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  1. jeffb5.8

    Outsie fishing

    HI David I did the same thing as you 2yrs ago, I went out to buy a Quintrex 480 or 500 and came home with a Stacer 539 Bow rider. Mainly because of the number of people it fitted, I can take two families since the kids are all under 12yr. My Tips> 1. Get the biggest bought you can handle by yourself, Friends and family never come as often as they think they will. 2. If its going on holidays with you big is not always best, especially if you go a little off the beaten track 3. I went the bow rider as it takes more people, mine fits 7 in the rivers and 6 in open water, even then fishing with 4 is the max, I don't and wont go outside unless its a nice day, I'm not that hardcore of a fisherman. 4. Work out what you want, casual fishing with family leisure days is what I wanted, So I went the Bow Rider, there is advantages to having the run about with the extra room at the back and there is advantages for the bow rider with room at the front, my wife doesn't fish so she sits at the front and reads a book, away from the bait. Kids sit at the front when underway so I can see them, unless its rough. 5. Get the biggest fish finder screen minimum is 7" but a 9" is better and a good radio to listen to sport, music or the news while floating around having lunch and waiting for that rod to buckle over. 6. Drive on drive off trailers are great I use mine in the Hawkesbury / Syd Harbour and the kids fish for maybe a hour, then its exploring and finding beaches to go swimming and bush to explore, We do the same in Port Stephens we leave the crowded Shoal bay beach and cross the bay and find beaches with only a few people or go looking for Dolphins. Then get the 3 person tube out and everyone has a go. There is so much you can do with a boat and so many different boats to chose from, but don't panic, whatever you buy you will enjoy and love it.
  2. jeffb5.8

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

  3. jeffb5.8

    New on the line

    Nothing showing on the FishSmart NSW app about it being restricted so I would say that it’s ok to fish there unless there is local signage. any fish caught there would be fine to eat as it’s East of the Harbour Bridge and close to the heads. Check out fishing reports from Rose Bay which is nearby for any tips about fishingbthe area.
  4. You just need a hook to hang the phone while charging and keeping it from sliding around. my mate bought one for his car, you stick the round link on the back of the phone cover and the hook part on the Perspex. Just need the Perspex secure so it doesn’t fall into the drink.
  5. jeffb5.8

    flushing your Outboard and what Revs?

    My 2016 115hp ETEC has the silent flush, I haven't used it but you screw in the adaptor into the back of the motor where the water normally comes out when running. The silent flushing adaptor I have was taken from the kids multi water bomb filler, each packet has one and it is the correct thread and has no restrictor in it. The adaptor must not have any restrictors inside and must be 3/8" or more especially if you plan to leave it in when running, it is a weird concept to push water into where it normally comes out and you must not have the hose full bore it only needs 10 - 15 psi to get passed the thermostat by pass and get through the small bleed holes inside the powerhead to flush. That's how the ETEC gets round the thermostat open issue. The water goes down the leg to the water pump and out the drain holes and through the power head, the motor must be vertical when doing it and left vertical for 5mins to drain afterwards. you can use Saltaway to help dissolve the salt when doing this silent flush This is also only for certain sized Etecs something like 40hp to 150hp so check with your dealer before hand.
  6. jeffb5.8

    Old JArvis Walker rods and Alvey Reels

    Going to see A framer who has done work for me before about making up two displays one for me and one for my wife’s cousin is getting married and I thought since he likes fishing and it was his grandfather as well he also might like a few items in a display as they were very close and went fishing together.
  7. jeffb5.8

    Old JArvis Walker rods and Alvey Reels

    Thanks Wazza and Blackfish for the awesome details and numbers, I guess my wife’s Grandad was a blackfish fisherman. there is a Capstan reel as I read than on the engraving. i thinks once I move to my new house I will clean them up enough to look good without making them look like new as I want to hold on to that used look for the display and not to lose the fact they were used by the Grandfather.
  8. What is the fuel bulb like on the fuel hose, my Mercury did the same thing, 80% throttle no problems but 100% throttle and it ran for about 500m then dies, primer bulb felt hard and look like new. i found the inside of the bulb was collapsing at high revs and it would reduce the fuel flow. Very cheap to buy a new hose and fuel bulb, so I did that and it fixed it. the other things to check are the fuel tank vent, if it’s a portable tank, see if the tank is compressing or suck in when running. check the fuel filter and spark plugs when you are going flat out try pumping the primer bulb on the tank and see if that fixes it as it maybe the fuel pump is weak.
  9. Hi all i have been given my wife’s grandfathers fishing gear and not sure what to do with it or if it’s worth spending time on it. Any tips on restoring the cane fishing tackle box. Any of the reels pictured any good, if not I was going to clean them up and mount the in a frame for the man cave maybe with a rod since they are family heirlooms. i have 2 x Jarvis Walker “The Scarbough” fiberglass rods 1 x Jarvis Walker “The Bidge” 2 other rods, one with the reel right at the bottom of the butt and the other looks like a bait caster rod. here is some Pics The Bidge?
  10. jeffb5.8

    flushing your Outboard and what Revs?

    Well our ramp has little fresh water jets so as you pull out of the river it washes the underside of your trailer and Does Tyre shine as well. Too Far?
  11. jeffb5.8

    flushing your Outboard and what Revs?

    I’m 38 seconds from the ramp and by the time I pull up and put the Muffs in it would be two minutes. to bad my new place is 3mins from the ramp
  12. jeffb5.8

    flushing your Outboard and what Revs?

    Ha Ha
  13. jeffb5.8

    flushing your Outboard and what Revs?

    So since I was out on the Harbour when I asked the question, when I got home I timed how long to see if my 5mins was accurate and hell I even tasted the tell tale just for a laugh. 12 minutes and the water didn’t taste salty. Gave it a few revs and then back to idle and shut it down. but I didn’t lick my boat after washing figured it didn’t look salty so it would be fine.🤣👍
  14. jeffb5.8

    flushing your Outboard and what Revs?

    Ok so I do the same let it flush while I unload and fill my soapy water bucket and then I give it a few light revs and idle the shut down.
  15. So how long do you run your motor when flushing? Do you flush on idle or do you do a higher Rpm than Idle? i usually run it for about 5 mins on idle (650rpm) using the ear muffs.