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  1. hello @krause! I havent been on this site in a while! Still remember that hairtail fishing session in winter a few years back. Didnt catch anything but enjoyed the serenity of fishing at night. Would love to catch up with everyone for a fish once the weather warms up. I will be up the coast in the port stephens area the coming weekend, for a short break. Land based fishing for me. I've launched from Clontarf and gone round to Beauty point. Have also swung past grotto point in front of wash away beach. Didn't catch much though. But really enjoy the time on the water. Angela
  2. A 3 hour paddle and you had the strength to bring that thing in! And to paddle back to your car?! PHOAR!!! I am in awe
  3. Hi. I haven't been out much either. It seems like the yaks are getting heavier and harder to get onto the roof racks. May need to think about getting a trailer soon! And the summer that has just gone has been too hot to spend too much of it in the sun. And now that it has cooled down a bit, we have the 'rain' hah hah.... can't win. But at least the garden is enjoying itself.... Cheers, Angela
  4. Hi Derek I don't think I got the PM, please can you resend.....(might be my technical skills.... )
  5. Hi all I've purchased a fishfinder plus installation kit, but it didn't come with Marine Goop. I want to install the transducer and the like. And was wondering what the difference was in using Marine Goop versus Marine Silicone. Any advice appreciated. Cheers Angela
  6. I'm a newbie, so please take my comments with a pinch of salt: Like/Dislike 1. Like - sounds good a way for people to say congrats, I agree/support your views. Good for the people that are more shy. People can of course post comments, asking questions or offering suggestions. By having this, it means that people reading a topic are getting more substantial information in the threads - as opposed to just 'likes' in 'words' 2 Dislike - Prefer that there isn't one to encourage people to post. Where people disagree with views posted, then they can post comments in response. Moderators/A
  7. Thanks all. There should be a report after this weekend. Will be heading out on a boat from Roseville on Saturday and trying out a few spots Can't wait as haven't been fishing for months!
  8. Thank you! I've got Australorps, Rhode Island Red and a few chooks from Barter & Sons - so Barter White, Brown and Cross. Any tips on how to stop my Rhode Island Red from going broody all the time greatfully accepted! (I realise this isn't the site for it)
  9. Hello all I'm Angela and working my way to 40. Have been land based fishing for a while - with a 7 year break when I was living in the UK. Mostly wharf, beach and rock fishing (safety first) Fishing the likes of Narrabean, Clifton Gardens, Royal National Park (down Audley way). You may have seen me with with fishing gear,backpack, and trudging an hour through RNP to get to fishing spots... I really want to catch those fish! Have known about this site for a while, but never joined for various reasons... but thought I'd take the plunge (Thanks Donna for helping me out) Whilst I'd like
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