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  1. Krause! G'day buddy! We had a cracker of a summer those few years back, hey? You still rocking the reload? Mines still going strong. Went a bit quiet for a while as I changed jobs and couldn't plan trips effectively - they became opportunistic. Got a close mate involved as well, so we started fishing regularly together when the opportunities did arise. I only periodically check in here now as I moved to Melbourne about a year ago. Fishing down here but it's not as good as Sydney. I may well be back in a couple of years (or less), a primary motivator for which will probably be
  2. Almost certainly mate. Hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes and grown in to hoodlums!
  3. Hi everyone, I've been scouring the internet and the forums and haven't quite got what I'm after. I want to expand my overnight kayak camping trips. Previously, I've done the basin and Gentlemans halt on the Hawkesbury. Love loading up the swag and essentials on the yak, and setting off for a real rough trip (not the basin, obviously!). The best way for me to pose this question - could I, hypothetically, paddle down from Parsley bay, fish around Gunyah beach, then throw the swag down there for the night? I know it's 'not allowed' but anywhere that I can do this sort of thing is
  4. Razzell


    Hi guys, Hanging around up at Copacabana over Christmas and don't know the area. I'm assuming standard beach fishing tactics apply, but could anybody point me in the direction of half decent bait/tackle that I can purchase around that way? (I'm expecting a drive) I'll hold my hands up - I'm generally far too lazy to catch my own bait! Cheers, Razz
  5. Great setup - hope you have lots of fun with it! I've got two Sedonas and really enjoy them - very smooth and, most importantly, hardy. They get hammered in the kayak and haven't ever seemed to be affected. Two piece is the way forward - nice one
  6. Thanks so much everyone - you've given me some cracking places to check out
  7. Hi all, I have my father coming over for Christmas and I want to take him fishing as much as I can. He taught me to fish and is really excited at the prospect of fishing Sydney and seeing how I live my life. Unfortunately, I can't take him out in the kayaks! I'm not sure of the rules (have dug around), but would like to ask if anyone could PM me or recommend a charter (or charters) that fit (roughly) the following criteria: Looking to fish the harbour systems or inshore reefs - he'll struggle with anything too hectic Early morning start - half day - mid December
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