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  1. Stealthmission

    Avoca lagoon

    Avoca, Cockrone, Terrigal and Wamberal lagoons are open...
  2. Stealthmission

    Map of inshore reefs around Broken Bay?

    HI Raiders... I am based at Gosford and have a boat which I am getting more confident in taking fishing out in Broken Bay and near shore reefs. I was wondering if anyone has a map or aerial photo of the various reefs not too far from Broken Bay (i.e. where are east reef and west reef, boultons etc ). Dot have all the offshore safety gear as yet so not wanting to go beond the 2 km mark. Cheers Stealth
  3. Stealthmission

    Where do I find squid?

    Hey there Gatts, I am from Erina and have also found the squidding tough. I am new to it though so not sure if I have the technique sorted! Let me know if you find them! Stealth
  4. Stealthmission

    Troll Broken Bay

    Hey members... Been too long since I have been out on the boat. Was thinking of heading onto Broken Bay for a troll and wondered if anyone has some tips as to what is biting and/or lure spreads which may work this time of year??? Cheers Stealth
  5. Stealthmission

    Gosford Tuesday 28th

    Nice work mate... Brisbane Water is an excellent system for fatties!
  6. Stealthmission


    Mate it is a great facility... rap to pontoon exists, safe ramp and well protected. Council has done a great job rebuilding the seawall and collecting stormwater off carpark! Stealth
  7. Stealthmission

    Hawesbury river

    You can track the freshwater coming down the Hawkesbury from the Warragamba dam release and at Berowra Waters Most notable at Gunyah point is the drop in salinity. These graphs are updated every 6 hours. Notes on the data if you do click on the links : - These probes measure surface waters (1m depth) - Due to vandalism the Courangra Point is not operational and is being replaced - The "spike" at Laughtondale in the CHLa was due to faulty probe which has been replaced Stealth
  8. Stealthmission

    Brisbane Water Sunshine

    Woke last Sunday to be surprised by birds chirping and sunshine! We thought we should get amongst it and head out on Brisbane Water for a fish... put in about 9 a.m. at Gosford. Drifted with prawns and squid strips in Paddys Channel for about 30 minutes... got a nice bend in the rod and a few runs... to pull in a nice thick 58 cm flattie. Followed it up with a 28cm bream before moving to the entrance reach for another keeper bream. Flatty fillets were a treat on the BBQ... bream tonight! Nice relaxing few hours on the water Stealth
  9. Stealthmission

    Anchoring at West Head Baitgrounds

    I was the same... having only just got a boat I headed there last Friday for yakkas... the sounder showed a mix of reef and sand/wedd patches. We just used the sand anchor in an area about 50 m from shore and it worked a treat... unfortunately the yakkas weren't such a treat with the Jew! Stealth
  10. Stealthmission

    Pittwater Kings

    Bloke at the Persley Bay Boat Ramp had cuaght a 70 cm kingie from near Lion Island last Friday if this helps?
  11. Stealthmission

    Beach Gutters

    Ditto with Wrigglers comments... the other thing to be aware of is that gutters can run both parallel and at right angles from the beach... As they are constantly changing you may be best to check out the fishing spot at low tide there the gutters will be more obvious.. Hope this helps Stealth
  12. Stealthmission

    Troll Broken Bay North

    Thanks wriggler... hope to see you out there some time mate. I am in a Haines Profish 495.... just starting to set up my lure selection so the tips are appreciated! Just saw in the NSW Government Gazette that waters adjacent to Buiddi National Park are banned from commercial fishing! Only going to get better for us! Cheers Stealth
  13. Stealthmission

    Upgrade to a dream...

    So have finally traded in the old JJ Savage 3.88m runabout for a brand spanking Haines Hunter 495 Profish with 90hp E-Tec. Picked her up on Friday and spent the day on Saturday getting used to it. Headed around north side of Broken Bay entrance, over to Palmy round Lion Island etc... only used about 18 litres of fuel, handled the wind chop nicely coming home. Surprisingly easy to launch and retrieve. Got to thank Craig and the team up at Huetts Marine who made the purchase a pleasant one... and happily answered my million questions! Can't wait to get her out.... feeling a sickie coming on! Stealth PS - not sure how to post a picture here!
  14. Stealthmission

    Troll Broken Bay North

    Hi Guys... just got a boat capable of getting offshore and headed for a troll. Headed from Brisbane Waters around the northern side of Broken Bay in close. There seemed to be a few nice reef features on the sounder but had no joy. Too many boats to be able to get right in close... Just wondering if anyone had any luck on this run before and, if so, what they caught and the best type of lures for the spread? Did manage some bream, flounder and small flatties off Ettalong. Had some massive Flatties follow and one massive croc chewed through the leader right at the boat too! Stealth
  15. Stealthmission

    Barramundi in the Harbour

    Working were ya!