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  1. AFrayedKnot

    Terrigal spinning 25/4/15

    Thanks champ Hopefully I can have a go at the Bonnies when the water clears up abit
  2. AFrayedKnot

    Terrigal spinning 25/4/15

    Yes I knew I was going to end up posting a report sooner or later, but my last few sessions haven't been this fun so I thought why not report this one
  3. AFrayedKnot

    Terrigal spinning 25/4/15

    Hi raiders This is my first report but have been a member for awhile now and really enjoy reading all of the fishing reports. So here it is. Arrived at terrigal haven at about 645am and weather was abit windy but that didn't stop us fishing so we got our gear ready and I decided to try my luck on some Bonnies but the water was really dirty and I assume it was from the rain a couple days ago. I tied on a small 10g metal and started spinning for 30 minutes without a touch but then my luck changed when I started hooking tailors almost every cast all between 30-40cm this went on for about a hour but than the tailors stopped biting so I tied on a 2.5inch grub and I started hooking yakkas, this biggest yakkas I've ever seen, estimated around 20-25cm, and a couple trevally's in the mix aswell, all fish was released. Packed up at 12pm no action after that but was a very fun day fishing with light gear Sorry didn't get a chance to take photos of the fish because I've dropped my phone in the water to many times and I've learnt not to put my phone in my pocket while fishing