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  1. sailfish123

    Sydney marlin in winter

    Hi all its been a while since i post Went out yesterday 31st july in search of tuna outwide for 1 striped tuna.On way home around 4.30pm 3nm se of browns marlin comes and takes short rigger its a strpe had it on 5 minutes hooks let go.10 minutes later shotgun goes of marlin again to spit the hooks again then over top of browns short corner blue marlin takes 600m first run had it on till dark juping tailwslking all over the place only for her to wear through the leader GONE.Just goes to show seasons with marlin dont mean a thing Sailfish/PrimeTime
  2. sailfish123

    Blue eye

    Hi fishin fish were caught 40nm out of sydmey
  3. sailfish123

    Blue eye

  4. sailfish123

    Blue eye

    Their back
  5. sailfish123

    Sydney – 23-7-2015 Yellowfin

    Thanks heaps pete for the day,mad lures which actually work I think SCENTBLAZER should be made a MENTOR who agrees ? Sailfish
  6. hi I took the trebles off and replaced them with a single hook on the front of the diver and rigged it on 150pnd wire dosnt seem to deter fish and the x wrap 30s will hold in at 12 knots plus and if you put it in the water beside the boat only 10cm under it still holds in at 10 knots plus try it Sailfish
  7. sailfish123

    Excititement building

    hey tef1on if you after a deckie for Tuesday im avaliable and I will share costs Dave
  8. sailfish123

    Reef Magic 2-2-2

    Well done reef magic good to see you replaced the lumo sprockets that we lost last year Sailfish
  9. Congratulations guys well done.
  10. sailfish123

    Central coast 5-5-3

    Hey Steve fish yes most boats raised fish but we all had trouble making them stick and FREEDOM won
  11. sailfish123

    Central coast 5-5-3

    Hi all fished central coast comp on weekend plenty bait up north. Marlin ranging from 50 kg to 90 kg two blacks 1 stripe
  12. sailfish123

    Sydney Bluefin Mon 21.07.2014

    Well done mate Sailfish
  13. sailfish123

    Group charter for Wednesday 23rd July (Fully booked)

    Hey damo im in Sailfish
  14. sailfish123

    Listening to Gamefishing Radio from home?

    depending where you live