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  1. Are we tipping through finals or is the comp over? Is there prizes?
  2. Hi everyone With the weather so lovely I am thinking of going to the banks on my trip in a fortnight to JB, Just after some advice as I haven't fished it before. I'll try for live bait, if that fails I'll be using fresh squid and pillies or troll or jig, I'll be organised for all. Would love to nail a kingie, but will settle for a good feed of some table fish, or maybe even a good table tuna.. My other question is just some advice on the current ramp and heading out, I have seen the ramp in person, just is there anything to look out for, shallow reefs that are hard to see or anything? Any tips or things to look out for? Thanks
  3. this is tinteresting and i think it should be different in some situations. i have a half cab boat - i have rods in the gunnells, net, tackle box, and esky are the only loose items and they are up in the cab so tech that part of the boat is coverd.. i fold my bimbi down and strap that to the rocket launcher - then have my main strap tieing it the to trailer - i have been pulled over by hwy patrol due to number plate went missing and he never said a thing - i under stand if some had what i just mention in an open boat/ tinner then there is every chance of it coming out..
  4. reese

    Jervis bay

    Same mate back down Monday 23rd till Thursday 26th, hope I get some similar conditions..
  5. reese

    Jervis bay

    was a top day - im used to putting everine else on the spot and rigging and dealing with the fish and not getting to fish much my self so it was a good change - its god to be able to contribute to the page...
  6. reese

    Squid Jigs

    after doing some reaserch on the jigs i have been using and buying they actually state what sinking rate they are - some 3.0 jigs have a rate of 3.5 sec per m up to 5.5sec per m for example i notice the jig i was using yesterday which was a 3.5 come in a sink rate of 8-10sec per m - so this answers my questions and i will read the packets before buying from now on, talk about learning the hard way..
  7. reese

    Squid Jigs

    thanks - is there something on the jig packet which explains this? as i just assumed the jig size was a particular weight, but i wasnt awear that one 3.0 jig would sink better or faster then another 3.0 jig
  8. reese

    Squid Jigs

    hi everyone i noticed the other day while squidding my jig was struggling to sink both jigs where a 3.0 and 3.5 yamatzi (spelling is wrong) so while it was calm i dropped it next to the boat i counted to six and i recon it had luckily dropped 2m down then didnt seem to go further and they was with slack line. then i would cast and wait about 10seconds give it a good whip and could see it near then surface, wind the slack in and it would hard sink pls note there was no wind and water was glass clear and the boat wasnt really moving, do you find different brands or different types sink better? as i have other jigs and i personally think they sink faster and thats in a 2.5 and 3.0 i didnt do any testing on the water as i only really noticed at the end of the day - but i would explain why i struggled to get any thing. my best results are when the jigs really get down the bottome then jig up and sink back down (in my short experiance) any thoughts? im back on the water (weather permitting) in 2 - 3 weeks so will do some checking then but wouldnt mind some other peoples experience and thoughts, what brands they use they seem to sink well ect.. thanks
  9. reese

    Jervis bay

    thanks - was go to finally contribute - if i had more fuel and wasnt working this morning i woulld have stayed out for the arvo and headed home in the evening - but im not greedy im back in 2 weeks taking my brother and dad again for a 3 night trip, hopefully weather continues to be good and i finally get a legal kingie.
  10. Finally weather and day off work has finally matched up, been 2 months in the making. Worst sleep in history, but I wasn't letting that stop me with a .9m swell and under 10not winds, I was on the road from mine by 330am, arrived at the ramp at callala at 0630. On the water by 7, nice breeze, by the time I got half way to honeymoon bay it was white caps and getting worse, got to honeymoon bay, and only one squid, was hard with the wind, but a boat 50m from me seemed to land a few while I struggled.. So off to point perp hoping the conditions were better and for once they were and the day only got calmer and nicer. Did a trol with my 2 big rapalas from the tubes out to the heads, near the heads I got bonito after bonito, first and biggest went 56cm top fight as well, couldn't bring a king up or see Good marks, so I decided to find some table fish, had a flat head drift in about 45m of water, and didn't I pick the spot, soon as bait hit the bottom I was on, at one stage both rods were going off and I hooked a double on both rods, Smallest went 38 largest 50cm, let about 10 legals go. Since weather was amazing finished off with some squid, still playing hard to get, water was clear and could see the odd squid and they were very careful, and hesident with my jigs, not sure if it was the colours or not, but i got a feed in the end. But had a top day finally all fell into place but still no kingies... Next best result is feed of flatties and squid.. Now I'm going to bed as I start work at 6am.. Cheers
  11. hahaha i swear it was an "accident"
  12. last squidd session my misses refused to touch or get her own squid out of the water - so i told her i would get her inked (was joking) next squid she got i went to pick it up but paused as my rod buckled at the same time her squid bucked back on the perfect angle - missed me - nailed the missed all over and up into the cab of the boat.... of course to this day i am still blamed that i did it on purpose - hahaha (i really didnt do it on purpose but was so perfect lol)
  13. I have a metal pot and as far as I am aware the escape gap is built in, and is the whole way round approx half way up the pot, to meet regulations.. I brought mine from complete angler batmansbay and are made by a local.. I been told buy a few shops they should all be legal when sold.. I brought 2 collapse able ones from eBay from a mob in nz and they work and meet the regulations
  14. awesome read - im not experienced in game fishing but sounds like you did everything you could and didnt waste it - good job
  15. gps mark are hard to come by - plenty of reefs off there which are very good - just need to sound around - croydon is the guru and maybe able to assist in some general locations and directions
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