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  1. great a rabbit hole for me to go down while at work, one video leads to two then three. Time for a coffee / morning tea
  2. I caught a Pike Eel on Friday night in the harbour. didnt have any issue getting my hook back, just held it right with a rag and long nose pliers. it was only about 45cm long
  3. While I don't let my boat fill with rain water (Its either garaged or I have a water proof cover), I do fill the bilge on occasion with fresh water and then use the bilge pump to make sure its running and clear. No point finding out it doesn't work or is blocked when you are on the water.
  4. From the 4 Sale add listing was looking to see if the hull had a Max HP or weight restriction.
  5. Looks very clean for a 1973 hull, what's the steering wheel at the rear for? external steering? Aso beware of the extra weight a 4stroke in older models has over the 2 strokes of similar years.
  6. What is the Max HP rating of your Hull as I think it might be under powered as my 5.5m alloy is rated to 130hp Max.
  7. Just to be clear this is for the spare wheel / Spare wheel mount not the actual trailer wheels.
  8. Part of my Winter service is to remove the spare wheel and grease the wheel studs on the mount, plus the usual bearings, cables and wiring clean up and check.
  9. People put shitters on the mooring so they don’t lose their mooring. my mate has a mooring at the back of his house, once he sold the boat he was told he needed to use the mooring or lose it. So he bought a crappy mooring minder boat. The mooring adds large $$$ to his property value as its semi deep water and when he sells its a added bonus. Although I agree they should police it better, maybe a water worthy inspection every two years would force people to keep better care of them.
  10. Sydney Harbour and Parra river a no go for pumping nippers, crabs and pippies You can buy them from the bait shop in Drummoyne but have to travel to a different waterway to pump them yourself.
  11. Looks good enough to eat on the screen
  12. jeffb5.8


    ITs getting it back on the trailer or even enough on the trailer to prevent more damage. Time to call all your mates and get them round to help lift and push, while reversing.
  13. After watching that video, I also believe its a fuel delivery issue, when cold and running does the fuel filter fill up completely or is it a mixture of air and fuel. What is it like on full throttle when on the water, does the filter show air bubbles and fuel or just fuel. Check all connections as they may be letting air in.
  14. I can totally agree with this to a point, especially if they have a older F/g boat, then it can become a pain to go for a quick session. I upgraded from a 4,2 tinny to a new 539 Stacer, the 539 is way easier to launch and retrieve and attached to the car is almost as easy. I drive on and off the trailer unless the swell is running at Shoalbay. The only down side between the two was I would tie the tinny up and not worry about it bashing into the wharf as it was old and scratched, the new boat I have 3 bumpers and race the car to park it and race back to the wharf to try and prevent scratches. I would go the 460, just for the future proof, larger HP and extra room, running cost would be less than $100 extra per year but also remember you buy the boat for you not your mates as they rarely come out anyway.
  15. Makes my 7Mwh I have generated since 20th Sept 2019 look small, and I have a 9.9kW system on the roof, No battery as the pay back is way to long, the $8,000 of solar I put on my roof, should be paid back in 3.4yrs, have save $1181 since the install and its only been 6mths. Bring on PW3 or the next generation in batteries, half the size, 30% cheaper and same storage, then I will consider getting one.