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  1. Great days fishing Neil.
  2. Cargo05

    Wallis Lake, NSW

    You didn’t mention if you are fishing with a boat. There are a lot more options open to you if you are. There are a lot of very shallow areas in the lake, so my advice would be to go to Marine Rescue at Forster and get a chart of the lake for about $7, and take a lot of notice of the port and starboard markers, and you sounder. The channels are generally 4+ meters, but a large portion of the lake is less than 1 meter, and plenty of areas are only 0.3 of a meter. The biggest challenge is to work out the tides. The water moves quickly in the deep channels, with little slack water between the outgoing and incoming tides. The best boat ramp to launch from is at the Forster boat harbour, a short distance from Marine Rescue. It is fairly well protected from the quick flowing tides, and the washing facilities are great. Other boat ramps can be difficult when the tide is flowing quickly, although the ramp at one of the caravan parks has little tidal influence, but you need to be staying at the caravan park to access it. The breakwalls have been producing kingies of late, mainly using live bait. Fish the breakwalls on the top, or bottom, of the tide. Generally the water slows down about 2 hours after high or low tide. i.e. if high tide is at 7.00 am, the water will be stationary at about 9.00am (depending on the difference in height between the high and low tide that day). This time of the year you should get amongst the flatties almost anywhere, but there are a lot of small flatties in the system as well. Soft plastics will generally get results. Bream can be caught around the oyster leases, but again it can be a challenge to be there at the right times, until you have the tides off pat. Whiting are still being caught on the sand flats. As Badsanta mentioned the Wallamba (and the Coolongolook River) can produce well, but be aware that there are plenty of speed boats around at this time of the year, particularly near the caravan park in Aquatic Road. Early morning starts will help avoid them and most of the jet skis. Good luck.
  3. Cargo05

    So grateful to stranger for helping me

    Good news. Often angler boaties will help each other.
  4. Cargo05

    Carp virus update

    Great to see that the CSIRO are still investigating. Hopefully when the virus is released all will go according to plan. I think the idea has a lot of merit. My only concern is the environmental impact with a large number of dead fish in the rivers, and the effect that may have on birds and native fish. I am sure that the CSIRO will have fully considered the outcomes.
  5. Cargo05

    Soft plastics session

    Some solid fish there Penguin.
  6. Cargo05

    Light plastics

    Nice work.
  7. Cargo05

    Best way to finish a fg knot

    For estuary fishing I am using 6 or 8 lb low PE braided line which is 0.10mm diameter. The FG knot is the best knot I have used with this braid, although it can fail. I now wrap the line 30 times, then 4 half hitches, cut the excess leader, and complete the knot with another 4 half hitches. The best method I have found is to ensure the knot is pulled tight after the first 4 half hitches.
  8. Cargo05

    Braid or mono

    Like Aardvarking i use braid with a leader.
  9. Cargo05

    Alvey Reels closes its doors NOT

    Yes, a sad day for Australian manufacturing, but we are all to blame. In the many reels I own I have only one Alvey. It has been absolutely faultless in its operation, almost indestructible, but I seldom use it, preferring to use either a baitcaster or spinning reel.
  10. Cargo05

    Alvey Reels closing down (NOT)

    Yes, a sad day for Australian manufacturing, but we are all to blame. In the many reels I own I have only one Alvey. It has been absolutely faultless in its operation, almost indestructible, but I seldom use it, preferring to use either a baitcaster or spinning reel.
  11. Cargo05

    Tackle Box/Bag recommendations

    I have one similiar to this.
  12. Cargo05

    Kempsey Flathead

    What a difference local knowledge makes.
  13. Cargo05

    Lures or bait?

    If your ambition is to catch more fish my mate would tell you to use bait. But, if like me, you like to enjoy the challenge, then artificial lures is so much more enjoyable. Generally we have been using SP, but today we managed a 52cm and a 50cm, and a few small flatties on vibes in water temperatures between 15.4 and 16.7°.
  14. Cargo05


    By hiding the fish these so called anglers are admitting they know the rules, but still choose to ignore their obligations. The only way to discourage this type of behaviour is to apply the maximum fine possible.
  15. Cargo05

    Murray /Darling system

    Interesting and concerning read. Love the Murray-Darling basin. It is a very important area, not only for our fresh water fishing future. Australia’s food bowl needs to be carefully managed.
  16. Cargo05

    Which Reel Pflueger/ Shimano or Abu Garcia

    Bugger. Brand new as well.
  17. Cargo05

    Aborted mission.

    That’s bad luck Neil. Could have been worse I suppose. You could have been a couple of more hours up the road and have a major problem. Not much fun missing out on a fishing trip.
  18. Cargo05

    Anyone want to join me?

    Sorry mate. I am not able to make it. I hope you have a great time fishing. If you are ever up this way give me a bell and we will organise something.
  19. Cargo05

    Bait for flathead

    I am with you blaxland.
  20. Cargo05

    Worth bothering?

    I have a mate coming up in a couple of weeks. Sadly, the way the weather is going, we will have wet butts and no fish.
  21. Cargo05

    Worth bothering?

    Shame about the fishing in the Bidgee Neil. We have been getting a bit of rain in the mid north coast and it has slowed the fishing down as the dirty fresh water makes its way through the lake and into the sea. With the colder weather, and subsequent drop in water temperature, the big flatties have moved to the rivers and we have only been catching the smaller ones in the lake. Bream have been fishing reasonably well, but seem to be a bit smaller than in recent years.
  22. Cargo05

    Barra on lures

    Many have a lot of success with the Reid’s lures. The factory is on the corner of the Stuart and Arnhem Highways at Humpty Doo which are just out from Darwin, and worth a visit if you have the time.
  23. Cargo05

    Soft plastics

    I agree, they seem to be getting softer. Another thing is there are less jig heads in the packet. Fishing with SP is getting more expensive. There may come a time when we go back to hard body lures. SP are a great way to fish all the same.
  24. Cargo05

    Soft plastics

    Flatties are a great choice for a first crack with SP. Almost anything works on flatties. Use as light a jighead as possible in the prevailing tide. All the advice from other Raiders here is good. Another tip is to leave the bait behind so that you can only use the SP.
  25. Cargo05

    Skin check time

    As someone with very fair skin, I can only agree jeffb5.8. Over the years I have had many skin cancers burnt off. I also had a melanoma removed from my neck. I am big on slip, slop, slap.