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  1. jeffb5.8

    What is that hook?

    It looks like a lure hook I had to replace the trebles with, it was great for the 3 cast I had it for, then big bite and pop, See Ya lure, back to learning how to tie knots.
  2. jeffb5.8

    Most stress free company to do boat licence

    My Wife just went through this, there is a couple of ways, Option 1> Read the book or watch the Dvd $18 I think DO the online quiz until you get 100% a few times Have a friend with a boat Lic take you out 3 or more times and you do the pre start boat safety checks and then listen to your mate on navigating and docking, have a drive at low speed your self. Complete the log book with Dates and times. Book in at the RMS and pay the $50 to do the test Pay for a 3yr Lic Option 2> Read the book or watch the Dvd $18 I think DO the online quiz until you get 100% a few times Book into one of the on water only courses and have then teach you the boat pre start safety and teach you navigating and driving. They will complete a log book for you. Cost $ not sure but well worth it Book yourself into the RMS $50 do the test Pay for Lic Option 3 Days or weeks before, Read the book & Do the online quiz multiple times, will help take any stress away Book into a full course 6hrs Study and test all on the same day On Water course to complete safety Pre Start and Navigation log book Head to the RMS with your Certificate and log book and pay for 3 yrs Lic. If you haven't been around boats much I think Option 3 is the best or Option 2, its all good and well to do Option 1 but when you have a boat full of mates or kids and there is other boats around, Wind picks up and the swell rises, nothing is more stressful than trying to navigate, drive, watch out for others and try and keep everyone safe and happy. Even now sometimes when it gets rough I still have to ask the kids and family members to sit down and be quiet just for a few minutes while I navigate through the harbour. It Gets like a washing machine in there some days.
  3. jeffb5.8

    Used boat advice-Bowrider

    The getting wet is only when it’s pretty choppy, the kids are at the front and the winds blowing, close the window and put the kids at the back and the wetness drops off. On a good day with less than 1m swell we don’t get wet at all.
  4. jeffb5.8

    Used boat advice-Bowrider

  5. jeffb5.8

    Used boat advice-Bowrider

    I have the 2016 Stacer 539 Easy Rider and for a family of 5 we find it excellent. The high side are great for little kids nice and safe. its a bit bouncy in chop if you are loaded and going a bit fast you will get wet. But trimnitbup and slow down and it’s fine although still bump compared to a fiberglass. spending days on the Harbour and swimming at some of the beaches in the Harbour, Hawkesbury and Port Stephens is where the Bowrider really perfoms well. The kids love being able to sit at the front and watch the siblings or friends being towed on the donut. The wife likes sitting at the front at Port Stephens while we watch the dolphins play or shoot down to Tea Gardens for fish and chips. The 539 is Lic for 7 which is great when the kids are under 12 as I can have my family plus another on board. As for fishing I haven’t taken mine out the heads due to early engine issues which after a change of Mechanics has finally resolved. But 3 friends have similar boat (2015 Stacer 540, Quintrex 610 and Quintrex 490) and we have been out a few KM of Sydney and Jervis bay and the high side sides handle the chop really well and great stability. I do recommend a bow cover when under way as it helps if it does turn bad to keep water out of the boat. It’s the same hull as the centre console and they go way out. i can solo launch very easy, even did it 5 weeks after a ACL replacement without drama and now my 12yr has her Lic, I just reverse down she drives it off and I park the trailer. Drive on is just as easy but winching is also easy as it aligns itself and is lite, especially good at low tide boat ramps. Engine choice like GM v ford, it’s personal choice, I have a 115 Etec and I loved it at first then had some issues for about 30hrs due to the mechanic dealer, now with a different dealer the last 20hrs back to excellent. my mates has a 150 Honda 100 Suzuki and another has 130 Etec all 3 going well. Good storage and I have a bait boat Ski pole custom made so I don’t have to switch between the two. i Tow with a Ford Ranger as it’s effortless but also Tow with a 2wd (front) Nissan Pathfinder and it also doesn’t have a drama even on slippery / sandy Ramos as the front wheel are usually on clean concrete. make sure you get the biggest you can handle if you have a big family otherwise like me you will start looking to upgrade. Wife wants bigger now the kids are 12yr + She like something like a 28ft to 38ft ha ha
  6. jeffb5.8

    mercury 6hp tilt ?

    Hey Frank My old Mercury had something similar, you had to lift and then pull or push the knob to get it out of shallow drive. Was a real pain when crusted up.
  7. jeffb5.8

    First boat info

    1. Parking and Storing the boat (Where and how can you store it safely, especially with COuncils trying to fine boats that don't move 2. Service records, no proof then it hasn't been done, so factor in a service into the price 3. water test the boat 4. You have what they want $$$ he has what you want, So the deal is a two way street 5. Look at welds and any scrapes on the underside 6. How old is the motor, is it corroded, is it cold when started, how many hours if known, is it rated the correct HP for the Hull, 7. HIN (Hull Identification Number) is need to register the boat, if it doesn't have one it will cost $250 from memory to get one. 8. It suits you now but what about in 12mths, will it be big enough, wide enough, deep enough 9. What accessories / Safety gear does it come with, will you need to buy anything which will make it more $$$ and might be on the same level as another boat which has all the accessories. 10. Is it all registered 11. How is the trailer condition, wheel bearing changed? receipts for service, leaf springs in good condition, take a small hammer and tap the under sides of the frame and axle to see if its almost rusted through. 12. Tyres on trailer, how old are they (Might look brand new but be 20yrs old, Check for cracks, first trip on main road and get a blow out tyres have a date code stamped on them to check tyre year. Does it have a spare 13. Can your vehicle tow it safely 14. Winch and winch wire / rope are they is good condition, Lights on trailer work That should get you started.
  8. jeffb5.8

    First boat info

    Once you have a read feel free to ask some specific questions and we will help out where we can. Boats are like Buses if you miss this one another will pop up in a day or two. so I guess I’m saying don’t rush and make sure you do a water test not just on the ear muff.
  9. jeffb5.8

    First boat info

    Check out this thread
  10. jeffb5.8

    Towing speed

    Easy you burst a Tyre and spend 30 mins changing thinking Fark you idiot. Mostly it’s on long highway trips, when I go and overtake and the Ranger just drags the boat very easily up hill and as I pass cars and look down and the needle is almost nudging 120km and I have that oh Sh1t I have a boat on the back I better slow down.
  11. jeffb5.8

    Towing speed

    My plate doesn’t say any speed and to be honest with a boat with a weight of 1.6t give or take I sometimes forget I’m towing it as I hit a hit hill and start overtaking Caravans and slow drivers. so I guess 112km/h is my max speed
  12. jeffb5.8

    Whats your dream boat

    I bought my dream boat, the only problem now is I am starting to dream again about a bigger boat. P.s I do like the Brig Navigator 610 The wife wants a toilet and maybe a bed on the next one, she is dreaming bigger than me.
  13. jeffb5.8

    New (Used) Boat Advice, Please

    My Dad had a Stacer 414 (4.14m) with a Yamaha 40Hp and it was a excellent boat for Sydney Harbour / and the lakes. It easily pulled a knee boarder and single ski tube. Enough room for fishing and we even used to go and watch the fireworks on NYE, plenty of great memories. tip on your first trip: 1. Launch your boat at a quiet ramp mid week, that way no pressure and you can adjust the depth needed to launch and retrieve without stressing. 2. Once the boat is tied up secure (Bungs In), check the trailer over now there isn't a boat on it, lube any rollers, check them for wear and tear, washers and split pins for rust, axle and wheel hubs for damage. 3. Have a spare 5ltr fuel can as reserve until you know how much fuel it will use in a days trip, don't mix it with 2stroke oil cause you can use it in the car and top it up fresh regularly.
  14. jeffb5.8

    Koof Boat Trailers?

    Is a alloy trailer a better buy than a Gal one?
  15. jeffb5.8

    New (Used) Boat Advice, Please

    My 2c 1. Receipts from service are a good indication of maintenance, if he said he services himself, ask for a parts receipt, otherwise its the usual story, I have a mate who is a Marine Mech and he services it for me. No Proof then it hasn't been done. 2. Trailer, check the undersides of the trailer frame and axle, that's where salt crusts and starts to eat away, take a small hammer and gently give it a tap after asking permission. 3. On water test drive should be easy to arrange, go for a few high speed runs and then idle around for a bit then mid range, to make sure it doesn't get hot., misfire and doesn't stall from flat out to low. Take the cover off and feel the cylinders prior to make sure the engine is cold and hasn't been warmed up prior. 4. Before water test have the boat on a angle downwards like on the ramp and open the Bung make sure its empty and then recheck after the on water test before washing, Offer to help wash it as it allows you to go over the boat and check every thing out. 5. Check what accessories are includes, Life jackets, Anchor, ropes, ear muffs, spare ect.