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  1. jeffb5.8

    Quinny restoration

    MMMM Pretty I enjoy reading Project threads, Keep up the good work. You know your going to have to paint the whole boat, at least above the waterline to match the new windscreen. Jeff
  2. jeffb5.8

    Solas prop

    See what your selling dealer recommends and maybe they have a couple of different props you could try and also give Solas a call. im sure your the not the first to have this issue. p.s nice looking boat
  3. jeffb5.8

    Perch (i think) at rydalmere.

    Probably a little further down after the storms flushing the river.
  4. jeffb5.8

    trailer plug maintenance

    I have run over mine once with the jockey wheel and then my mate did it, so replacing it twice in 2.5yrs is great maintenance.
  5. jeffb5.8

    What Alloy does Quintrex /Telwater use?

    All the talk of offshore is fine, but from the reading 90% of your fishing will be done in bays, harbour and estuaries and if you venture offshore it wont be on bad days. I have the 4mm bottom and 2.5mm sides on mine (Stacer 539) and its great for pulling up at beaches in the Hawkesbury. Mine is pretty stable at rest but being alloy a lot bumpier than a F/Glass, but I just throttle back a bit. I can carry 7 but for fishing 3 is good and 4 only if 3 know how to fish and not get tangles.
  6. jeffb5.8

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    95 as it’s easy to pull up against at my local BP. Mid range between 91 and 98. only use BP where possible as be told two strokes and high reving motors which use Shell have varnishing on the plugs earlier and reduce plug life. Will try BP 91 now the sevice station near me has had new tanks and pumps installed.
  7. BRAND: Evinrude HP (model): 115hp V4 YEAR: 2016 BOAT DATA (length, weight): Stacer 539 Bow rider 5.39mtr Alloy YOUR SERVICE INTERVAL: 12mths FUEL: 95 HOW LONG HAVE YOU USED THE OUTBOARD (hours on motor): 80hrs in 2yrs TYPICAL BOATING USE (boating, skiing, fishing etc): Boating, Tubing and Fishing, lots of Dolphin watching and whale watching with the family. Great on fuel, Had a few issues since new and have now changed dealers, so hopefully they will be sorted after todays service. Biggest issue is having the right Tech to work on the engine, once you get that they are great, has plenty of power and I can do 3 days of cruising and tubing with a family of 5 on board and have about 20ltrs left (90ltr Tank) Legal to carry 7 but with 6 med to big adults it rips onto the plane and still does 60km at 5800rpm, pretty quiet on idle to med revs after that its at full song which its ear splitting but not as quiet as my mates Suzuki 4 stroke, but not like a old 2 stroke either. Issues All my issues stem from a poor diagnosis & oil injection problem, Plugs and Injectors cleaned at 15hrs for Misfire 15hrs - 70hrs multiple temp sensor alarms, oil purge alarms, low oil alarms Changed dealer 70hrs and oil sensor cleaned, oil system primed or winterised and codes wiped, pebble found in cooling port to EMM, thermostat stuck open so engine wasn't reaching temp, No.4 spark plug wasn't indexed. So after that warranty & repair exercise the boat has been running fine, Dropped it in for its yearly minor service (More for Peace of Mind). Would I buy another Probably not, but . i'll answer this question again in 12mths. P.s If you do check its mainly the V4 (90HO - 115 - 115Ho) which has issues, the 3cyl version 15hp - 90hp have some of the best reputations going along with the G2 models. OTHER COMMENTS:
  8. jeffb5.8

    Another fishless day

    Hi Jon Do you not eat Leatherjacket, I watched a video on how to clean them and it was so it easy, They did give plenty or repeat warnings about the teeth and the spike. I have never caught one but figured if it taste as good as they say and was that easy to clean then might give them a try.
  9. jeffb5.8

    Newbie with a tinny project

    HI Andy Nice going on the tinnie project. With my old trailer, I wire brushed the crap out of it, flushed inside and out and use a rust converter, then used a Galmet spray (Thanks Work) and since I had a big tin I used some hammer tone Silver on the whole trailer. Came up a treat and lasted the next few years till I sold the whole boat and trailer. Don't forget to check the underside of the axle, that's where mine had heaps of rust. I also replaces all the hubs, bearings, split pin, dust cap and seals which cost about $90 from memory. Buy a spare hub seal, I then took the best hub, repacked the old bearings with fresh grease and wrapped in a greasy cloth and put it in a tubberware container and stored in the boat, just in case. P.s Get a sticker kit for the motor and it will look 100% better than just plain black.
  10. jeffb5.8

    REPOWER or New Boat ???

    If the boat suits your needs and its just that the cylinder is a little low on compression, you could run it until it stopped especially if I had a Aux motor. 3 mech has said the transom is in good condition, and since you have the Green light I would repower it including the fuel lines and keep enjoying it. Unless you buy a new boat you could just be buying a similar issue in 2yrs Some Questions Value of boat as it currently sits: How are the electrics and sounder, Seats and overall condition. Cost of Repower $ Cost of new boat $
  11. jeffb5.8

    Quintrex ID for new boat

    Did you buy it?
  12. jeffb5.8

    Whats up with the weather

    It’s actually my fault Kiwi, I moved to a new house demolished the garage and the new Garage hasn’t been built yet which means my boat is on the driveway and on Wednesday the builders were meant to start digging in our backyard for a new pool. sorry the next 16 weeks are going to be wet, but it will also be the best fishing season on record as I also had a knee reconstruction on Friday and I am out of action for 10 weeks.
  13. jeffb5.8

    Garmin fishfinder running off a small battery

    Ha ha talk yourself up
  14. jeffb5.8

    Family Car/Sedan Towing

    I tow my 539 Stacer with my wife's FWD Pathfinder and haven't had a issue, I also find since its FWD the drive wheels are more than likely on clean concrete out of the sand and slime, so traction isn't so much of a issue. What is the weight of the 440 as mine is about 1400kg loaded and I expect your would be a lot lighter than my bow rider.