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  1. jeffb5.8

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Put me down as well, it’s the daughters birthday but might get away with it. Raging if I go do you want to come along I have accommodation is sorted.
  2. jeffb5.8

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    I might tag along on this, since we have a place at Shoalbay and I have never gone through the heads, can make it a Fishraider PS catch up.
  3. jeffb5.8

    Boat capacity rules in nsw

    Just like our 38Ft Mustang was only able to carry 9 people yet my 19Ft Bow rider can carry 7.
  4. jeffb5.8

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    My favorite was you even had a sheep out there on the water, I heard it
  5. jeffb5.8

    My 4th Darwin Trip

    Sound like my type of fun, I am heading to Darwin in July and I hope to get onto a Barra while there although I will only be doing a day trip.
  6. jeffb5.8

    New Extra Long Ramp at Shoal Bay???

    Ouch will be a absolute pain to get back on to the trailer. I worry when I drag my boat up that hill, sometimes I even go round to Gov rd to avoid it.
  7. jeffb5.8

    Quintrex 420 renegade SC

    My Telwater lights failed at 13mths, it ended up a wiring connection fault, so I just deleted the 3 way plug on the side lights and it’s fixed it for a while. My winch broke about 4mths ago, the part (Pawl) that runs on the gear somehow ended up bent under the gear (I think brother in law was to strong) and I could not winch my boat on, so I had to dunk the trailer more and drive it on. Got home knocked out the pin and bent it into shape and it’s back to working, but I don’t trust it anymore and have a ratchet strap as a back up to hold the boat to the winch post.
  8. jeffb5.8

    Oil leak.

    Yep its been flood and the excess fuel and oil has washed carbon out the exhaust ports. I run my smaller engines out of fuel as well and if possible I start it at home before heading out to save a wasted trip, I would pull the spark plugs and give them a quick clean before the next trip, just as a back up.
  9. jeffb5.8

    2 stroke puttering below certain revs?

    My old 2 stroke used to do this, light splutter down low but once throttle applied it would clear and run beautifully. I put it down to being a 2 stroke it loved to rev and it never let me down, I just cleaned the plugs regularly and I dialed back the oil mix just a fraction (55:1 rather than 50:1 )and used a higher octane petrol, Still had the stutter but not as bad. What the plugs like after a run
  10. jeffb5.8

    Re wiring LED lights on tralier help

    This happened to my plug from new, I thought it was the car as the trailer lights worked on my wife's car but not my Ranger made the pins slightly wider and it now works on all cars.
  11. jeffb5.8

    Lost Bosch tool bag with EPIRB & SONAR

    tunks park boat ramp
  12. Posted from Stop the Lockout FB page: Hey guys, if anyone finds at tunks park boat ramp a bosch tool bag can you please let me know? I have the sonar and epirb in there. Forgot it when I left the ramp around 15:00 Thanks Will pay some reward if return this is is not mine but trying to help out.
  13. jeffb5.8

    Rod holder - angles for drifting vs anchoring

    I have the one on the right, here's my tips Most of my new rods have a short butt, so you have to be careful when placing them into it, So I only use it for my long butt rods. Do not travel with your rod in the holder, especially med to small butt rods, that's how I lost my brand new Shimano rod and Reel, got smashed by a tanker wave on the left and a fast moving 50ft cruiser on the right and bing it was gone, trying telling the wife the new $300+ combo you bought is gone.
  14. jeffb5.8

    New steering

    Parra rope saves the day, its a staple in my boat.
  15. jeffb5.8

    Used boat advice-Bowrider

    Here is my next piece of advice 1. Service receipts are the key, no records, no service has been done, even when they say they did it or a mate did it, no Record no service. 2. Look up where your local Etec Dealer is and see what they shop and service is like. 3. 190hrs is not much, so if it has all of the above and looks the goods and drives nice through idle , mid range and top speed then it should be fine.