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  1. geshy

    New setup, advice needed!

    kastking braid from ebay is unreal and cheap
  2. geshy

    Carp widespread?

    You talking about the coomaditchie lagoon thing
  3. geshy

    Lack of Baitfish

    Bait of the breakwall in port kembla is thicker then iv seen it the last few months
  4. geshy

    Storm last night

    Yep was definantly as bad
  5. geshy

    Storm last night

    Was fishing the port kembla breakwall as it was coming got home just as it started raining then 15minutes later the lightning started.. as I was leaving the breakwall a guy was walking out to start fishing told him he shouldn’t be going out there but kept going anyway hope he’s alright
  6. geshy

    Port kembla

    There open mate think it opens at 6 or 7am
  7. Hi

    If you need a fishing partner in the future i am available. I am a 
    64 year old semi retired active male and live in Paddington Sydney 2021. 
    Available 7 days or nights  a week by arrangement. Willing to travel out 
    of Sydney. I have my own transport and fishing gear, (i do not 
    have heavy duty offshore fishing gear). I have average fishing skills. I 
    am experienced at launching & retrieving, cleaning & maintaining boats. 
    Cleaning, scaling, filleting fish. No problem paying for fuel, bait, 
    food, etc. You are welcome to contact me any time for future fishing 
    trips. Keith. 0427292391.
  8. geshy

    WTF? What type fish? (Striped Scat)

    Old maid don’t get stung ouch
  9. geshy

    No fish but awesome day

    Burley up and get yakkas as livies and put them under a float or balloon and u will get a king
  10. geshy

    Breaking rods?

    Pretty sure I had a shimano baitrunner 8000d with 30lb braid and 50lb leader
  11. geshy

    Breaking rods?

    Iv caught sharks with that exact rod.. only bronzies around the metre mark though had no worries with them
  12. geshy

    Avoca rocks pt 2

    Cheers mate
  13. geshy

    Avoca rocks pt 2

    What U get the slimeys on mate? Little metal of the rocks?
  14. Hey everyone I recently moved from central coast to port kembla and don’t know anyone around here or know any spots really just wondering if anyone was wanting to meet up for a fish landbased or if you got a boat happy to share cost/bait etc have all my own gear for all types of fishing thanks.
  15. geshy

    Moreton bay

    Anyone around bribie?