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  1. There’s also the wreck at Quakers just behind the point that holds yakkas. If you have a sounder you should find it no problems.
  2. Thanks all for your comments/ recommendations - great to get some insight in to peoples experiences with some of these reels. @PaddyT @Nyxy cheers for the insight to downrigging - certainly keen to give it a crack, just need to finish building the base for our Penn Fathom Master downrigger out of ally plate (OEM base plate is roughly $100 AUD for a piece of plastic 🤦‍♂️) @kingie chaser I suppose my reasoning for initially listing these reels was that I don't have all too much experience with Penn & Fin-Nor and was keen to hear opinions on those particular brands as they are not
  3. Hi All, Hoping to get some advice on a new reel that will be matched to a Daiwa Demon Blood 72MH PE 3-5. This combo will primarily be used for downrigging live squid and yakkas in the hope for a few hoodlums. We are about to setup a downrigger on the boat. I am basically after a tough, no frills reel and am not too concerned about weight as I wont be casting all that much (if at all) with this combo. Have other combo's for casting etc inc. Soccorro 6000 that has handled kings to 90cm+. So far I've got the below reels on my review list (inc. pricing/deals but wont mention where
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