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  1. anthonype

    boat catch

    Anyone know the price of the Bar Catch from Bar Crusher?
  2. Wish the handheld would reach from the fads... Just can't risk being out there only not to get reception. Had consider connecting to an internal aerial, though then again the handheld are only 5w... So line of site or not, not sure power wise they're enough.
  3. Thanks guys. Yep, I'm now thinking a proper unit is the go.
  4. Yeah dollar wise the handheld probably wouldn save me much, if not the same. But maybe more convenient and obviously portable. They're appealing, but only if the 'reach' for calls. If not, then no good to me.
  5. Hi guys, I just recently upgraded my boat, and now that I want to start heading out to the Sydney FADs I feel I should also upgrade my marine radio. The boat currently has a 27meg unit and an Epirb, though I'm told by some that the 27meg radio is no good out at the FADs... Some 10kms plus. Is this actually true? If so, and VHF is the go, will handheld units of 5W power do the trick? I could also install a permanent unit and then connect to my chart plotter for the DSC... But to save the trouble of installing, more cables, antennas and holes, is handheld the answer. Anyone have experience with the Lowrance Link 2, I was also looking at a Uniden MHS127... Big difference between the 2 I know. Last thought, I suppose could also connect an external antenna to the handheld... But really is it worth it?
  6. OMG scratchie, that list is insane... Thank you.
  7. Cheers guys, appreciate it. Apoligies for the late response.
  8. Today I took my 3 1/2 y/o son and my 73 y/o father out for a fish in Botany Bay. My old man is mad about catching squid, so I did my research and sure enough, the spot I read up on served us well with half a dozen squid early on. Unfortunately after that we didn't catch anything else, and he wouldn't let me use any as live bait.. A good call in the end I think. Tried a few marks, the artificial reefs etc., but no good. My mate was also out on his boat and had better luck than we did, albeit he went just outside the heads and earlier than us (didn't have the heart to wake my son up too early... But I will next time lol). All in all it was a good day out. Any good marks would be very welcomed... Also, anyone have marks for The Peak?
  9. G'day raiders. Anyone hitting the Hacking today? Taking my old man out, he's desperate to fish for some squid (unfortunately not for live bait... but still a good feed). I'm going to try around Lilli Pilli but other than that don't really know where is best for squid around there. Any suggestions or coordinates would be appreciated. Cheers.
  10. Hey guys, what are the rules around using crab pots / nets? Are they legal / illegal, or does it depend on the area? On a recent trip out we pulled in two awesome blue swimmers on a normal bait and hook, and got me thinking to buy a crab pot. I have since heard about male vs female rules but wasn't really clear on it all. Any information would be appreciated.
  11. So, going off Seabreeze, this sat morning should be good wind wise...
  12. Hey all, what is the best wind condition / direction for boat fishing the East Coast, I.e Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay, etc. In particular to head outside? I'm always on Seabreeze checking wave and wind conditions, but to be honest don't know what direction is best.
  13. Nice man... I love fishing with light gear.
  14. Sure is. A year or so ago I fished at Molineaux Point using pillies and prawns, and baby snapper were a 'fish a cast'. Albeit alot of fun, I couldn't feed my family that night lol. Hopefully they've grown up and are still around.