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  1. jeffb5.8

    etec service

    The best tip I can give you with a Etec is find a great Mechanic, one with a Etec platinum tech or whatever they call it, my original dealer service caused me more hassle than they were worth. New tech has seem to of fixed all my issue, just by know what to clean, inspect and service and finger crossed I don't get any more.
  2. jeffb5.8

    etec service

    My 115hp cost $480 for a major service.
  3. jeffb5.8

    My Quintrex Build

    Looks like a great finish to a project boat
  4. We use the Ice Slurry or give them a quick cook as soon as we get home. To keep them alive for bait we put them in a 25ltr bucket with a air pump and kept in a cool dark place, like the garage It kept them alive over night and most were still swimming well. This was just 10 - 15 not kilos just enough for some bait.
  5. jeffb5.8

    Chinese Five Spice Salt & Pepper Squid

    how do you get all the hard bits out of the tentacle's?
  6. jeffb5.8

    2001 Mercury 4 stroke 115hp fuel pump cutting out

    Keep us informed as you replace and check things it might lead to others ID a problem or other helpful hints.
  7. jeffb5.8

    2001 Mercury 4 stroke 115hp fuel pump cutting out

    On a car I have had a fuse that looked fine but had a loose connection, chased my tail until I replaced it and bingo problem fixed. did the fuel lines, bulb and connections get changed when repowering, the lines or bulbs might not be good enough when the high pressure pump kick in at over 4,000rpm. just some thoughts
  8. jeffb5.8

    Engine much ?

    I average around 35hrs per year, happy to get it up to around 45hrs as that's a big jump for me as I usually only drive 40mins fish and 40mins back, unless using the Donut. I have 3 mates with boats and they would be luck to average 15hrs per year, one has a 8yr old boat that has only done 75hrs.
  9. jeffb5.8

    boat insurance

    I might add, the locking bar in the Pic is upside down, or at least when I use my coupling lock I use the bar the opposite way. Mine is a lose fit and only has issues when I have to jack knife the trailer when parking on my lawn, never had a issue when doing tight forward turns or round-a-bouts or launching.
  10. jeffb5.8

    Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    Normally its a busy ramp, but Sunday was the most packed I have seen it in the last few years, I had to stop and think was there a Fireworks show or something on. It was as busy as New Years Eve.
  11. jeffb5.8

    Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    Launch the boat at Rydalmere on Sunday, the ramp was packed and there was lots of first timers or people who don't use their boats a lot. One guy blocked two lanes as he could not reverse a trailer, but then wouldn't re adjust it to allow others to launch. Guy had a broken winch, but didn't put the trailer in far enough and was using a ratchet strap to try and drag the boat on, Once they put the trailer in further it floated on, that took 20mins. The markers at Rydalmere (Parra River) when heading downstream are on the opposite side of the river (Wentworth Point Side) to the Rydalmere ramp. I watched a 28ft cruiser with 7 on board pull away from the ramp and while excited they stayed left of the green marker right through the mudflats, lucky it was high tide but the amount of mud they stirred up was huge. Parking at the ramp was made worse because there was so many single cars parked in trailer parking it was hard to find a spot after launching. So were out onto the street.
  12. jeffb5.8

    Battery under the floor...

    Mine looks similar to Welster I have a Stacer and the main battery from factory in under the floor, next to my oil take and above the bilge. Its only vent by holes in the lid and my battery is a sealed unit,
  13. jeffb5.8

    Shoalhaven River - powered boat restrictions?

    What's Grady's like to stay at, Looking for a place to Fish and Ski with the kids, be a bonus if there isn't any sharks Ha HA
  14. jeffb5.8

    The process for buying new boat?

    Hey Bear i paid 10% on order and balance on pick up which was 6 weeks after placing order. i would be happy to pay 50% if the dealer is reputable and backed by a factory. then go over the whole boat and make sure everything is correct and no damage as mine had a grease stain on the new seat trim which they tried to remove and it ended up marking the material. They insured the boat, took me for a test spin and everything prior to me hooking up and driving off.
  15. jeffb5.8

    Broke down on hacking last night

    Have you pumped some fuel into a glass jar to make sure it doesn’t have any water? im just guessing easy things to check especially after all the rain we have had.