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  1. If your talking a few cartons I would grab it, any more than a few hundred and I would walk away. using the leg of the motor lift the motor up and down and see if the transom moves or flexes. Lift the floor hatches to see if there is any rot. can you put it in the water and see how it floats, make sure you remove the bungs and drain it prior to then see if water leaks in.
  2. Hi eastwood there will be plenty of places in Eastwood, West Ryde that can do the blue slip. It doesn’t have to be a trailer mechanic, just a automotive mechanic who is authorized. lots easier than driving to Granville
  3. Do you have the Mech ability to do the repair / replacement work yourself? If you do Drop the tinnie onto the grass and on the trailer undo the retaining bolts and remove the fish plates and wheel the axle out. On the new axle grease and assemble the wheel bearings into the hubs and bolt to the new axle, add the wheels and roll under trailer, use new u hangers and fish plates and bolt back together.
  4. jeffb5.8

    Tinny fit out

    Love Looking at a boat project, my old tinnie had a battery box, switch panel for lights, fish finder and tackle storage set into the side between the two seats. it was in the opposite side that I sat on when driving which balances the boat. hatches in the front and rear are good for storing gear like spare rope, water proof containers with tools ext. i also has strip leds under the seats which gave good light at your feet without killing night vision.
  5. 1. There is a trailer place at Rydalmere who will sell you the axle and plates required to change the axel, They May also do the work I’m not sure as the do new trailers. It’s in the side street opposite Bunnings, you will need to measure the axel. (Edit: Trailer City Clyde St Rydalmere) 2. I take my trailer to Telopea Auto Mech under the service station, great guys, they could fit the parts if you supply and they will do the blue slip as well.
  6. sell the tinny and keep the trailer or
  7. I was at KeepIt Dam (Tamworth) and it is so low now that it doesn't even flow through the turbine room, so it must be down to less than 5%
  8. I use the 2nd method and have a sharp knife, I watched a YouTube video a few time and since then its very easy. The kids like it as there is usually no bones left in the fillet and no silver skin so they don't turn their noses up. Flathead are so easy, its other fish I struggle with, so I normally just scale and gut and cook whole.
  9. We had a commodore 128d, you could start it in 64 mode by holding down a button otherwise the other mode was office stuff. My favorite game was test drive, drive from point to point and out running the cops, the other favorite was a zombie game where you had to shot the zombies and jump over stuff. Paperboy was also fun The joy of loading a game Load"$8" "Testdrive" Run Run
  10. Not I but interested in how it goes, be good if you had before and after photos or Video even just the water flow from telltale.
  11. Check your thermostat on my Etec once the thermostat was blocked Partially open I would get a temp alarm after coming off a full speed run down the river, like idling to the wharf. I also used Salt Away and noticed a big difference in my tell tale stream, once the motor was full of Salt Away I left it for 2 weeks and then repeated the process. Also I used the flushing port (Motor Off) to reverse flush the motor first then put the ear muff and started it to flush both ways. P.s I replaced both thermostats in my engine as well,
  12. As long as the person servicing it uses the engine number and built date for service details, there wont be a issue, if you like the blue go for it. just tell the mech when dropping it off. Hi Zoran On a side note, my Etec dealer told me the best flush after a day in sandy / muddy water is to do the Non run attachment first for a minute and then put it on the ear muffs and start the motor Said by using the flushing adaptor port, it flushed the engine block better and was better for pushing the grit out and also primed the head with fresh water.
  13. MY old tinnie used to have a small leak which after a day out would have 2 or 3 ltrs. I took the floor out, washed the hull down with the Gerni and then put the boat in the water and between the kids and I we all stood on the seats and looked for the holes. Found 3 small holes at the front and used Kneed it (2 part epoxy White & Blue) made it into a small cone and really pushed hard so it went into the hole. Did the same on the outside and for the next year not a drop of water. The flex in floor is a concern and you need to sort that as it will crack welds after a while.
  14. As above send to the manufacturer and never source the repairer yourself as it leaves them a out to blame someone else's work. Next make sure you keep all correspondence and take notes of phone calls, Who you spoke to, when and what they said. Confirm all repairs come with written documentation, maybe they will need to remove the floor and while they do it will need a clean as the saltwater, could have come into contact with wiring / hoses ect. You wont need the documentation until you need it, then you will be glad you took the notes and kept the emails. P.s You also catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so be as nice as possible to the staff, they can be your best hope and your worse nightmare, be clear what you want but don't be aggressive or rude.
  15. I spent a weekend ages ago at Gwandalan and they were everywhere, so much so we had to wear shoes when walking in the water, I also see the broken shells at Jimmy's beach in Port Stephens, but never live ones touch wood. The internet said they are good eating and a great bait