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  1. So a month on how has the clean up gone, is it still on going? i was at Shoal Bay on Saturday / Sunday and the beach was clean and the water also looked clean. Will be back up next week with the boat so do I have to watch out for floating containers still or have they all be recovered or sunk.
  2. jeffb5.8

    10 year warranty on evinrude

    I just put my 3rd bottle in so I have used 2.5 bottles in 75hrs, so about 9ltrs in 2.5yrs. servicing is now yearly if you want the extra warranty, 3yrs or 300hrs is gone now. mine is 2016 and I had the option 3yrs / 300hrs and 3yr warranty or yearly service and 5yrs warranty.
  3. jeffb5.8

    Fish spotting with a drone

    I had a drone too! mine was a small one but it decided to blow away in the wind and I lot it in the neighbourhood, never to return. Didn't have a camera to see where it landed. I have friends who use a drone for beach fishing, good for getting into deeper water.
  4. jeffb5.8

    Quintrex ID for new boat

    My old Savage had a few pin holes, more from heavy beaching and hitting rocks than corrosion though. I only found them by pulling up the floor and me and the 3 kids launched the boat and tied off to the wharf and then all got in the boat to increase the weight and played draw a circle around the holes where water was coming in. Thankfully there was only 3 holes up front near the keel and no more than 1mm each but it was amazing how much water they let in when fully loaded. Use a tube of Kneed it and all good for the next two years till I sold it. Check for welds on the ribs when the floor is out and it will give you a idea on how much body flex it has. Go over ferry waves to see who if will handle the chop if its a calm day I'm betting its a late 80's model like 1988 from the look
  5. jeffb5.8

    Mooney Mooney boat ramp

    We used to do it every year and I would leave my car for 2 nights at Mooney Mooney and 3 mates left their cars with trailers as well for 2 nights. We did sometime move them but usually only if they were in a crappy spot, we also put the wheel clamps on the wheels and tow ball locks as well. Also back the trailers in against a post or wall. Take your spare wheel of as well. havent done it for a 3 year now but have heard of a few trailers being stolen or stripped. i think if we do it again we will use Paisley Bay, better ramp but like all ramps it’s still a risk.
  6. jeffb5.8

    Min kota

    They do come on sale often at supercreep which makes them more affordable. just check the manufacturer date and fluid levels.
  7. jeffb5.8

    New boat

    A 4 Stroke is serviced yearly / XX hours the same as a Etec, it just cost a little more than a Etec, but not much extra when you factor in the 2 stroke XD100 oil from Evinrude they recommend is $75 for 4ltrs (It last a long time). Etecs used to have a first service interval of 3yrs or 300hrs with a 3yr warranty, but now as they are sold through Telwater if you get them service every year Evinrude gives you 2yrs extra warranty so you get a 5yr warranty. All Outboards from the major suppliers, Mercury, Evinrude, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda are all quality items, like all mechanical items they can have duds and poor mechanics can make that even worse, its how they fix them that makes a difference. So it not just one brand that can have issues, each one if you google will have scary stories, but its only the upset customers who vent the 1000's of happy ones don't post negative reports. Also note where the local service agent for the brand you want is located, nothing worse than driving 1hr to get it serviced, especially if you have to do it often, ha ha ha like me.
  8. jeffb5.8

    New boat

    No worries as I said mine was probably the servicing agent, my mates 130 Etec has never been serviced in 3yrs and hasn’t missed a beat in 130hrs. Good luck with Yamaha they are also a good engine and quiet.
  9. jeffb5.8

    New boat

    Hi This ignites a similar debate like Ford V Holden. I would go the 4 stroke and the lighter one as 5hp isn't worth it, the only reason I would and did go the Etec is because its lighter I was able to have 15HP more than the 4 stroke option and it makes a huge difference when loaded and the engine works less. My Etec is good on fuel, not sure on oil as I seem to be buying 4ltr bottle often, am monitoring it. Would I buy another Etec, probably not, maybe I have bought a lemon but I mainly think its been my servicing dealer that's been my issue, changed servicing places last month but have only used it once, so will see, When it runs right its good but I have lost faith in the engine ( Towed twice and alarms on 4 other occasions in 78hrs) to the point I am worried about going out side the heads and my kids worry about breaking down and being stranded again.
  10. jeffb5.8

    Possible dumped Quintrex 560

    Yep has been by the guy who posted it on Facebook.
  11. jeffb5.8

    Possible dumped Quintrex 560

    Anyone lose a boat?Quintrex 560 Spirit parking in Bankstown, stripped and on a damaged trailer.
  12. jeffb5.8

    Vintage Len Butterworth Glassmaster

    That’s a lot cheaper than I thought, might have to dust the off and get the beach rod redone. i have great memory of playing in the sand with him while he soaked some baits.
  13. jeffb5.8

    Port Stephens fishing

    Sent this by a friend it was moored apparently in Shoal Bay. looks like a decent boat to such a shame
  14. jeffb5.8

    Vintage Len Butterworth Glassmaster

    What's the ballpark $$ to get a rod rebuilt? My Dad has a few that are complete but either rusty guides or missing the tip by 10mm.
  15. jeffb5.8

    Gladesville Bridge

    I thought there was No fishing at Rhodes / Wentworth point or is that just in the bay where the signs are. i would be staying up towards Gladesville. Catch and release around Rydalmere wharf seems good lately with some descent Bream spotted when launching my boat two weeks ago.