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  1. Last time we had massive rains, the debris was still floating around Barr Point two weeks later as i nearly hit a log the size of a telegraph pole, once i got another 30mins up the river it was clear, the debris takes a while to work its way down the river. My mate saw two dead dairy cows floating past when he was at Wisemans yesterday.
  2. jeffb5.8

    Salt Away

    We have very high pressure I even have had Syd water add a pressure reducer to our mains.
  3. jeffb5.8

    Salt Away

    My hose connect blows off the Saltaway attachment all the time, if I put the trigger nozzle on it.
  4. jeffb5.8

    Salt Away

    When it stops being blue and the soapy sids reduce. I find there connector is shit if you have good pressure in your hose. I only use it every 3rd or 4th trip
  5. Good luck with the recovery Donna, is it true Nurses make the best patients? My Mum was a nurse and then a nursing unit manager at Concord Hospital and I'm pretty sure she would try and sort out issues whenever she was a patient, even 30yrs later. Not sure the young Nurses appreciated her input. Hey Scratchie Hope the young fellow recovers well, We just went through a similar injury with our 8yr old, Xmas day on the trampoline, he Fractured his Tibia through the growth plate and small tear in the ligament of the ankle, He did 6 weeks in a cast over Summer school holidays
  6. Sitting at home on Saturday looking at the boat and thinking, its been a while and with no renovation work for the day, texted a mate and away we went at 4;30pm The ramp was empty only about 8 cars in the parking bays at Rydalmere and two boats just pulled out, one had taken on way to much water and the owner just got their license the day before, bungs were in but there was plenty of saltwater, so something wasn't right. From Rydalmere the wind was gentle but was creating some chop and the amount of party boats around was something I hadn't see since before Covid. We headed str
  7. In the Mid 90's my neighbour had a RX4 13b Bridgeport, My mate has a Savanna RX3 Peripheral Port and another had a Mild Port RX5. Couple of the guys still have their Rotaries and are now bringing them back to life after sitting in Garages while they raised a family. I was the black sheep with a 351 Ford XD or a 302W XW Many a night spent at the Auburn Maccas, Twin M4 Servos and Davies Rd and even Bondi on the odd occasion Weekends spent looking at cars at Lahood Motors, Ray Dyson Motors next to Rare Spares Homebush.
  8. Found this in FB, poor Ford XF went for a swim twice at the ramp. https://fb.watch/3NW7IYktwG/
  9. Correct ingot my first ever decent set up spent $300 and lost it out of the rod holder in the boat when a tanker and a 40ft cruises wave. Hit me on all sides the cheap arse Kmart rod and reel stayed put.
  10. sad thing is even with 4 engines idling it was quieter than my single 115hp Etec.
  11. But it would be a nice addition?
  12. Hi Jeff,

    I have just bought myself a Stacer with their setup with the ski pole / bait board which I do not like. I was looking at that brand of bait board where you got yours which is a brilliant idea.

    Could you please send me details / dimensions etc as I would like to get one made or text me on 0412 383 240.


    The Skipper ( Paul )

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    2. jeffb5.8


      Well if your in Sydney we can swap

      for a few weeks so you can make sure it suits.

    3. jeffb5.8


      Well if your in Sydney we can swap

      for a few weeks so you can make sure it suits.

    4. the skipper

      the skipper


      Thanks for that I would be really interested in seeing how yours goes height wise etc.

      I am in Guildford but have no problem driving to where you are.



  13. My in-laws had a 38ft Mustang with twin 5.7 ltr motors. I once took it out and it had a full tank, burned around the harbour, round to middle harbour and up and down the river and when I went back that evening I had 1/4 tank. I filled her up and it cost me $790 hence forth I never borrowed it again. Fuel was $1.34 at the marina which was .30c dearer than at the petrol station.
  14. You won’t be able to filter it enough at home to use it if it’s that dirty and has any water in it. For safety and enjoyments I would pump it all out and take it to a recycling place or if you think it’s dirty but not to bad use in the lawn mower. Sounds like you on the right track to getting this boat back up and running sweet.
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