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  1. Werris46

    Tom Ugly's bridge

    I agree with Paikea. The Hole in the wall is difficult one up, you really need to drive your boat on and off. St George MBC is by far the best facility , but it costs, $$$ which BTW is good as it turns a lot of fishos off so it is a lot less crowded than public ramps.
  2. Werris46

    Very Different Trevally(Samson Fish)

    Thanks Arty9 He took off like a train and was not happy about coming aboard. Really strong fish for its size, would like to try mum or dad. W
  3. Does any one know what species this little bloke is Landed it in Botany Bay yesterday, very impressive fight for its size, (about 20cm) Looks like a type of Trevally but very solid fish.