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  1. I own a alloy because it’s lighter to tow and i regularly pull up at beaches and river banks Where there is a chance of striking a rock.
  2. I didn’t even notice the link I posted was started by you back then 😂
  3. Hey Luke Does it only happen on Start up? if you change the fuse whilst the engine is running does it blow the fuse?
  4. I think the ramp was Upgraded in late 2018, never used it myself.
  5. When you pop of the cover does it have a series of bolts that hold the wheel on or a single nut. If its series of nuts then its easy, to undo and spin the wheel and re-bolt it on, If its a single nut with a Keyway then you have to remove the steering of the back, spin the shaft and wheel then slide the steering back on. Also some do have multiple Key ways to have some choice on the wheel. (YouTube Vid attached to show the different types of Steering Wheels, not how to fix it)
  6. Yep and my tail lights are recessed so I can actually touch park it with damaging anything.
  7. When leaving over night I Reverse park it and have the trailer hard up against a barrier or rock wall. I also have the tow hitch lock and padlock the chain to the tow bar. if leaving for a few days I add the yellow wheel lock.
  8. Ok I have had this situation as well, I just reversed the boat as close to the 90deg bend as possible, chocked the rear wheels, Disconnect of the tow bar. Then used my muscle to push it across the grass, it was a 4.2mtr tinny but rolled easy, I have also pushed my 5.4mtr across grass, not so easy. You will with practice be surprised how far in you will get it with the car, if you have swing room. Alternate to pushing is use a electric jockey wheel (As frank has shown above) Mount a winch to a post and use a electric winch to pull the boat back into place, Put a p
  9. I have towed the kids around the Land Cover River, I do worry a little but they don't spend long in the water.
  10. I am in Silverwater all day tomorrow & Friday if anyone is around who has there name down.
  11. Looks like a early Quintrex Hunter
  12. I don't like Silverwater for 3 reason 1. the wharf doesn't float and its as slippery as 2. the river cats 3. Mate parked his car and trailer overnight and came back and his trailer had been stolen and a old shit trailer put in its place, the thief had towed their boat down and did a trailer swap. Removed all ID. Upside my mate used that trailer to get home, so they were considerate I guess. but scary towing a 23ft boat on a rusted arse trailer.
  13. Used to be a Nissan Exa getting round with BEG41T (Beg for it) and another was joe46X (Joe for sick sex)
  14. That might be 9 visitor parking spaces, as they are always the lowest possible
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