moment. Will be mostly fishing the George’s looks like you have it sorted 👍.
  11. Katoe

    The Peak

    Thanks mate 👍
  12. Katoe

    The Peak

    Gday All. Have had a work enforced break from fishing lately but a friend has bought a new boat and wants me to try and help him boat his first legal king. Has the peak been holding fish how consistent has it been fishing? Thanks Katoe.
  13. Katoe

    Gummy shark

    Gets rid of the ammonia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Mate we all do it I was lucky enough that it didn't bounce off but found that it wasn't locked onto the ball just before I launched. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk