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    Narra Lake yak sesh - mixed bag - NY Eve

    It was a great session mate. Great to learn a new technique and to top it off....IT WORKED!!!!

    Sydney kings

    Yes mate it’s my second one and snapped both. The blue one and on 30lb with a 5000 Stradic, did not high stick either. Hooked a good one and tightened up a bit during a run then boom. Won’t buy another

    Sydney kings

    22.4 yesterday at the 12 with some micro dollies on the fads. Wouldn’t take anything unfortunately

    Sydney kings

    Headed wide today for kings. After grabbing yakkas at the artificial we pushed out early in calm conditions. Was quite busy on the reef with most boats sporting bent rods around tide change. Boated 5 all around 85cm. After running out of live baits did some jigging on the lighter gear......snapped the gomoku on a decent fish.........again....!! good to see some quality fish around

    Nepean bass session

    Decided to wet the yak Friday morning so headed to Yarramundi for a bass session. On the water by 5.30am, paddled up stream and flicked a surface cicada around the snags and banks. Good amount of water and was flowing nicely, pushed right to some upper reaches having to carry the yak up some shallow fast flowing sections. after a few boofs but no hook ups, headed back down river after changing to a floating shallow diving hardbody. Got 2 small bass in a deep pool at the bottom of a fast flowing section. Continued on for no more hits. Was a beauty of a morning with great scenery. So nice to get out of the city. Stopped at the local tackle shop there, and picked up a small spinner bait for next time as I have not tried these yet.

    Sunday session from pittwater

    Headed out of Pittwater with a few mates on Sunday at first light after a late start. Still, we managed 2 large squid so pushed out and had a troll along the cliffs for 2 bonito. Checked out a few reefs/wrecks with jigs and strips for kings but no luck. Lots of large slimies and yakkas though so loaded up. Had a bottom bash in 50 metres and found good sized flathead and snapper with a nice sized pearl perch to top it off. We will have a few good dinners this week. Tight lines everyone.
  7. Nice fish boys well done. Good to see Chao on the scene again. I love my deep jigging offshore and got into land based shore jigging at the end of last summer after reading many of Chao’s reports. I always though of micro jigging as using small jigs such as the 15-30 g I use off the stones. The jigs in the pics look 130g +. Is this still micro jigging or just plain old jigging? Not an issue just wondering. Or maybe you are using super light jigging outfits on light line class. Keep up the good work

    Land-based HSS Shark Point (x2 outings)

    Nice report, that ledge should start firing in the next month or so. Must be good to get back to the old haunts, hopefully you will be rewarded soon!

    lake mac

    What an effort!!! No one can say you did'nt try. Nice work

    Can't complain about our day!

    Cracking squid. Have had some great sessions on them over winter myself. Let's Hope these nasty conditions sort themselves out soon

    Mako battle (I lost)

    Nice work, sounds like an epic battle.

    Check out this chopper!

    Good to know! That's a beast of a greenback mate .

    Browns rock sunday


    Browns rock sunday

    With the forecast large swell cutting any plans of getting outside or off the rocks I decided to check out browns rock. Got there early just before 6am. Fished pillie baits while trying for live bait. Got a legal tailor on bait jig that was later stripped up. Landed a nice fat salmon, plenty of just legal trevally and 3 large port jacksons all around 1.2metres. (Got a feeling it was the same fish as each time was a consistent size/ shape). Called it a day around 9 as the place filled up with the late starters!

    Help identifying this reel

    Mate in my opinion the cheap Diawa reels are rubbish, you really need to spend a few hundred $$$ to get a decent Diawa reel. The cheaper shimano reels around $100 will be smoother and give you much more hours of user pleasure. A "Sedona" will be in your budget or u might be able to pick up a "nasci" on sale somewhere in drummoyne for about $130 . Also Don't look past a "sienna". You won't find a better reel for $50