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  1. Thanks for your reply Frank I think I will get the small sharmo bait runner woy woy col
  2. Hi Taz thanks for your reply, I am very interested in Shimano Exage 2500 RC do you use this reel for black fishing as well. I have been using a small Penn 440ss matched with a CR 110 FT 4 rap. I have been using this rig for about 5 to six years prier to this I used centre pin reels with a BF 4 144 on the rocks but I gave the rock away getting to old that now I am in my seventies. Just out of interest the centre pin reel was made in the tool shop at the BHP in Newcastle in about 1965. regards woy woy col
  3. Thanks for your reply GH I have just put in my reply to KB and like I said for $70 I may be the only kid of the block with a Red Drennan float reel. woy woy col
  4. Hi KB I have been using centre pin reels for years, about six years I started using a small rear drag spinning reel and this is the reason why. On most reels have a catch on the skirt of the spool a lot of fishos think it’s just to stop the line from unravelling and it may well be, but when I want a short cast against structure I simply do a trial cast and then pull maybe a pull a metre extra line off the spool and clip it into that little plastic clip that way with a bit of practises you can drop your rig up against structure or such like This is not my idea watched it on youtube under course fishing tect they have developed the reels for this purples and that the is reason why and besides I may well be the only kid on the bloke with a Drennan Red float reel. woy woy col
  5. Hi all Could I get some information about Drennan Red Range float or feeder reels my thoughts are that I could use it for luddick fishing rather than a centre pin reel I may even use it for carp as well. I can get one from Great Britten for $70 aust derived woy woy col
  6. Hi all I have fished Brisbane Waters for the last 50 yrs. A lot of my fishing mates have passed on. I have downsized from my Quintrex Top Ender to a Quintrex Renagade 4.2 40hp Yamaha Minkota Eye Pilot and Humminbird Helix 9. If anyone is interested in having a fish with me they can contact me by email to colbra2@icloud.com. Regards Col.
  7. woy woy col


    Thank you all for making me feel at home on the forum. . I did go out today, in the renegade late in the afternoon, I am try to get on top of all the upgrades features of the new minn kota terover I pilot. Pairing it in & setting the spotlock is not so easy for me. Regards woywoy col
  8. woy woy col


    Hi all its been some time since I have used this forum, at that time I had bought a Quintrex Top Ender 8.5 or 8.9 metres my memory is fading now. I have one good friend and that being cargo5. We have had many talks about all things including fishing not always agreeing ! Shared many camp fires stories Well I have sold the Top Ender it was getting too big for me to push around, in my small yard. And in its place I have bought a Quintrex Renegade 4.2 with 40hp Yamaha along with a minn kota terrova i pilot and Humminbird Helix 10 Chirp MSI GPS Gen 3. So with a bit of luck and a lot of practise and cargo5 advice I will be sending some reports both good and bad Regards woywoycol
  9. Its been a while since I have been on the forum but this might be of interest to the kayak people I have just purchased a 2017 Hobie PA 12
  10. Hi Camo I am only on the start of my journey with plastic's I got some 2.5 engine oil grubZ. and 10g 3/0 HeadlockZ might have to put a swivel and sinker up the line if I can not get down quick enough It is my intention is to try them out at rip in Brisbane Water on Sat or Sun this weekend very rough bottom but it is a small tide so my plan is hit the bottom lift quickley and just YO/ YO the water is shallow right on top of the rip and there are some faults going through the reef. I seen fish on the sounder last week but the tide was racing at the time. woy woy col
  11. Bit of a change of direction on this one works out $50 a night no dogs allowed. My position is we are on a pension and have dog. I am now looking Malaluka caravan park Spencer. Its a cross the river at spencer. Thanks for the info on the muddies will not be going till September but the big bream in the river might be on now. Tariff there is $30 a night has boat ramp stay a week extra night free. shop a hundred meters down the road. But a bit worried about the ownership of the park would like some feed back on this one please you can pm me if you know.
  12. Udate On my last post $50 a day for the two of us that's wife and I, "No dogs" went over to Malaluka Caravan Park in Spencer $30 a night power included extra night free if you stay a week dog welcome straight across the river from Government wharf and Marlo creek I will book in late August early September........ Oh shop and bottlelo 100 meters down the road. have a beer at the Dunkirk "no dog means no decky" "$50 a day means no wife" woywoycol
  13. Hi has any one fished out of the caravan park at greenmans valley on the Hawkesbury river via Mount White its near Marlo Creek and Government Wharf I am going there to day to have a look, will take some pictures and try to put them up. I fished this area in the past and caught huge bream on black crabs..... 20yrs ago! I am sure plastics would work there quite well. There is a boat ramp at the park. Plus clearing tables. Would like some input on this just to see what interest there is in this place. woy woy col
  14. Great effort Cammo 1808 when the rest of us were tucked up in bed .........well I was anyway any chance of telling us what the plastic was you were using at the time. And did you deep in hot water first.... regards woy woy col
  15. Great catch how did you end up cooking the bream eat them hole or fillet. woy woy col