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  1. geshy

    Breaking rods?

    Iv caught sharks with that exact rod.. only bronzies around the metre mark though had no worries with them
  2. geshy

    Big game fishing - ALL fuel paid for

    Yeah mate I think it’s over for the year and sorry I didn’t notice he said game fishing actually have no experience or gear for game fishing sadly but very keen to learn if you want an apprentice mate haha I could probably get my hands on some gear if you wanna pm me mate
  3. geshy

    Avoca rocks pt 2

    Cheers mate
  4. geshy

    Avoca rocks pt 2

    What U get the slimeys on mate? Little metal of the rocks?
  5. geshy

    Big game fishing - ALL fuel paid for

    If you got any more spots mate I’m keen willing to split cost? Thanks
  6. Hey everyone I recently moved from central coast to port kembla and don’t know anyone around here or know any spots really just wondering if anyone was wanting to meet up for a fish landbased or if you got a boat happy to share cost/bait etc have all my own gear for all types of fishing thanks.
  7. geshy

    Moreton bay

    Anyone around bribie?
  8. geshy

    Moreton bay

    hey everyone in Caboolture for a week wondering if anyone would be willing to go for fish Willing to pay for fuel and help clean boat and can travel abit thanks
  9. geshy

    New Zealand north island

    Thanks mate can u pm charters name
  10. geshy

    New Zealand north island

  11. geshy

    New Zealand north island

    Hey raiders got a trip planned from 25th August to 1st September will be staying in Auckland can anyone recommend some charters on the north island cheers.
  12. Toad of some sort
  13. geshy

    Putty beach-killcare

    There’s a bommy about half a k out and get heaps tailor and salmon off the beach also get afew sharks and the odd Jew
  14. geshy

    Wollongong snapper to 67

    Nice mate good feed there
  15. geshy

    Avoca 17-03-18

    Nice fish mate. Been any kings around Avoca lately?