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  1. Rami

    Sydney rodeo open

    @rexaway1234 my body aches.
  2. Rami

    What have I missed out on?!

    A few years ago, I caught Australia. The drag kept pulling as the anchored boat moved in the current. I felt very silly once I realised. Hope this is not the same case.
  3. Rami

    Sydney FAD Sunday 20/11

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I was advised that you can't get gemmies outside browns. Isn't that the case?
  4. Rami

    Browns today

    Got a couple of gem fish and a decent blue eye yesterday.
  5. Rami

    A day on the bay

    Would it help if we make a donation to Garry? I think he was the one who created it right? Ps. One for me 2:)
  6. Rami

    Wangi Point Land Based

    Ended up going to the back of the place we rented a few rocks down from the point. I can see a lot of bait fish and mullet in the water. Lots of tiny fish picking at the soft plastic I had out. Later I had a hit with a flatty. Nothing too fancy but was relaxing for the few hours I had. Should probably have gotten some bait but I need to up my game a bit
  7. Rami

    1m King vs 1m jew

    I hope you guys realise it was tongue in cheek. I may not be able to catch them but I know they don't grow that big. From my research a Jewie is harder to find but a kingfish is a harder fight
  8. Rami

    1m King vs 1m jew

    Sheesh, a two meter Jewie, must have been some fish [emoji13]
  9. Rami

    fuel consumption

    I note the past tense. [emoji15]
  10. Rami

    Wangi Point Land Based

  11. Rami

    Wangi Point Land Based

    Thanks mate. Hope I can squeeze some time to go. You were looking at the south side of the point, right?
  12. Rami

    Wangi Point Land Based

    I am going there over the Easter break. How did it fish for you ? Regards, Rami
  13. Rami

    Catch of the Month entries needed

    I forgot the can
  14. Rami

    Dirty water

    With all the rain over Sydney, I was thinking how it impacts fishing. What species would shut down and for how long? Which ones like the dirty water? Etc. what are follow raiders thoughts/ opinions?
  15. Rami

    cobalt water and big dollies

    I was a great day. Would have been better if we could have gotten that bull.