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  1. The valve opens on my motor about 4,300 Rpm, depending on the load on the motor. But the selling dealer, the servicing dealer and the Etec Owners Forum all said to take the motor higher in the rev range to get the valve to fully open at least once each trip. It doesn't mean you have to redline it each time all day, just give it a squirt up to the higher revs and get the valve moving, early models 2008 ect had a issue with the valve seizing, then they added a grease nipple and started tell everyone to make sure you open the valve regularly. It easy to do especially in the waterways I use and who doesn't run top speed for a few minutes on most trips. You can really feel the valve when it open as its like a decent boost to the engine and it changes the engine sound, plus its a 2 stroke and they love to Rev. Here is one I found Here is one where Huett Marine reply to the Exhaust question
  2. Hi WRX i feel my motor is to low but posted a photo And video on ETec forum and got heaps of different views, Most saying it’s find, I say to low as the amount of water running over the cav plate is a lot. if I have the motor trimmed in the 30s. On the gauge, When planning I do get that sweet spot where the steering is light and direct. It will have cavitation if it’s trimmed up in the high 30s and you do a sharp turn like whipping the tube. Edited: Checking my model Number I have E115DSL 390 lbs / 177 kgs20" / 508 mm Model Gear Ratio2.00:1 Will check what my mate has just out of interest and will pay more attention to his engine height and Revs
  3. Thanks Noel and Zoran I thought about a different Prop as 6,150 is right on the over Rev limit of my engine which is 6,200, this thing has very great hole shot and on the plane very quickly. I did post this on Etec owner forum and one reply said go to a Viper 21" with the same pitch, will play with the calculators P.s Right now I just don't go WOT to much to keep in away from Redline.
  4. No Problems be interested to know but no rush. My 2016 115hp is fitted with a 19" and yet my mate has a 2015 130hp and his is fitted with a 17", I would have thought it would have been the other way round but hey it works for his boat, which incidentally is the Stacer 540 the 1yr older version of my boat .
  5. The Etec has a power valve, which is why they need to be propped and driven above 5,500 Rpm on each use, if you don't open the valve regularly they can seize up and that affects the engine. Very expensive to fix although there is work arounds, if they seize the motor usually wont rev when required. It doesn't mean you have to run all the time at 5,500rpm or above but they do say to give it a blast each run. It feels similar to the old 2 stroke motocross bikes when they hit powerband.
  6. Yeah I don't tow at top speed as its way to fast, and this boat has tonnes of spare hole shot to get skier's up, its more the race to the ramp, especially on New Years Eve or busy days, getting over taken by 3 or 4 boats with smaller motors in not fun. Plus I would like full throttle to not be over 6,000 rpm, but needs to be over 5,650 rpm for the exhaust valve functioning on the Etec.
  7. Hey Plethora What RPM does your top out at? What Prop spec does your have? Yesterday on Syd Harbour it was smooth water and little wind, I had 3 adults, two kids and flat out trimmed to 45 (6,150rpm) and I didn't lose any speed by pulling the throttle back to drop the rpm to 5,850. My mate next to me in a F/Glass 18ft bowrider with a Yamaha 115 saltwater series, similar loads (3 adults and 1 kid) doesn't take off as fast (Not much slower) but leaves me for dead on the run down the river to Rydalmere., So I would love to get a few extra knots as it doesn't need to hit 6,150rpm.
  8. Prop: Viper 13 7/8 x 19" 2/2016 115HP Etec Stacer 539 Alloy Easyrider (Bowrider) (Boat & Motor weight 790kg) Normal Load 2 Adults (200kg) 3 kids under (150Kg), full tank 90ltrs fuel, so food and drinks and light fishing gear. My max RPM is 6,150rpm on smooth water with a light wind Motor trimmed out to 38 on the trim gauge, Seems to like mid to high 30's, once it gets to about 45 on the gauge I get some Porpoise(ing) Top Speed is 36knots (67km or 42Mph)Now I have had 70hrs trouble free motoring and actually love the boat again, I would like to pick up some top end speed. Which prop would you go to bring the revs down a little but also pick up to Top speed. Perfect top revs is about 5800rpmDo I need a 4 blade or just a different pitch 3 blade.The boat is used like most bowriders, towing a Donut / knee board, fishing and sightseeing
  9. Yep I’m fishing I went from a 2001 2 stroke to a 2016 Etec and there was very little difference in the noise output, still have to yell across the boat. so I was interested in knowing if there was a significant drop in outboard noise or just a little cause it all adds to the comfort of long drives in a boat.
  10. Hi Mate Do you notice if its quieter than the old 200hp 2Stroke?
  11. Mine had Data Dot spray through out the boat, trailer and engine. i also have the same data dot in my house hold items, cars and tools. each dot has my name and Lic number
  12. I built a easy shed similar size on my own it was not easy doing it on my own, but between YouTube and their instructions I got it done in a weekend and its water tight and the door closed well. Love a well organised Shed, looks great good job
  13. I had about 3 looks at it trying to work it out, the bottom of the glove has pulled up and it look like a stomach of a person, the arm around the fish and they are leaning back with the fish covering his head. Then I was thinking a) how F#$king big is that fish and wonder how many Lb is the line he was using b) how is he not falling out of the boat with that massive cod on his shoulder c) I am never swimming in that river
  14. Might have to pack the witches hats next time and get me one of them measuring devices to make sure they are legal.
  15. Hi All i am happy to drop some off after picking them up and still saving a bunch for the PS crew. i am based in Silverwater