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  1. webmaster


    Hi all Ok this should all be fixed now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. webmaster


    Hi all ok the upgrade to tapatalk is complete now.
  3. webmaster


    Hi all Fishraiders On sunday during the day at some time there will be a small outage of the tapatalk service while we upgrade the system to the newest version as we are ready now for the new tapatalk app that was launched yesterday called tapatalk 2 Thank you Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. webmaster


    Hi All well is looks like the site is running much better now on this new solution i hope everyone is enjoying the site now with the increased speed and uptime now.
  5. webmaster


    Hi all fishraiders ok the server move has completed welcome to the new home. We are working on the upgrade to the forum now with new versions of the software.
  6. webmaster


    Hi All ok we will need to turn the site off late tonight as the backup will take about 3 hours to backup the whole server before the move so sometime late tonight we will turn the site of so we can make this important backup before the morning, we worked out that it will take to long if we wait till the morning to ensure the backup has run ok just in case we need to run it again.
  7. webmaster


    Hi all fishraider's ok well this a notice about fishraider and this coming weekend. 1. Starting early Saturday morning Fishraider will be turned offline while we make some backups. 2. The site will stay offline while we make the server move to our new data center. 3. The site will stay offline until we are happy that the move has been completed and all the upgrades to the forum have also taken place. 4. We hope that the site will be back online late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. If you go onto the site late Saturday night or early Sunday morning and you still see the site offline please try and clear our cookies and cache and the site should come back online.
  8. webmaster


    that is only half of the solution what is behind the server that is the beast, we can scale up to 12 cores and 128gig ram if we need to at anytime and within 3min of us needing it all with a flick of a button online.
  9. webmaster


    Hi All the new solution is coming along very well. the speed of the new system is amazing just a little incite to the new solution it will be using all SSD drive cluster. with our tests so far with the SSD cluster bursting to 4000IOPS with still a heap in reserve, it was only loading up 1000 users at the same time so this new solution is so quick compared to now. Also at the same time of the move to the new system we will also be rolling out a couple of upgrades to the forum system. So the plan for next weekend is that the site will be offline from Saturday early morning till sometime either late Saturday night or Sunday morning.
  10. webmaster


    Hi all just a quick update we have carried out the first stage of the server upgrade and it is very impressive, there will be some more outages as we keep testing and migrating data to the new hardware. We will keep following up with more updates as we move forward more and then set the date for the migration to new hardware. Webmaster
  11. webmaster


    Hi All welcome to the start of the New Fishraider Fourms. We have only scratched the surface of the new system and for the time being we have put together a very basic skin for the site while we build a great looking skin over the next week or two. thanks Webmaster
  12. webmaster


    Hi All ok have been working on features and functions and have added the new Tapatalk system is now installed and working, as is IPBoards app if you dont have Tapatalk. Thanks Webmaster
  13. webmaster


    Hi all if anyone is still getting any warnings first thing to try is to clear your cache and also all cookies please and then close your browser and re open it again and then visit site. if the error is still there please post a message to admins. we have tested this all and are 100% sure the site is clean.
  14. Just something very interesting for everyone with Mozilla releasing a concept for a mobile phone, a lot of people might not know Mozilla is, they are the people behind firefox the browser. they have now come up with a concept for the next gen mobile phone this could kill apple.
  15. Hi all Members At the moment there are 2 options for mobile devices. Option 1 is the free IP Board software for the forums designed by Invision you can get it from the Apple App store. "still being designed and is missing a lot of features" Option 2 is free and also a paid version called Tapatalk as you can see from below there are more options in this version than you can poke a fish at. I am running all 3 versions on my iPad and iphone systems and always test with them all to make sure that you can use any of them when you install them. At this stage the Invision board solution is still some time away from being as good as the tapatalk soltuon so if you want the best solution then i am suggesting tapatalk paid version it is only $3.99 a small price for a great app. Tapatalk is a mobile forum app for iPhone / Android and soon to be on Blackberry and Nokia. Tapatalk supports all the usual forum functions plus full screen image viewing, image upload, caching (less reload), private messaging, all these features are accessible in just a few simple taps. Tapatalk for iPhone: Showing New and Unread Posts: Full Thread Viewing and Pagination Support: See Who's Online: Reply to Post and Image Upload: Some of the large forums activated Tapatalk support Tapatalk for Android Total Android Look and Feel Same feature set as iPhone: Quickly Reply to a conversation: Latest and Unread Posts indicator and multi-tabs support: Full screen image support - support landscape mode also Check out http://www.tapatalk.com for more information!