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  1. mikei000

    Nelson bay kingies

    Update- had a go for squid at the marina near the most lit up areas for no luck so decided to have a sleep in for once. Back to Sydney to try here but I'll be back lol thanks guys
  2. mikei000

    Nelson bay kingies

    Thanks mate I'll have to get some squid tonight and give it a go, I believe your the go to man up here?
  3. mikei000

    Nelson bay kingies

    Yeah that' a good point, I just bought them from the coop unsalted and gutted which unfortunately they don't last as long being casted. Might have a go for some squid later tonight if the heartbreak from yesterday has healed enough. Thanks for the advice
  4. mikei000

    Nelson bay kingies

    Hey all long time between posts. Been up at the bay for a couple of weeks now and been trying to catch a kingie (only ever caught one). Was close to catching one at the marina yesterday because some spearfishernan swam across from the other breakwall under my line and speared a good size kingie right under where I was. Wasn't too happy about that, tell me if I'm wrong? Lol Only here for 1 more day but keen to have a crack tomorrow morning if anyone is keen for a partner for some rock fishing or if your boating Im Happy to contribute and clean etc. Currently been trying ganged garfish with a skirt, cast and retrieving like a lure from marina and rocks.
  5. mikei000

    'Fishing Hack' for those exited to get on the water

    That's a cracker mate . I used a piece of timber and just wouldn't cut the mustard. Great idea! Also would save on the sea sickness from looking down tying the knots out there
  6. mikei000

    Beach Fishing Bloopers

    I've had my burley bucket swept out to sea only to catch it again half an hour later! The fabled bucketfish
  7. mikei000

    Fishing Port Stephens

    What a legend, good on you guys
  8. mikei000

    Day out with Scratchie

    The most fun I've ever had fishing was up port Stephens catching bonito on rapalas. Too good looks like a stonker too
  9. mikei000

    Day out with Scratchie

    Top stuff guys. Great to hear there's guys out there willing to help out and share what they know. Shame about the pics but glad you had a good time
  10. mikei000

    Future report syd harbour Sunday 14

    So as promised here is the report! Got out to the ramp before light and headed out just as the sun was coming up. Headed straight for the wedding cakes, after a few rebaits going missing and minimal hits we changed approach and threw out some soft plastics which just got demolished ( I'm guessing leather jackets?) We decided to stop waisting bait and headed out to south head and anchored up. After half an hour and only a piddily wrasse we thought we would try the artificial reef. As we got to the reef and threw our lines down the weather man lied to us and the wind picked up. It only took one wave to almost come over the front (bow rider) and we called it quits for the calmer waters in the harbour. At that point we just wanted to catch a couple of fish so we thought we would chase some flatties. First cast and whack felt a pretty good weight and then the line started peeling off my 14lb light rod. With a good fight under the belt landed a just shy of 50 dusky which I was stoked with which we also called dinner. ( the hair proves it was a bit windy) With a few other flatties caught but not much worth mentioning we tried some other spots and then called it a day. Cooked up some beer batter and had a awesome feed with some squid caught last week .. Gave the dog some too and she wouldn't leave me alone after that . Anyway not too much too report but hope it was something worth reading, always good to be out there. Cheers mick
  11. mikei000

    Future report syd harbour Sunday 14

    . Ah cool, I've tried a lot of trawling and only ever seen them follow the bait never hooked on thanks
  12. Hey fishos, heading out Sydney harbour tomorrow (with report to come) looking for our first kingie! Been chasing them for way too long now and I reckon the hoodoo has gotta be broken soon. I have fresh caught squid frozen last week and plenty of lures and micro jigs. Was thinking of attacking either north head or making a move south and trolling/casting all the cliff edges and around. If anyone has some helpfull tips it would be much appreciated and would definitely make for some good reading for yourselves tomorrow! A monster kingie would be a bonus but I'd be just as happy with a rat. Cheers raiders- mick
  13. mikei000

    Hawkesbury Haitail?

    Tried Friday night Jerusalem bay nothing and cottage point
  14. mikei000

    Offshore kingfish mayhem

    Geeze guys can't you catch anything else? It's always kingies!!! Very jelous still trying for my first. Is the harbour still going for them I might do that next week
  15. mikei000

    A funny thing happened....

    Better than nothing!