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  1. Yep, that’s when he told me about the Flares. Yep it’s the 3rd time that pipe has burst in 6mths
  2. Hi All just to let people know I went along to the 9am session with my 2 Jackets and a mate who turned up with 5 Jackets. None of mine needed anything, but 3 of my mates need parts, 3 Canisters and 1 Auto inflation cap. One of his Co2 canisters was rusty the others had let themselves off when stored in the boat from being wet and then condensation inside the storage tub triggered the Auto inflation. was a great informal session, learnt a lot and had a laugh. Met a bloke who told us a story about a few years back, hitting a shipping container 8km of the coast at 30knots and he said it took less than a minute before the boat sank. The shipping container tore the front off the Haines Hunter and the motor drove it underwater. they were all wearing life jackets and lucky for them the Epirp and waterproof container containing phones and wallets also floated free a few minutes later. So a great way to spend 45mins and have my jackets checked and repaired free of charge ready for another year. One if the guys was the same guy who did the flare demonstration for you Mrs Swordfish.
  3. Not many on here from Brissy and is Sydney there is no permit required, you just pull up out of the way and relax.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, will have to dig my jackets out and go along to the Ermington one on the 9th Dec
  5. Does the trailer have Brakes or dual wheels? What size boat, if its a tinnie, just drop it onto the lawn, can grab 3 tyres from a tyre shop and sit the back of the boat on them. You will need a blue slip and if it has brakes then it will need to go on a weight bridge and get a weigh bridge ticket, I have used the local Waste disposal place, drove in disconnected the trailer, then picked up my ticket and went back to the wharf and picked up the boat and my mate. Do you know the brand of trailer, you might be able to download the spec sheet with the weight. Check all your lights work, tyres are good, ID numbers are clear and that the trailer isn't rusty as.
  6. make sure the spare tyre has air as well,
  7. Something everyone should see in person or complete before going to open water.
  8. For tubing we have used the lane cove & Middle harbour river a few times, all though our tube is like a 3 person lounge chair so not likely to fall off and my kids love speed but not the bumps. We have also Tubed in the Hawkesbury and Port Stephens. I launch from Rydalmere
  9. If your talking a few cartons I would grab it, any more than a few hundred and I would walk away. using the leg of the motor lift the motor up and down and see if the transom moves or flexes. Lift the floor hatches to see if there is any rot. can you put it in the water and see how it floats, make sure you remove the bungs first and drain the boat of rainwater, then replace the bungs and put it in the water, leave on trailer at first and look for leaks, then move it to the wharf and check for leaks. Keep the trailer handy. Check the trailer and grease the bearing or replace before towing, tyres will need replacing due to age and possible cracks Test the Trailer lights as well. I would take a fully charged battery and some lube and fill the engine cylinders with penetrating oil a week before hand, remove the plugs and see if you can turn the motor over using the fly wheel first.
  10. Hi eastwood there will be plenty of places in Eastwood, West Ryde that can do the blue slip. It doesn’t have to be a trailer mechanic, just a automotive mechanic who is authorized. lots easier than driving to Granville
  11. Do you have the Mech ability to do the repair / replacement work yourself? If you do Drop the tinnie onto the grass and on the trailer undo the retaining bolts and remove the fish plates and wheel the axle out. On the new axle grease and assemble the wheel bearings into the hubs and bolt to the new axle, add the wheels and roll under trailer, use new u hangers and fish plates and bolt back together.
  12. jeffb5.8

    Tinny fit out

    Love Looking at a boat project, my old tinnie had a battery box, switch panel for lights, fish finder and tackle storage set into the side between the two seats. it was in the opposite side that I sat on when driving which balances the boat. hatches in the front and rear are good for storing gear like spare rope, water proof containers with tools ext. i also has strip leds under the seats which gave good light at your feet without killing night vision.
  13. 1. There is a trailer place at Rydalmere who will sell you the axle and plates required to change the axel, They May also do the work I’m not sure as the do new trailers. It’s in the side street opposite Bunnings, you will need to measure the axel. (Edit: Trailer City Clyde St Rydalmere) 2. I take my trailer to Telopea Auto Mech under the service station, great guys, they could fit the parts if you supply and they will do the blue slip as well.
  14. sell the tinny and keep the trailer or
  15. I was at KeepIt Dam (Tamworth) and it is so low now that it doesn't even flow through the turbine room, so it must be down to less than 5%