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  1. Mgarbett

    Sydney offshore update

    Limited on Dolphinfish for 4 fisherman yesterday out of Broken Bay. Water up to 23.5, and cobalt blue. Greasy conditions and an easy NE wind at our backs for the way in.
  2. Mackeral - let us know how you go tmro if you go. Thx
  3. Thursday or Friday, folks? Wind looks lighter on Thursday based on my triangulations. Views? Thx
  4. So has anyone heard of any tuna reports in Sydney waters of late? YFT or BFT. Seems pretty quiet...and the water is warm.
  5. Made the mistake of believing the weather report on Tuesday and went out of Broken Bay straight east towards the shelf. The intention was to look for Tuna and or Makos. Lousy conditions, but at 16nm found a ripper of a bait ball being worked by birds and dolphins. Temp was 19.2. Hooked an approximately 80 kilo stripe on a JB Dingo Evil. Fish was on for 45 mins but came unstuck just when we got the trace up. Beautiful fish, lit up like a Christmas Tree. Pretty wild to see in August.
  6. Mgarbett

    Late call

    Tuesday looks good weather wise
  7. Mgarbett

    Late call

    Good luck. I was going to go on Saturday out of Broken Bay, but the wind forecast was bumped up as you saw.
  8. Mgarbett

    Fishing this Thursday

    what do you guys think about the conditions/wind this coming Saturday? mixed reports...thx
  9. Anyone out there fished the Tuna Hole, which is roughly 8nm ESE of Broken Bay Wide Shelf (35 nm from Barrenjoey)? With all the water pushing down I am curious about this place, and whether or not it would be holding YFT at this time of year. Any information/opinions appreciated. Thx.
  10. Mgarbett

    sydney blue fin

    Beautiful fish. Well done. Southern Canyons?
  11. Mgarbett

    Hat Head NSW Bait/Fishing Marks?

    Thank you for taking the time, Mako!
  12. Hello, Am taking the boat up to Hat Head mid April. Anyone out there have any marks they are willing to share for bait/fishing grounds in the area? Most of the info available is for SouthWest Rocks to the North. Thanks in advance!
  13. Mgarbett

    Botany Wide FAD, 15/02/15

    Nice Dorado and even nicer Sailfish!