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  1. Hi BG I had my battery in a purpose made box between the 2nd seat and front seat on the opposite side to where I sat while driving. The box was strong enough for a small person to sit on (75kgs or less) On the outside of the box it had the switch panel for Nav Lights, Fish Finder, Floor Lights and Bilge. Flooring was removable and cut around the battery box
  2. Scratchie I guess it starts with a trip to the Tip shop at Salamander bay for a old Kitchen pot.
  3. Bought a pair of the dual flush, seal so much better than my old single sided ones, $28 well worth it Might be time to give it a lockdown flush to keep it all lubed up
  4. I've never caught a Kingy and only had it fresh once, it was caught by a mate, bled and gutted straight away and then he did some Sushi / Sashimi with soy and ginger right there on the boat. Was great tasting, even some thin slices with some lime juice and marinated for 20mins.
  5. Sweet looking boat
  6. Ha Ha I haven't had any real issues, heaps of friends ask me to take them fishing or take them and their kids, most of the time i let them know up front what i expect and then tell them to message me if they still want to go, i explain it will be a great day and lots of laughs. I also know if the kids go i don't really fish, its not worth it, more fun helping them and enjoying the day. Here is a list of questions for them 1. Do you have a rod / Rods - Yes (great what sort so we can target the right fish) - No (Give me a call when you get a rod and we can go out)(Unless they are good people then i have Kmart rods for them) 2. What bait are you using or are you a lures guy - Bait (Awesome what are u using as i will bring something different) - Lures Awesome be good to see how you go 3. Food / Drinks - You get the food and drinks for the day (There will be 2 adults and 5 kids, pack lots of snacks as kids eat twice as much) and i will get the fuel / Ice / Esky / Boat and Tow vehicle 4. How long do you want to go for - Just a hour (Probably better to hire yourself a boat, as if we put my boat in it will take us 30mins set up, 30min drive to ramp, 10mins to launch and park, 45mins to get to the spot, 1hour fishing, 45mins back, 20mins to retrieve the boat, 30mins home, 10min to unpack and 45mins to wash the boat. So that 5.5hrs - Kids and i are easy, we can do what ever if the kids get bored we can go swimming (Perfect nice and flexible)
  7. Correct i know i'm a big guy but there is nothing big about a big Mac!!!
  8. Thanks guys, I remember making lures out of spoons with my Dad. might try throwing lures in the pool and see how the go and the set up a Rod and give them a go. hey Zoran I finally weighed the steel blocks I showed for deep drop weights. They are 2.1kg
  9. Hi All going through cleaning up the garage and came across these in my Wife’s Grand fathers fishing box. if I polish these up what would I be targeting Are they for a trolling or cast and retrieve.
  10. My boat was going to be called The Office, like the joke above I could then tell people I was in The office.
  11. Correct the axle is Gal, which from new I painted in Galmet to add protection Trailer is full Alloy and i use the scotch brite just to clean it up when it goes a little tarnished and when the seaweed is heavy at Shoal bay as it sticks to everything.
  12. I have Blue Skids and centre rollers and if the ramp has a good slope then i cannot undo the safety or strap until I'm ready to launch and then its just a gentle push and away it slides. Pretty sure my trailer had a bolt on rear cross member, will have to stick my head under again, being alloy I just use a scotch brite pad once every now and then to clean the salt off the under side, but never had a issue, the axle is the worst part. Also i hate that mine has holes drill in the cross members top and bottom, why not sealed tubes, its hard to wash out properly since the ends are sealed.
  13. Hi All I use Salt Away every 2nd or 3rd time to flush my motor after i had two seized thermostats. I flush for 5 / 8 mins then turn on the salt away to run through for the final 2 mins. The Salt away hose attachment is SHit, the Salt Captain one looks better Also i am about to swap to the dual feed ear muffs as i feel they push the water into the motor better than the single sided ear muffs.
  14. I was on a boat with 4 mates, I don't get seasick usually but decided I would take the tablet just in case, the one guy who didn't take it got seasick pretty quick after we started drifting just outside the heads. The skipper asked two questions, do you have your wallet? do you prefer Watson Bay or Clifton Gardens. We dropped him at Clifton gardens, where he apparently laid on the beach for 3hrs until he took a cab home.
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