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  1. I have 4 Blue and 5 Red Stickers in Silverwater or West Ryde
  2. jeffb5.8

    Ramp query

    Hi Pegz I have used this ramp a few times, it's a easy ramp with the floating pontoon, doesn't suffer as much from the Rivercats as they are slowing down and on the other side of the river. (Meadowbank). Downside is Parking is limited from memory there is only 9 trailer spots and then its street parking and during the week Construction trucks can block spots, but they move if asked as they are not meant to be there and don't need the hassle. Its not busy which makes it even more attractive to beginners, I still prefer Rydalmere but I have used this ramp if I turn left instead of
  3. Just waiting for the tide to come in, she will be right
  4. On the two ramps i use, Rydalmere and Parsley Bay, I can stop just before the centre line of my wheels and launch my boat, i usually do this after a long drive only (Such as down the freeway), to stop the cold water hitting the hot brake rotor and potentially sucking water past the seal (Quenching?) Some ramps if they are too steep i cannot do it and i just wait a few minutes while setting up. Retrieving is a different story as i drive on 95% of the time, then the trailer goes all in, P.s I have the Skid trailer with the V Shape Skid at the back which means as
  5. In case any of the Port Stephens crew who wanted stickers, I am in Shoal Bay this weekend and have a bunch of Stickers. Jeff
  6. Maybe it was insurance bought through the Surtees dealer.
  7. Like Frank said spray with WD40, every time you walk past give it a spray. then a few days later tilt the motor up to take the load of the arm and with a hammer and a block of wood gently tap it and work back and forth and spray until freed up.
  8. Only thing I would change is to sit the bait board back 60mm to stop you hitting your head on it when sitting in the back seat. Baitmate will modify all their designs, I had mine raised 120mm to allow for being 6ft 2
  9. Yeah it slips into the ski pole hole and the chrome Arms bolt up to it. The arms bolt on with that threaded Rod. I just drilled a hole at the correct height about 80mm under the board it had a lug fitted to stop the ski rope dropping down the pole.
  10. Welster that’s the same ski pole mine had, swapped it for the the bait mate ski / bait board, save removing it each time i even still use the two support arms
  11. What’s a 1 or 2 year old motor worth?
  12. I haven’t had a issue with my Stacer 539 and I have a BaitMate Ski/bait board and also use the factory ski pole if I know I’m not fishing. I have had 3 large guys over 85Kg each multiple times at full speed in a lounge chair tow tube and no issues in the 4yrs.
  13. Also watch out for the sand bars, I went in one channel at high tide to go to Tea Gardens and on the way back it was to low for me to get out, had to back track and come out a different outlet (I followed the Ferry out)
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