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  1. Good to see the squid are back after the rain! I'll head down for a quick flick hopefully this weekend in between study
  2. They definitely are still around in middle harbour been averaging 2 every session, generally around the 60-62 mark Even in chocolate coloured water
  3. Kings are starting to show up around moorings of Scotland Island, got a couple of fun little rats today on pillies
  4. Thanks mate Nah I trolled it behind the boat doing about 4 knots, didn't spot them before hand but I know they like structure so thought there would be a chance they were hanging around the moorings
  5. Bit of a late report here Headed out with a mate up to Pittwater on Monday (21st) and was on the water at about 10am with a plan to find a nice spot out of the Southerly. On our way I decided to troll my new Rapala CD 11 lure that I had just bought over the weekend. Having never trolled before I thought I may as well throw it out to give it a try. About 3 minutes later, as we passed Royal Motor Yacht Club, zzzzzzzzz my rod buckles over. The next 10 seconds were mayhem, between me trying to get the rod out of the rod holder, my mate scrambling to the back of the boat to steer and the continual Southerly pounding us. With everything under control the fight began, mid way through the fish fell asleep and then sure enough once we saw colour he made a b-line for the bottom. Having not hooked up the sounder yet, I had no clue as to how much depth I had to play with. After a few minutes we got him in the net and into the boat. Both of us were so stoked as its the first legal king either of us have caught! He went 70cm and got turned into some delicious sashimi and dinner for the fam and grandparents Can't wait for summer Yew!
  6. I stay at the South Durras caravan park during Summer so I usually just fish that side but either North or South would be good I pump nippers up near the mouth of the south side and there's heaps of nipper holes up there, the whiting go mad for them I think the lake is currently closed, so it may have filled up a bit but you should still be able to wade out, if not there's plenty of spots to fish from the shore It's a great spot, it's where I got hooked on fishing! Jack
  7. Give Durras Lake a go if you don't mind a short drive Try pump some nippers which is fun in itself Plenty whiting, bream and flathead that will keep the little guy entertained Jack
  8. Jack741

    Durras Advice

    I spend two weeks of January down at Lakesea every year. The lake itself is full of fish (flatties, bream, whiting.. etc). Fishing straight behind the caravan park can get you some large flatheads and bream. Further up towards the entrance there are some huge whiting, but be prepared for a strong current as the lake is currently open. I found the most productive bait to be live nippers which can also be pumped in the lake. I went prawning this year as well and got a big bowl full of large prawns... some people were getting a few kilos a night the week before i got there. Beach fishing is also good and there is some deep gutters right out the front of the caravan park (dangerous beach for swimming). At the south end of the beach the headland is often fished by rock fisherman but I've never done it myself so can't comment on how productive the spot is.
  9. Yeah broken spine seems to be the general consensus. Sent an email to Fisheries just then to try and get a definitive answer. I'll post the reply when it comes
  10. No worries I just let him swim away after a few photos His back half seemed much heavier in the water making him swim strangely with his head lifted Had a crap sense of direction as well, swam straight into my sisters leg (que squeals) then practically jumped into my hands haha
  11. Not edited just put up second photo to put the size of fish into perspective
  12. whoops meant to say drummer haha now edited the title
  13. Went for a swim at Seaforth today near Pickering Point and saw this guy swimming in waist deep water. He had a weird swimming style and after a bit of chasing I managed to catch him with my hands. Any ideas?
  14. I've been twice in the last two weeks, pulled in a 44cm flathead the first week then a 33cm flounder the following week. Both on salted pillies.